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  1. That’s 6 months wages for Denise Coates
  2. Exactly and people will have to be patient. Rudge has already said this. We have been very close to dying out twice in the last 5 or so years. Becoming successful ain’t going to happen in a few months. Real life is not like FIFA 19
  3. Smurthwaite literally stole £5 million of their money and you are moaning about them after 3 months. Jeez.
  4. If anyone looks at Vales history in the league cup it’s appalling. In fact we may as well not bother. Even when we were good we bad in this competition.
  5. Don’t think that’s true. Phil Bowers is quite upbeat ,Ray Williams Dunn’s half moan
  6. JohnJames


    The Chairman has issued the following statement after the Accrington Stanley game was postponed by the EFL: BURY FOOTBALL CLUB HAVE BEEN TONIGHT DEALT A GRAVE INJUSTICE. I today have seen the biggest injustice I have ever seen from this alleged body there to help clubs “the EFL.” Again after submitting all that was asked from the EFL from our Lawyer, we got a call late tonight saying they are postponing our fixture with Accrington Stanley. Grounds given to our Lawyer from Nick Craig “we want to substantiate some figures that may or may not be correct” we requested what these were as we could answer them there and then, the reply “we will get them to you as soon as we can but we are all at matches this weekend” and so would Bury fans if the EFL played with a straight bat. Why did they not wait till Monday to again postpone our fixture if something was missing, we have the weekend to get any information to them, but no once again they prove they are clearly “The Destroyer of Clubs” where malice and vindictive actions take precedence over the whole premise of the EFL TO HELP CLUBS. Let me list below the requirements sent from there Solicitor which we had to comply with, facts in bold, I do this to prevent ambiguity. 1.) Confirmation and evidence that all outstanding sums due to players will (or have been) paid in full to the satisfaction of the EFL and the PFA; THE PFA CONFIRMED TO THE EFL THAT THIS HAD BEEN AGREED TO THE SATISFACTION OF BOTH PARTIES. 2.) Receipt of written evidence of a bank account with £1.5m in it or a guaranteed line of credit for this amount freely available to the Club (and not any third party) which will allow the Club to operate in the 2019/2020 season; A LETTER OF CREDIT WAS GIVEN TODAY FOR £1.65M. 3.) A certificate/email confirming that the SAG has approved that the Stadium is fit for purpose and that all the necessary plans are in place for the 2019/2020 season; THEY WERE DONE BEFORE THEIR LAST STATEMENT. ALL THE ABOVE I CAN PROVE AND BACK UP 100%. I could've gone into the ill truths last time, that tried to discredit me and can disprove any allegations about me, but this beats them all, the deal was struck with our Lawyer and we were just waiting for them to say all is good so we can sign our players who 100% want to play for Bury and have waited patiently, the EFL are aware these players will have to sign elsewhere and seem to be dragging this out till we lose them as nobody expected us to save Bury never mind get players signing of the calibre we have so clearly there is an agenda here, I was told tonight by Debbie Jevans when I said just let us sign our team please before we lose them, the reply “you can play with your youth”, I REST MY CASE. Regards, Steven D Dale
  7. JohnJames


    Fixture with Accy has been called off. Looks like they might get expelled. 5 up from Div2 if that is the case and a sad day for football.
  8. JohnJames


    And now it appears that when Dale took over he didn’t get EFL approval. They are also under a Transfer Embargo https://amp.theguardian.com/football/2019/jul/11/bury-takeover-without-full-football-league-approval-transfer-embargo-efl?utm_term=Autofeed&CMP=twt_gu&utm_medium=&utm_source=Twitter&__twitter_impression=true
  9. On Official Vale Twitter that signing announcement today
  10. Don’t forget Nigel and the rest of the Leave Campaign were also saying that they had no desire to leave the single market and NF went on record of preferring the Norway model. NO ONE mentioned no deal
  11. HMRC have released their Tax Gap figure which is an estimate of Tax not collected including things like avoidance by shifting profits from one company to another. This does not include the massive tax avoidance by Amazon, Google, Facebook and others. So there’s about 50bn in free money to invest in our country. Mc Donnell has also run his plans by some of the worlds top Economists who think that they are doable The Tories are destroying this country with there crap economics... ask the UN
  12. U Johnson has close links with Trump,Steve Bannon and Putin. If anyone is a traitor it’s him.
  13. I must have missed the bit on the voting slip that said No Deal
  14. The graph was from an opinion poll by You Gov an independent polling company. It’s a poll of Tory members who don’t give a **** about the country by all accounts
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