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  1. I think I said exactly the same thing, although I did use the term incorrect, I think that is rather more polite and appropriate than the term codswallop.
  2. I am very sorry Sir I have absolutely no idea what your post means. You use the term majority, which I did not. I am afraid I cannot answer your question because I do not understand it.
  3. Well you have almost asked a rhetorical question, the answer of how many saw that is almost nil. You can twist it any way you like. The fact remains in our history for about one third of it we have been in the bottom league. Since tier 4 has been introduced we have been in it for about one third of the time. So regardless of how you look at it, pretty much, about one third bottom league. Seems quite a simple statistic to follow. Like all statistics there will be variations and fluctuations around the standard mean. In the last 30 odd seasons we have not been at this level for one third of the time. I very much hope we soon will not be at that level
  4. In respect of the quotes and statistics produced about being bottom league, sadly all those who have posed are incorrect. Give or take the odd season we have been in the football league for 116 seasons. We have spent 63% of our time outside of the bottom league. Therefore we have spent 37% of our time in the bottom league. The bottom league is Div 2, Div 3S, Div 3N, Div 4 and all the variations of the fourth tier since then. Interestingly, since the fourth tier was introduced in 1958 we have spent 36% of the seasons at that level. So whichever way you look at it, we have been bottom league for about one third of time in total.
  5. I am like the overwhelming majority of Vale fans, let's say 99.9%, know what fabulous owners we have. Carol and Kevin, have, and will in the future, make the odd mistake, who hasn't. We all know that we are indeed blessed to be in their ownership. Sadly, social media allows uninformed keyboard warriors to spout off at will and to make ridiculous statements. There is no way of stopping them. Carol, and the club, use social media to great effect. My advice is to simply ignore the critical personalized comments. Our wonderful owner could have a standard cut and paste reply along the lines of "Thank you for your observations. If you would like to submit a fully costed business proposal in support of your recommendations I will be delighted to consider them". Carol has to accept that she is now firmly in the public eye, and there will always be a few people who have a go at her. It is human nature that people who are happy will not have much to say. The silent, overwhelming majority, will always outweigh the vociferous, uninformed, malicious minority who hide behind a mask of anonymity. Carol, remember that we are with you, please do not even respond to those people. You have nothing to prove. Carol rules, OK!
  6. This is the worse possible thing that can happen to any parent. Condolences and best wishes to Mussy and his family in this very dark hour in their lives. Words are all we can offer sadly.
  7. It is not a surprise to me that Max is moving on. I am sure his work has been noted by other much bigger clubs, perhaps even those in the Premier League. Alternatively, he could be moving to a major news organisation. He has done an excellent job and I am sure that he leaves with good wishes from everyone. I would like to thank him for all that he has done.
  8. All the great games for me have been mentioned, except one. In 1969 we played Wrexham away in the league we were top of the league, they were second. It was Division 4, we were undefeated and it was late October. There were over 19,000 fans shoe horned into the Racecourse Ground. The atmosphere was intense, there was a bit of a bust up and Steve Ingle of Wrexham was sent off, along with our own wonderful John James. The game ended in a 1-1 draw, we scored through Tommy MacLaren. Back in those days Wrexham were really big rivals of us. That game was anticipated for weeks in advance and it did not disappoint.
  9. I am with most people here. Tom Pope has not learned his lesson by already being banned for one game for inappropriate use of social media. I think his earlier comments about John Stones were disrespectful, boastful and borderline bullying. The deleted tweet is completely unacceptable, based on the decision by Tom to delete it after a period of reflection. He is a good servant of the club, and a fine player, let him stick to that. Social media is a ticking timebomb, and its potential toxic outcomes could prove to be even more harmful to Tom and the club. If he missed a game because he turned up drunk and unfit to play there would be hell to play. What is the difference in outcome by missing games through a ban for social media comments? No difference at all, so bin it Tom.
  10. The EFL have fallen asleep again. This situation has been ongoing for a long time. I understand there is a buyer in the wings but there is a snag. I would hazard a guess that the snag is the current owner. The EFL should make it clear, play the games and pay your staff, or sell. If you do not then we will expel you from the league. It is an outrage how this owner is acting. He will not go into admin because then he will get nothing. The courts are slow to force admin, there have been enough chances. The EFL and the Courts have the solution, but instead they allow another foreign owner with zero integrity to strip our wonderful game bare. No one can afford to see a club like Macclesfield Town go down like this. As for Crewe! Words fail me. Clubs should be supporting Macclesfield, not acting in the way that dreadful club just down the road is acting. The lack of leadership in football is palpable.
  11. Interesting issue. I think the example of Valiant 62 above, whilst similar, is also very different to the Wimbledon issue. In terms of the Valiant 62 scenario, a few years ago I put a small sum into crowd funding for Northwich Victoria. I did so because they were a long established, traditional club, and I had enjoyed seeing Vale play them in friendlies over the years. I got no acknowledgement or thanks and no follow up information. So a little like Valiant 62 I would not repeat that exercise. However, the Wimbledon situation deserves serious consideration Given their location, costs are inevitably going to be high. If they can get a stadium with conferencing and other facilities it will help safeguard their future. I think the trust could, and should, open up to business investors, providing there are safeguards built in. To do so would complete a wonderful comeback that puts a bit of romance back into football. Wimbledon are a proper football club and I would like to see them prosper. Not all business investors are sharks. Look at Port Vale. Norman Smurthwaite cannot be compared in any way shape or form with Carol and Kevin Shanahan. The Shanahans are fabulous business investors and fans, so we should not be quick to condemn all potential business investment. If the Wimbledon trust could find people like Carol and Kevin they would be very lucky indeed.
  12. I am surprised that they sacked Paul Tisdale, he has a 42% win record for them and got them promoted in his first season. They have appointed Russell Martin as their new manager. It's his first job, and he only got his coaching badges this summer. He has no managerial or coaching record at all and his only connection with MK Dons was playing for them at the back end of last season. It seems to be a reckless move by owner Pete Winkleman, and one of desperation. However, there could be a new manager response from the players, who knows! This is a game that we can win, if we play to our full potential, fingers crossed, we could do with a good Cup run.
  13. Essex Vale


    A nonsense and waste of time, as the level of fines suggest. I was at that game, which was played in a good atmosphere, the incident was a bit of posturing. If anything, the response of the authorities has done more to bring the game into disrepute than anything which happened on the field.
  14. I am pleased he has found his level. Dior Angus seems to be doing well, along with Lewis Hardcastle. None of those three really did much for us, although it could be argued that Dior was not given much opportunity. All three seem to be enjoying themselves at Barrow and I am pleased for them. Although it is possible that they might come back into the Football League, I doubt it somehow. They are enjoying a decent career at a level where they can make an impact. Don't forget that Ricky Miller once set that league alight with his goal scoring prowess but it did not transfer to the level above.
  15. He did a good job at Macclesfield. To say he is being too pampered for wanting decent technology for his analyst is unfair, that is a tool of the trade now for any football league club. He did not take the Macc job for money, and he could probably have done more due diligence, but that is part of his wider learning experience. He would have done better to keep his counsel and not slagged off Macc Town. His playing background, allied to the good job he did as a manager, ought to give him a chance elsewhere. He is being talked about as a possible Southend United appointment, but Henrik Larssen looks more likely. I do not see him as arrogant. I think he is right to question why he has not been given a chance in management before now. His record as a player is not wholly dissimilar to Tony Adams', yet Tony has been given lots of chances, despite his alcohol and criminality background. I am not slagging off Tony Adams, but I am making the point that I think Sol Campbell has not been given the same opportunities as others from a similar playing background.
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