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  1. It was also windy as buggery which always makes for crap games
  2. Isn’t failing beating Stevenage largely down to the fact we play football for 10 minutes and watch amateur dramatics for the rest?
  3. This is copied of Twitter. What do you think is he right or just weird?
  4. Like most managers he’ll be either good,bad or indifferent. Needs time to get us going.
  5. If you don’t like it ask yourself why?
  6. Totally agree . Angela Smith Stoke Supporters chair and all round know all
  7. When we played FGR Radio Gloucester went rabbiting on for about 20+ minutes without actually saying what the score was . Pretty <ovf censored> for a live game. Talking of which Phil Bowers comes out with some right dross. He was getting wound up about the ref not booking the lad who felled Dave and the ref was standing there with a yellow card in his hand.
  8. No offence to him but the second seems immature and a bit of a knob. So you might be right
  9. Pope was Smurfs signing in an attempt to keep the unwashed happy. perhaps we should employ Aspin as a scout. He wasn’t much cop as a manager but he has made some decent signings over the years
  10. Given the abuse spouted by some half wits it’s totally justified. I just wish he could go around to their house and confiscate their games of FIFA.
  11. I’d completely forgot about Farrell He gave crap a bad name. i vote for him
  12. Alex Williams. Mainly because his back was so bad he couldn’t dive.
  13. Polish shops sell rectified spirit 76% our strength. Try it neat.🤣😂🤣
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