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  1. Wednesday, Portsmouth & Shrewsbury (never been yet!) The Owls have made a number of (expensive for league 1) signings after their recent failure to get promoted so hopefully we'll play them while they're still "transitioning".
  2. Just watched Harretts goal for the nth time. The sequence of 6 passes from Gibbo in defence via Pett, Worral, Garrity, Wilson & Benning to Harratts head is sublime. Would more than grace a top premier league game. Haven't seen a sequence of passes this good by Vale since McCarthys goal against Everton. Fantastic.
  3. Fantastic result. There's a concertina happening at the top of this league and with a bit of luck we could top it!
  4. I'm looking froward to today's game more years than I can remember. We haven't had a team & manager I was confident would achieve success since Rob Page left. And I cant recall ever feeling as confident in the stewardship of the club, even during the early/mid 1990's when we were at our most successful. The management and atmosphere around our club at the moment would be the envy of many fans in the football league. Cherish it! Oldham will not be a pushover today and after recent wins will be more confident. I anticipate 3-1 for Vale though. UTV!
  5. Wow, I didn't think I could swing a cat in my living room. Good job the cats black & white too.
  6. First ever post on this forum. Yeeeeeharrrr!
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