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  1. For me Tom has to ge given a twelve month contract as Robinson isn’t in the same class but it’s a pity we can’t find another Steve McPhee but finding one would cost more than a new contract for Tom and whilst Robinson has improved we can’t rely solely on Rodney, and of course Colon for the goals. Get Taylor fit, who has been lazy before coming here again, in my opinion and we have a stronger and more supportive midfield since the loss of Manny..we have to keep Joyce as well as we miss him when he doesn’t play, except for his back passes 😂😂 of course: Raveninblack
  2. I going there and we gained promotion..never seen us lose there..here’s hoping UTV
  3. Desperate times mean desperate measures..defensive strategy and hopefully pinch a goal?
  4. To be honest I am glad as he wasn’t very respectful to Vale fans when we beat Scunthorpe when he was manager
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