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  1. Go fund me page is up and running https://gofundme.com/f/port-vale-stand-together
  2. Don’t forget the blue helmet ran down the ground so much the Safety Committee kept reducing the capacity. All this issues he avoided had to be corrected. Imagine getting Stoke at home in the cup and only be able to let in 7k. A lot of our budget was spent on rectifying knob heads indifference.
  3. Health and Safety stopped 11 year olds working 12 shifts picking dust out of moving machinery. Thought you’d know that at your age?
  4. It’s on BBC sounds . Radio Stoke Sport at 6 19/02/20
  5. What an awesome interview with Monty tonight about mental health. Total respect for the guy. However to all you big mouthed moaning half wits who think it’s OK to bully our own players by hurling abuse at them. I would suggest that you need help. So shut the f up and get some counselling.
  6. Did you go to Isle of Man on their camp?
  7. Here’s what Quest had to say about us for you non twitterererereereres
  8. I’m sure the rule was that you had to wait until it was clear nothing would happen. I’m sure even the PDSL used to operate on these grounds. The guy is just a pillock
  9. This is the clown in action at Accy. https://www.adifferentleague.co.uk/2016/03/referee-blows-for-half-time-while-league-two-team-score-video/?utm_campaign=shareaholic
  10. Either you agree with the concept and stump a few quid or you don’t. there is no debate other than to cough up or shut up. If you are not paying and other people are what’s the problem? id be more that happy to sponsor a seat in memory of a loved one. When you think about we raised £15k for Beckford from around 2000-3000 supporters and Admission was about £2 in those days. £100 k is not unachievable.
  11. My mates mum was nurse at Sampson St School.
  12. Swindon play Northampton on Tuesday. If we beat FGR and Swindon win leaves us 1 pt behind Northampton and another play off place.
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