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  1. Football grounds should reintroduce fences to keep the fans off the pitch, that worked well before didn't it?
  2. Bar the top two we have two games in hand and hitting form, awesome
  3. Pretty much full fixture list in league Two tonight so not really a game in hand, but need to win home games
  4. Where are the "we only post when we lose" brigade tonight?
  5. No quality in this game from either side
  6. And on cue Cooper put their defender on his arse and delivers a great ball
  7. Potentially that's Covolans career in the EFL finished, he won't get back in our first team unless Stone is injured or crap. Who else would take him knowing he's prone to gaffes like yesterday?
  8. We're not at the races at all, poor all over the pitch
  9. I thought it was Colin Garlick who stated that
  10. Played the ball in my opinion, diving in made it look worse than it was
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