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  1. Smith has an extension written into his contact as had Gibbons who chose not to sign it, probably because Cass came and good luck to him and I personally think Smith will sign, so be patient
  2. I enjoyed his light hearted esd when he was at tge Vale when I worked for them and tge awful incident when he fractured his leg at Luton I think when he slid down the banking
  3. Gibbons is a. True Vale Player: he can play in so many positions and he supports tge club and only money and an offer of a long contract might tear him away inmho he is passionate about the Vale and this talk will only be a bargaining counter: I still want him at Port Vale
  4. I so want Derby to survive: a very good friend of of mine is a loyal fan of theirs
  5. He won’t be getting near the new home kit I have just bought 🤣
  6. this is my area of profession (podiatrist) and Conlon’s injury has every prospect of healing with careful management from tge physio, who knows his stuff, as is has been proved by his management of other medical issues at tge club e.g. Worrall, but the rehabilitation is perhaps the most important issue in strengthening the calf and hamstrings to ensure that further problems are reduced for the future but with tge resolution of Jake Taylor’s problems with his thigh, who has a strong improvement of tge balance of skill alongside Pett, Garrity and Charsley, it will be a fantastically well balanced midfield
  7. But Burnley are on a downward spiral and the new manager hasn’t signed a deal yet and anything can happen on the tge magic roundabout?
  8. I am not a retainer but the policies of a bunch of rich Tories do not reflect my view on the world: their policies in no way help those struggling this country: just look at t increasing number of food banks in this country. Poverty is increasing, the number of unemployed may be reducing but the analysis of that means more part time workers and more people ‘pushed to theedge’ this party means nothing to me but it doesn’t help that there is a strong viable alternative: the Liberal Democrats have ‘friends burnt their bridges’ and the Labour Party just can’t seem to take advantage: Kir Starmer is too weak but I prefer Angela Raynor and they both have questions to answer in the eyes of thepublic: come Conservative party, sort your constitution out and get rid of this buffoon before he drags us down anymore: I really have had enough of this mess!
  9. Another Port Vale great passes: I remember watching him so many times: pure genius: condolences to his family RIP Geoff
  10. The watergate moment in the 3-0 home win against tge tge joke : Regis wheeled away thinking he had scored and Peter Swan pointe at the ball in the puddle and said, “nope, there it is” and the crowd roundly laughed!
  11. I think Proctor will stay but the rumour spreading is that Smith may quell join Stockport on a more lucrative contract: I hope this is wrong but I hope Gibbons, Proctor and Worrall all sign
  12. Got ours and who cares on payment: enjoy the ride and win,win,win..pack tge park and roar them on
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