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  1. Thick racist <ovf censored> used his real name didn’t you Callum ?
  2. In the wake of the ESL a motion has been laid in parliament to introduce fan ownership of Football clubs. This follows the 50+1 model as operated in Germany. Is this a good thing?
  3. Manny hasn’t missed a game since he left us. Perhaps he’s cured?
  4. Just came across this.
  5. He’s only 16. I couldn’t figure out if the Youth Team sign players that old. He’s played for Stockport Town first team and won MOTM on his debut.
  6. Phil Sproson when he finally scored from two miles away on his 900th attempt.
  7. You forgot Sammy Morgan in the 70s NI international who was sold to Villa. JohnJames wasn’t bad either. Pope would have loved playing in the 70s when it was proper rough and tumble
  8. Spurs in 1988 or Brighton to go up to Div 1 for us old blokes
  9. Never tire of this from an apparently <ovf censored> team with <ovf censored> players
  10. That’s not what I’m saying. The comment was that all those leaving were crap. That was not true. I think people should lower their expectations. Salford and Mansfield have both spent shed loads on better players. It doesn’t mean anything. Look at Morecambe
  11. That doesn’t make the players completely <ovf censored> though does it? it also doesn’t make it a bad season. some of our fans make Marvin the Paranoid Android look cheerful
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