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  1. Charlton.They do a subsidized coach from starting at Deal for their fans in Kent & I went on that last time we played. They were surprised to see us on the coach ( I had a Vale scarf on) & gave me some gentle ribbing - more so on the return journey ,as we lost.
  2. Sorry.I only got the green background - no form to fill in.
  3. We had the same procedure with tickets for the Colchester away game.The tickets arrived in a PDF on my laptop about 48 hrs before the match ( had me sweating .) You print the tickets off individually & present them as you go in. Thats what I will do.
  4. 1300 Vale fans going to the game. In the words of Bob Marley,EXETER -movement of the people.
  5. Many years ago I was with my wife in Belalmadena Harbour (Costa-del-Sol) looking to go on a small - boat trip.I was talking to a young English women at one of the boats when she suddenly asked me where I was from, so I told her Ramsgate but she wanted to know where from originally- I told her S-o-T. Me too,said the boat owner, Soke or Vale ? So I told him Vale. Three divisions - three divisions seperate us he gloated.I told him thanks but no thanks for the boat trip and then made sure that he watched me book the same one with the boat moored next to his - what an idiot !
  6. Yes,I dont get back much now but stocked up with oatcakes & Wrights pies. I have a S/T to help the club out which I will renew & try to get up more next season.
  7. I was at Mow Cop (where I grew up) a few weeks ago,after the Mansfield game.Was great to see Vale win ,they always seem to lose when I watch them away e.g. Colchester. I thought that Vale Park looked magnificent - ready for a higher league.
  8. I like the fact that I can watch on iFollow but am coming up in March to see Vale vs Mansfield. The first time that I will get to use my season ticket for two years.
  9. It was on our local tv news last night that Southend United have been granted permission to build a new 22,000 seater stadium on the outskirts of the place.Strange when you consider that they are in the bottom three of The National League & that the club owner is due in court with criminal accusations.
  10. Home match for London / South East Valiants if you can get fuel & avoid the nutter protestors on the M25.I shall watch on iFollow & go to Crawley at the end of the month.
  11. I remember going to watch the Vale at Orient at a league 1 game in Sept.2013 ,about 5 games into the season & Orient were flying high. It was an exciting game,we lost 3 -2 their winner coming in the 88th minute ( sounds familiar).The crowd started to sing - We are top of the league , We are going down. I thought that this was crazy but could symphathize. They did not get promotion ,got new foreign owners & manager next season I think which led to a decline and eventually non league.I
  12. If the young centre back who injured Tom Pope plays I hope that he gets soundly booed.
  13. I wonder if ACs connection with N/I will bring us any good young Irish prospects ?
  14. 55 years for me, first away match was Birmingham City in the FA Cup - we lost with Trevor Francis scoring. He was the boy wonder then ,I think the same age as me then - 16.
  15. I live just outside Ramsgate about 1/2 mile away from Manston Airport (disused ex RAF base) there are about 2000 foreign lorries there.Tbf the govt. have been good here with this place being readied for the last six months incase of problems after Brexit - locals have been kept up to date by mail & all road markings clearly done.I have lived here for 46 years - at first it was Port Vale who ? then it became - Oh ,thats Robbie Williams team.
  16. I have tickets for the Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce at the O2 now on 24th October.I believe that triple D will one day be a world champ & i am watching now while I afford to.The first time I saw AJ at the O2 tickets were £60, 18 months later they wanted £250 for the same seats.
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