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  1. Perhaps they aren’t as Gullible having been done over by one fat blue crook already?
  2. It’s doesn’t really matter how good or bad the lad is. Booing your own player is disgusting. Seeking to justify it is worse
  3. Tranmere away that’s what we will get.
  4. I think this is prob the post
  5. Going on Social Media and spouting cack is one thing. Doing it when you are actively representing your employer would get you sacked in a lot of companies. As for Trans people it’s not as simple or as woke as you think Mr Danish. It can involve a lot of mental anguish for the people concerned.
  6. He was going off on one about Gender and Trans people. Most of the time it’s just having a go at Trolls. So I assume it’s the above
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50290341‬
  8. You want him sacked because you think he’s dire.
  9. I can understand that you’re a negative moaner.
  10. Came across this article on Frank. The Elvis loving legend. He’s now struggling with Alzheimer’s but what a player! https://t.co/Ansml6L1vH
  11. Tenth and only 3 points off the play off places. Injuries galore and we’re still playing well. Futures bright.
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