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  1. Not true but never mind.......
  2. Maybe I missed it but do we know that the Exeter game was off due to us returning positive Covid tests as opposed to the opposition?
  3. I can see no positives at present. I can see a few things that might ultimately be positive but the chaotic, unplanned way in which we eventually exited damaged them for now. A better transition would have helped.
  4. Truly a case of a prophet not being recognised in his homeland.
  5. I find it odd that we (and other clubs) do not make it a condition of a player's contract that they do not post on social media. If FGR can dictate what their players eat then surely the above would be permissable.
  6. I have not got the faintest clue what you are on about.
  7. That is probably a true comment. But if GB News wished to be taken as an organisation presenting a balanced view of the news then they would not have employed such a divisive figure as Mr Farage.
  8. If you think Mr Farage told you Brexit would halt non-EU immigration of the sort that is happening over the Channel then I am afraid you have misunderstood him.
  9. Floating across the Channel in a boat was illegal immigration before Brexit (unless for some extraordinary reason they were EU citizens).
  10. As has been explained at length here previously illegal immigration is nothing to do with Brexit. It never has been. If that is why someone voted for "leave" then they did not understand Brexit.
  11. The media programme on Radio 4 during the week interviewed the two journalists who broke the story about the party and the mock press conference video. They both said they had the story a while ago but did not release it until now as they did not feel that it would "cut through". Basically they were waiting until they thought it would have the most impact. With new Covid restrictions coming in to place and the proximity to Christmas they thought now was the time for it to become a big story rather than being swept under the carpet. I really was not sure what to make of such manipulation.
  12. Jeepers. What has this to do with Remain?
  13. I loved yesterday. One of those days you will remember for years. The second goal was a thing of beauty. The run, the pass.....
  14. There is some utter nonsense spouted on this thread.
  15. It is nice to see you back with your words of wisdom Captain Jeff. May one enquire if Sting may also be reconnecting with us shortly?
  16. And he is now back on loan at Morecambe again (from Burnley).
  17. I would have almost certainly agreed with you if I did not pay the occasional visit to Morecambe FC. They actually make their own pies which are extremely good and having one is part of the matchday experience. It was estimated when they were in League 2 over half the crowd had a pie. There are lots of kiosks to buy them at and peas and gravy are provided free of charge at separate serving stations to speed things up. You can comfortably get in the queue and have your pie well before the second half starts. I never eat at Vale but I do at Morecambe. A quality product, readily available and as a result very popular.
  18. Wow, I was not expecting an existential debate on OVF. I was merely pointing out that I thought the referee was consistent in his decision-making, rightly or wrongly.
  19. If he had sent their player off I think he would have been obliged to give Smith a second yellow for a late tackle near the halfway line.
  20. I think a NOW TV day pass for £9.98 would do it legally?
  21. When watching live you see things you do not see on the television. When we played City I noticed they would get in the position to make a cutback but would only do it if they could effectively pass the ball to someone already in or arriving in the box. If they could not they would just recycle it back and pass it around until they could next get near the byeline. Our method seems different in that we hit the cutback as low and hard as we can make it without necessarily picking out a player. Presumably it is to the players to put themselves where they think the cutback will arrive. It certainly seems to work. It also seems to be part of the pre-match warm up which is not something I have seen before. As Joe says it is all designed to be instinctive.
  22. I have never agreed politically with RB but always found his posts coherent and worth reading to discover an alternative viewpoint logically argued. But his posts have become a bit weird recently. Can we have the old RB back please?
  23. I never actually worked out where Politic was playing yesterday. In the first half, Cass who was then definitely meant to be centre-back, was overlapping down the right wing. When Cass went to wing back in the second half there were occasions when Smith was ahead of him. How are opposition managers meant to counter this during a game? What will Crawley's scout go back and report with regard to their preparation for next week? Such fluidity is not going to work every game but when it does it must be very difficult to counter.
  24. The BBC article says trade from Asia to the USA is up about 25% compared to 2019 and not as quoted above. It does not mention Brexit.
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