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  1. Surely the PFA should step up to the plate & assure the EFL players of some financial help should the need arise.Their chairman Gordon Taylor is on a fantastic salary & they are said to have millions in the bank.
  2. Just cancelled the guest house in Plymouth for what was going to be our last game . Was hoping to have something to celebrate there.
  3. Perhaps the supporters club should contact The Sentinel newspaper ,independently from the football club & ask them to do a feature on our funding appeal.We took 8000 to Man City maybe they do not all realise what is happening.
  4. I used to work at Swift House in Bryan St,Hanley & then moved to Newcastle (on A34) with them.
  5. great first fixture for us southern based fans - we wont have to wait too long before seeing the team.I follow the vale through Mike Baggaley,s live match forum each week,apart from the south east games,& it keeps me in touch with the club.
  6. i work with a gillingham fan,he told me that Paul Scally (owner) is contacting fans personally to discuss the appointment of Steve Evans.If you had bought a s/t previous to him signing you can (A) have a refund or (b)get behind him.Seems he is getting the fans to back the club.
  7. we used to go & watch the youth team in mid-week cup competitions. not like today when a player from Chelsea etc can be worth £1 MILLION.
  8. i am also pleased for more southern fixtures,maybe Southend will join us as well.
  9. what about THE HEAVY STEAM MACHINE in Hanley in the 70s. billed as the LARGEST DISCO IN EUROPE - coaches outside from Manchester & Liverpool -brilliant.
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