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  1. We do / did have cover … just turns out we need cover for the cover and that again due to the crippling nature of the injury list. Unfortunately we are a division 4 football team, with a budget. You have to gamble on players who are vulnerable to injuries and hope they have a better than normal season when it comes to lay offs. The gamble has gone about as bad as it could be. We also have the ‘steady’ full season no injury types - smith, pett etc. Unfortunately they won’t be good enough to win us promotion without the ‘risk’ signings coming good and staying injury free. The teams that are succeeding mainly have a few players who have the season of their career in a key position , like we did with Tom pope in our last promotion. Cambridge last year with Mullins And Forest green with both their ever present front 2 strikers. Blame managers, warm ups, pitches, clay, the moon, the stars what ever you like ….sometimes it’s just sh@t luck being a vale fan. Still going Saturday though and part of me still feels we might see a few players back and we need to find a different way to win football matches now.
  2. Agree with this . What worries me is that we have lost a few players who were maybe more capable of that ‘back to basics approach ‘ I’m not panicking yet but the run of fixtures does look tough Fans on players backs etc doesn’t help though
  3. Strange post …except lots of people agree with it and give it the thumbs up.
  4. 2 cleared off the line first half . Complete dominance, disrupted by a tractor on the pitch ! I blame the tractor [emoji23]. Not the tactics, poor individual performances and injuries to our best players.
  5. Perfect response and I think 99% of vale fans would agree with you. It’s a small issue that he’s allowed to have a valid opinion around. His main stance around vaccines was that little / no research had been conducted around people with epilepsy which made him sceptical. I’d rather players stay of socials with personal stuff and keep to the football, however he’s been a model pro and contributed to keeping us in the football league for a couple of seasons. A few tweets I don’t / do agree with matter little
  6. Must have a good pedigree and potential if played for England youth ! Hopefully more impactive than Lloyd from the bench
  7. If Wilson had assisted the 2 goals today , all fans / posters on here wouldn’t hold back with the praise .. politic gets the headlines , but rodeny’s involvement and influence moving forward is key !
  8. We haven’t become a bad side , we are just missing our 4 best players . Simple as that . Grind out a win and it will be job done . If we don’t , I won’t overreact . Promotion isn’t won in November.
  9. I’ve got stoke fan mates, who hate the vale less than he does
  10. That’s what I was responding to , the captain comment . I agree it’s awful . But he’s not got sent off on purpose .
  11. It’s a poor performance, against a horrible team and an awful ref , but to say our captain has bottled it is a disgrace . Some people thrive off a bad performance . We have injuries to key players and we can’t win and play well every week. His comments are only ever negative
  12. Frustrating yes … dramatic changes, or need to panic no . People asking for reserve players to be gone ? No either
  13. And then probably not create chances.. we scored 2 away from home .. without the 2 best forwards ..
  14. Get … a … grip …horrible goals to concede because it looks untidy.. but … we controlled the game , easily the better team. The last goal is pure luck .. it pings around and falls for them . We are 3rd .. we will recover .. might even drop off a few places whilst we have injuries … I’d rather have the push in the last 10 games .. we will be promoted with this squad .
  15. But …. We are 3rd …. And we are winning more than we are losing …so why change
  16. Probably will as we are 3rd … our style and pattern of play will still win more than we will lose… = promotion
  17. Very similar to the Sutton game. Over reaction on here though .. we are 3rd . 2 defeats In 14 games . 2 home games to come. Hopefully the squad and management keep their calm more than on here .
  18. He held the line well , was a good outlet to relieve pressure and acted as a good deputy ,with proctor out injured.
  19. Will be a quiet one on here tonight for some [emoji13]
  20. They are playing well , rather than us playing that bad and we are defending excellently
  21. I personally don’t think I’ve ever seen us look more comfortable away and 1-0 up. Should have been 3 at least. There chances only came from scrambles and long balls into the box. I thought we looked really classy at times and had a clear pattern of play. Role on next Saturday.
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