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  1. The only surprise to me is that they ever appointed him in the first place. He has won precisely nothing as a manager. Shrewsbury appointed him on the basis of 6 months as boss at Wrexham, where they had a decent run but didn't win anything.
  2. Sad news, I have vivid memories of John Rowland. His record when he was moved from right wing to centre forward was fabulous. His run of scoring in successive games is still a record. He was the scorer of the first Port Vale goal I can recall in detail. It was in March 1963 against Carlisle. We had a throw midway into their half, the left back turned his back on John and went to pick up a position marking another Vale player. Quick as a flash John took throw in and deliberately bounced it off the back of the defender. He took the rebound dribbled to the edge of the area and let fly a shot
  3. This whole issue is a festering sore. There have been issues with this service since it started for non Saturday games back in August 2018. For the provider to continue to specify "technical issues with the platform" is wholly unacceptable and nonsense. The contract is with the EFL and the performance of the contractor has always been inconsistent and a significant number of users have not received what they paid for. What are the EFL going to do to ensure that every fan, throughout the country receives the service for which we pay? The EFL is culpable here. They need to launch a partners
  4. They are not terrible, and I did not say they were. Although I accept your general point, and I think we are in broad agreement. The fact that they are the highest paid should mean they are fabulous at their job, innovative, forward thinking trend setting, and the sort of people who draw in additional viewers and listeners. The Radio 2 breakfast show has haemorrhaged listeners since Zoe Ball took over. I am one of them. Does Gary Lineker add any viewers to MOTD? Of course not. Additionally, Mr Lineker is increasingly showing his political affiliations and compromising his need for neutral
  5. I echo the view of many. How on earth did Gary Lineker and Zoe Ball become the top male and female earners? Their limited ability, unoriginal vocabulary and lack of decisive analytical commentary about anything sums up the mess the BBC has got itself into in recent years.
  6. What makes it even worse, only in the last few days he has signed up 10 players on contracts. What on earth are their agents doing? What is the PFA doing? The owner's behaviour is appalling, but so called professionals have turned a "Nelsonian" blind eye to his continued dealings. It is clear that when John Askey left that he could not afford a manager, so he engages a high profile man in Sol Campbell. Tim Flowers was only recently appointed. Did the representatives of these two high profile former England players carry out any "due diligence" checks? It would seem not. Why are pro
  7. There are a number of anomalies here that we don't fully understand. Apparently his sister was injected by two Albanian men and that is what kicked the incident off. I understand that two plain clothes Police Officers arrived and waved some kind of id card. Maguire and his brother did not know for certain that they were police officers. It is easy to understand how, in those circumstances, people would react quickly and assume that those people in plain clothes may be criminals masquerading as police, especially if they just appeared from nowhere, as seems to be the case. It seem
  8. How on earth did he get a job? As the Minister of Defence he was telling the generals that they should fit weapons on to tractors, or something equally as ridiculous. The totally inept Theresa May sacked him, following an investigation by the equally inept head of the civil service at the time. I suspect that from his time as Chief Whip he knows lots of secrets, and that is the key to his continued survival. He is as inept and incompetent as Grayling but without the background dirt to dish out.
  9. Good topic, in football terms have to agree with Leicester and Greece, stunning upsets, where no one would have put money on either team. Close to home for me as a cricket fan (as well as football fan) is England losing to the Netherlands in the 2009 2020 world cup. A similar disaster that afflicted England, this time in the football world cup, was losing 1-0 to the USA in the 1950 World Cup Finals, and being eliminated as a result.
  10. Dan Jones has signed for Hereford https://www.herefordtimes.com/sport/18582565.dan-jones-joins-bulls-aim-take-back-football-league/
  11. Good thought provoking stuff, on the back of our signing of Zac Mills. Overall, in utility terms, I think I find it hard to separate Mick Morris or Alan Webb as the best for us. Mick was perhaps the best overall utility cover player. He was signed as a centre-forward, moved on to the wing, became mostly a mid fielder, now and again he covered at full back or centre back when we were really pushed. He weighed in with a fair share of goals. Alan Webb pushes him close in utility terms, but in fairness apart from the very odd cover game Webby was almost exclusively a right back. Matty C
  12. I agree with all that is said. I would, however, add one little rider. I understand that Nathan has not rejected, nor accepted, Vale's contract offer. I think that as this stage he ought to formally reject it. Perhaps he has had a private word with the manager. Perhaps the failure to formally reject the offer is a bit of a belt and braces job, where I suspect the agent is the power behind the strategy. I think it is the failure to reject the offer, and failure to say a fond and formal farewell to Vale and the fans that is behind some of the negative comments. Nathan has the right to ad
  13. Welcome to Devante. His goals on You Tube show someone with a bit of pace who is willing to run at defenders. For the boss to give him a three year contract shows that he really rates him. I trust our manager's judgement. Let's hope Devante has a great career with us.
  14. Tony Loska went to Chester as part of the deal that brought Neil Griffiths to us, it was a player exchange but we also had to pay money to Chester as well. Tony went on to play lots of games for Chester and Halifax in the football league. As an aside Neil Griffiths was Gordon Lee's last, and most expensive, signing.
  15. Indeed so, a thread that did not provoke comment and discussion would be a thread with no value.
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