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  1. Intelligent post and have to agree; if I was a Scunthorpe fan even after that win, I’d rather have our squad than theirs. And our league position and points tally. I don’t often post, but the same negative posters spoil what is a positive vibe around the club currently. I’d imagine they aren’t much fun at a party.! Saturday will be tough but then the Stevenage game will be another chance to see if we can have a plan B to break down an awkward awful side.
  2. Neil aspin never got us to the edge of the playoffs and at no point do I remember ever us being a favourite going into home games. We have a new problem of teams parking the bus. I take that as a compliment to how we have improved. Coming up with a plan to break teams down is the hard part. We need to give them until Christmas at least. Whilst we are still picking up the points against the more fancied sides , we will remain in the mix as everyone is beating everyone. I don’t see what a new manager could do with the same group of players. Work rate has never been an issue with an Askey side.
  3. Where did I say it’s one defeat I said after every defeat It appears that after every loss there are 1 or 2 who continue to call out Askey, yes he’s the manager yes he should be held accountable,but which club has ever succeeded chopping and changing the manager mid season. And this isn’t an ordinary season, clubs could be going under before it’s finished. Some stability and a competitive squad is what is key and that’s absolutely what we have. Last season we had some fringe players who were completely out of their depth , we have improved on that this year. We have the same starting 11 as last year which people also keep criticising...why ? They got us to effectively the play offs last year. I’m as frustrated as anyone at the recent results but let’s try and have some perspective.
  4. Well said , ! Not shouting for a managers head after every defeat. I’m sure some enjoy the attention being so negative brings. Up the vale and keep the faith
  5. So who would you replace Askey with ? Those wanting him out ? No fans in maybe until next season , no revenue . Who do you think we could bring in on a shoe string to improve things ? We are 8th in the league having nearly had no football to watch due to -going out of business -global pandemic -non league and probably going out of business. Tonight was <ovf censored>, Saturday was a freak game and the cup game, well numerous other league teams had the same happen. Just enjoy the ride, we might win Saturday and all will be forgotten.
  6. Sacking a manager 11 games in would be a massive over reaction . Tonight was frustrating , but we are clearly the better side. We aren’t used to being the favourites going into games and I think we need to be way more positive in the players selected. I think a good loan signing at Christmas could just make the difference. Agreed that montano and Mckirdy needed to start tonight. To many key players not at it. Need a result Saturday now where as it would have been a bonus game if we had won tonight.
  7. I agree legg as had a few poor games , that’s why he’s a 4th division footballer. And crooks has started quite well ! Bless him ! [emoji9]
  8. Let’s hope the players don’t read this thread! They will be glad the games behind closed doors. For me he’s changed the players who needed changing. Crooks hasn’t done a great deal wrong and is certainly a better defender. Agreed he doesn’t get forward as well as Montano. But that’s because montano used to be a winger. Let’s judge them after the 90 The criticism for legg is absolutely bonkers.
  9. Did the commentator just say manny wasn’t involved in the first half ? Every good move came through him !?
  10. I’m no tech person , this was very easy to transfer to desktop from the chrome app. iPhone efl app is always the easiest guaranteed way . But then you are stuck to your phone. An iPad would work just the same with the efl app , would be the best (biggest screen ) option.
  11. Just the browser but has to be ‘desktop’ version . The android box is 30 quid. Typically if it’s not worked just the classic signing in and out of the account works.
  12. I use an iPhone 10 , downloaded the EFL app and never had a problem . Equally with android box ‘T95Q’ bought on Amazon. This obviously allows the game to be played on the big screen and log in is through ‘google desktop’ . If anyone needs me to guide them through the above let me know as I’ve only missed 10 minutes here and there otherwise all good on both platforms. UTV
  13. There was a thread running stating Askey was a game away from being under real pressure. There were many more posts about Worrall needing to be dropped. He has always needed 5 or so games to get into his stride. Proven once again with 2 great performances, Saturday and tonight. Burgess another who is now finding his Rhythm who was to be banished. Great passionate performance by the players who bought us to the edge of success last year. Further to that, better back up players than we had last year. Fitzpatrick a clear example of what we now have in reserve and much improved on last year. UTV
  14. Worrall easily man of the match . Was absolutely everywhere and got the winner.... that is why you don’t drop your best players .. especially when they rely on a run of games to get fit and into some form.... anyone still want Askey out ??
  15. Must be some on here desperate for an Oldham goal ... else what can they moan about all night !
  16. We are all disappointed after a defeat , but a few games in and after a defeat to the side that are top, what would be the benefit of sacking the manager. Who would you replace him with. ?
  17. A good last 15 minutes , should be a goal up . Worrall certainly looking sharp
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