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  1. Also means they deny any knowledge of me!
  2. Some of my walk ups, they've never asked for any personal details
  3. Left pompey on 09:54 train...getting Stoke at 4....
  4. If anyone can get me an away ticket and meet me at Swindon be much appreciated..despite my moniker I live in Portsmouth. Queuing in Burslem ain't happening...obviously a beer in it!
  5. As stated..First leg..if you live out of town with a season ticket..no allowance made..
  6. Time always tells but very strange appointment...no obvious contacts in teams around the North West ...maybe Crltic loanees?...
  7. You have to use ticket master basically
  8. And managers do get a cut if in their contract...🤔
  9. Good but... Waste of time effort and money... Scumthorpe are a non league club now, some of that team had played previously so can justify selection and it's the EFL!..they would deal with appeal in 2024...and penalise Rovers for pitch invasion! Cobblers to launch official complaint with EFL over Scunthorpe's team selection against Bristol Rovers, say reports | Northampton Chronicle and Echo WWW.NORTHAMPTONCHRON.CO.UK
  10. If both teams get 25% of the gate from the semi final games, then who gets the remaining 50%?! That doesn't make sense? The EFL and I think it gets distributed to all the clubs..who get a % or they use for funding stadium etc
  11. I don't believe there is any extra TV money for these games as they are guaranteed games to be on so are included in the money all clubs get. The play off teams each get 25% of gate money from final and I think the semis as well
  12. Poor if true...hope we give them the same
  13. Do we know how many they are giving us? Think they can have 3300? If they don't give us that, we should limit their ticket sales
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