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  1. Not the point, looking ahead to next season he doesn't fit the criteria that the manager and DOF are planning. He's probably better on one leg than Guthrie and Robinson but I'd hope we will be signing better than Guthrie and we're stuck with Robinson unless he can be offloaded
  2. I'd be very surprised to see Tom Pope in a Vale shirt again, he doesn't fit the recruitment policy at all. He's been a great player but it's time to move on and why would the club want him in a coaching capacity?
  3. Most important signing we can make in my opinion
  4. I said this on the match day thread, no coincidence in our change of form since he's been here
  5. Is Crosby with us permanently? We've looked a different side since he's been here.
  6. The games just kicked off and he's injured he'll be off before half time
  7. There will be a lot of players out of a job come June let's hope we get some good ones
  8. Hes not on loan, we signed him till the end of the season
  9. Commentary on channel 4 is bloody awful though
  10. How do Tranmere afford Vaughn? I'm sure Keith Hill isn't cheap but probably not costing the earth. I'll take into account we have the previous owner to pay off but we seem to be a club of old boys, hangers on and some very very average journeymen footballers. Trim the dead wood and pay for a decent striker and manager.
  11. Apart from the defence being shocking for some reason the Vale never seem to grasp that a good manager and a good goalscorer cost good money.
  12. New manager couldn't agree terms, rumour on Facebook, Pugh in charge!!!
  13. https://www.facebook.com/groups/686786941448917/permalink/3469153003212283/
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