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  1. Sad news, no age at all. Andy did not play many games for us but when he did he was chosen to play mostly away games. We were leaking goals and John McGrath wanted to make us hard to beat so he always put Andy into a back 5, but rarely did so at Vale Park. He was a big strong defender with not great finesse but a whole hearted player who shored up the defence when he was picked. RIP
  2. Ernie Moss was a good footballer, who did not quite have the natural ability to get right to the very top of his profession. His physical and moral courage on the pitch were at the highest possible level. His commitment to his team was total. His reliability was beyond question. I first saw him in 1969 playing for Chesterfield. He stood out then as a strong leader of the line. A man of great tenacity, a wonderful header of a ball. A man who was unflustered in front of goal, who knew how to score. When he signed for us in 1981 I could hardly believe that we had managed to get him. On the field his legs were not particularly fast, his brain was superfast and got him in the right place at the right time. He was with us for only just over 18 months. The fact that he is remembered with such fondness, and held in so high a regard underlines his qualities. Port Vale have been blessed over the years to have players with the heart of a lion, and the honesty of a saint. No one epitomised these qualities more than Ernie Moss.
  3. Money sent, no preference for who we sponsor, happy with the name that the majority come up with
  4. Rob yes great thinking, I will contribute
  5. Wise words from Andy. That simple statement, alone, puts him above the myriad of coaches and assistants and deputies we have experienced over the last few years. Credit to Darrell for giving his assistant responsibility and supporting him to get on with it.
  6. Even if you missed any, it would be very difficult to find more successful trialists than these 5
  7. Jimmy Greenhoff signed for Manchester United in 1976 when he was at the height of his powers. It was 5 years later before he signed for us, and he went to Crewe before us. (I see that others beat me to it with their reply on this one. Skeels only played about 5 games for us, he was well past it when we signed him, he was age 37.)
  8. Others have already stated that we signed John Lumsdon and Tony Lacy on loan from Stoke, there is another one from just before Lumsdon, that is Brian Bithell. He was a midfielder who played only a couple of games, he later went to Wimbledon. We did not sign Tony Lacy on loan to get round transfer rules, the rules were much simpler then. We signed him because we needed a bit of steel in midfield. He did very well for us so we then signed him for a free. John Ruggiero never played for us. Terry Lees was signed for a fee. Going back even further Jack Mudie and Ron Wilson were signed as a package for, what was in those days, a large fee. I am pretty sure that John Lumsdon was the last loan player we had from Stoke.
  9. That is one of those games that will live in the memory of every Vale fan who was there. The next game was at Maine Road where we beat Man City 1-0. Can you imagine it!
  10. Everyone would express surprise at Scott Brown. However, we need to consider how much money he was being paid. Can we get a good GK for less? Yes we probably can. We can never look at a single decision in isolation. Clearly the manager wants to free up as much of his budget as he can. By letting Scott go we may have a bit more in the pot to recruit a desperately needed quality left back, or a good striker. One could argue that we could then offer Scott a much lower deal to stay. That would only drag things out and quite probably lead to resentment. Letting players go before their game deteriorates significantly is an important decision for a manager. Let's sit tight, and see who he brings in.
  11. On his day Monty is a fabulous player at this level. We all know that he does not have a great record for shaking of injuries so it is fair to say he is a bit fragile. His day does not come as often as we would wish. If he could add consistency and robustness to his game he could play at championship level. He is a very nice, loyal man, who has served us well. In terms of improving, it is fair to say that his game is not going to get any better. I think our manager wants players who are robust physically, and have the capacity to improve the team, as well as improve themselves. Look at the improvement Tom Conlon has made over the last season and a bit. That is the template set for improvement of an individual in games. If Monty is able to secure a decent move for himself at this stage in his career I wish him well. He deserves to get a nice contract if he goes elsewhere. I am sure he would always get a good welcome from fans here.
  12. Wasn't that Mick Cullerton, on his way to a hatrick? The Cullerton hat trick game against Chester was in the league cup in 1967. That game was particularly significant because it led to us being kicked out of the Football League. Mick Cullerton was given a bonus, as was the whole team. It was all recorded in the minutes. Nice bonus for a great win. However, it was not part of their contract and this, along with some other payments were illegal and resulted in our expulsion. I remember that game well. Of course none of us at the time realised the significance of it all.
  13. For me, my first game was 60 years and 2 days ago. It wasn't even at Vale Park, but at the Victoria Ground Stoke. It was the final of the Supporters Club Trophy. We won 1-0, with an own goal. My first game at Vale Park was in 1962 a 2-2 draw with Wrexham, so the first Vale players I saw score a goal were Colin Grainger and Bert Llewellyn
  14. I like Manny as a player. I think we all do. He made his league debut 9 years ago. In those 9 years he has a career average of 21 games and 2 goals a season. In his 3 years at Port Vale he has a club average of 21 games and 2 goals a season. Tom Conlon signed for the club at the same time as Manny and has averaged 36 games a season and 4 goals a season. Leon Legge also signed at the same time, he averages 38 games and 3 goals a season. Those stats speak for themselves. Good luck Manny, I am sure he has a nice contract from Chesterfield that will pay him a good salary to play at that level, for 2 years. I hope he does well there. For Port Vale, we need to have a smaller squad of fit, injury free players. Jake Taylor now has a great opportunity to show that bit of steel the manager wants to see from him.
  15. Like most other fans, I am happy with the appointment. I hope she has a fabulous game.
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