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  1. Btw..the Robin Hood pub is between Sutton town centre and ground..for all those vale fans in town..mid walk pint
  2. No real evidence but Kerr joined 92-93 season so was in second season with Vale 93/94. Kerr did join Leicester on loan 93-94 season so was clearly available Paul Kerr was born in Portsmouth I would guess it was Paul Kerr.
  3. If wearing them to stop any infection transference then gloves should be changed after each person, otherwise may just as well not have gloves...worth pointing out if you do contact club
  4. This ref did the Crawley game last season and overall wasn't bad .However, he missed a blatant penalty for us when Smith ( I think) got taken out in the box. He also did last match of season which tbh I don't remember!
  5. He s moved onto Tonbridge!
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