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  1. So do you therefore think it should be for the people of Scotland to decide how to live?
  2. I was at a loss to understand why they announced they were going to vote for it before they had even had a chance to read it.
  3. Because that is the law/guidance his Government passed/issued. He has to follow it although presumably his advisers will not need to.
  4. The day is coming when our fishing industry are going to realise they are to be cast adrift so we can get a trade deal. It will be interesting to see how the deal is sold to them.
  5. When Boris was elected as leader I remember reading an article looking back over his career up to that point. The one thing that kept being emphasised was that he did not do "detail". It would appear that this has now caught up with him.
  6. The BBC is the envy of the world. A subscription basis would destroy everything that makes it unique. I regard it as truly astonishing value at £3 per week. It is a pity some people cannot see this. But then human nature is that you never appreciate something until it is gone.
  7. But not in pubs? Where is the consistency?
  8. Sorry, my error. That is how confusing it is.
  9. Exactly. Today I could meet an estate agent indoors but not my daughter outdoors. No logic whatsoever. So people will interprete as necessary.
  10. I am a law abiding citizen. I have never even had a parking ticket and I am in my 60th year. I accept that the Government has had a very difficult job but they have made a complete horlicks of it. Their rules/guidance (who knows which is which?) are/is unclear, inconsistent and frankly contradictory. I would not like to catch the virus and I would be horrified to pass it on to someone. I shall therefore follow my own interpretation of what I must do to ensure the safety of myself and others. The Government needed to provide rules/guidance that were logical, which people could understand and therefore support. They have not done this and then shot themselves in the foot by re-interpreting everyones' previous understanding of the rules/guidance by supporting Mr Cummings.
  11. I have informed my MP that I shall not be taking part in any track and trace programme. I do not believe it applies to me.
  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/WelshDalaiLama/status/1264997512450113543
  13. I just want to be clear that henceforth I shall interpret any guidance issued by the Government in any way that I wish. Because it appears that is permissable.
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