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  1. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. It is good to see those players from the past and hear them say or sing their lines. This is a very simple idea, but like all the best ideas, utterly brilliant. It is a rallying call for our wonderful club, and the community in this very trying time. With every passing day there is more and more to be proud about with our Valiant heritage. Everyone who featured in a star, but for me, two stars stood out. Swanny's dog and the wonderful voice of Chris Birchall. Well done Terry and all those who featured, how fitting that Carol ended it.
  2. I cannot believe that anyone would mention Darren Hughes in respect of this thread. He played over 200 games for us, and John Rudge picked him for all of them. John Rudge is a fine judge of a player. When people are talking about Pearson, Miles, Hardy, it seems wholly unfair to even consider bracketing Yozzer with players like that. Darren Hughes gave great service to Port Vale and he was a quality left back
  3. His post shows an appalling lack of judgement. He has often complained how he is treated at some grounds. Those complaints are justified. However, he fails to realise that he earns his living in England. He knows that the issue is very sensitive for many English but he continues to seek confrontation with the country where he earns his living. Some of his points about the events of almost 50 years ago are fair comment, some innocents in Derry were unjustly shot by British soldiers in a time of great confusion and huge civil unrest. However, much has happened since those days, Irish politics has moved on, this man seems incapable of moving on. The black hood is the symbol of some of the most appalling acts carried out by criminals, terrorists, thugs and murderers who launched attacks on children and innocent people on the streets of England. By wearing this mask he is not being funny, he is supporting the actions of people who declared war on the innocent population of this country and murdered them in cold blood. If he is a man of such high principle and morality in respect of his perception of Irish history, then why is he continuing to live, work, and take money from England the country which he seems to hold in contempt.
  4. Sir Mark is not running the administrative side of the Home Office, please re-read my post. He used to do that job. He is now Head of the Civil Service. Please also try not to put words into my mouth. I have not, and will not say, that anyone is unfit or inappropriate. Those are your words not mine. I pointed out that a major decision made at the Home Office during Sir Mark's tenure had a profound impact on the lives of very many innocent people. Some of those people are still suffering. Clearly I am unable to apportion blame, I am properly observing that the person at the head of the operational side of the Home Office when the catastrophic Windrush error was made was Sir Mark. He may, or may not have made the fatal error decision. Whether he made it or not, as the department head he must be held to account for, and explain the practice around culture, schemes of delegation, level of supervision, management of risk and operational execution of work in that department whilst it was under his operational command. I also pointed out that during Sir Phillip's tenure another catastrophic error was made for which he should also be held to account. They may both have been held to account of course. I note that since those times Sir Mark has been promoted, and Sir Phillip has been knighted. Those two actions would suggest that they have been rewarded for their work which incorporates the time scale when significant deficiencies in practice have been revealed. My post shares my experience of Priti Patel, both good and bad. Like all politicians and all people, she has some good qualities and some undesirable qualities.
  5. According to Sir Philip Rutnam she is THE bully. I have met Priti Patel on a number of occasions, professionally. In face to face conversation she is generally polite and charming. Her written communication is vicious, aggressive, demanding and sometimes not well informed. On the other hand Sir Philip was responsible for the department that gave Amber Rudd information which she presented to Parliament. When she discovered it was incorrect she resigned. Nothing seems to have happened to Sir Philip. The recent debacle when foreign national criminals were able to avoid deportation because they were not dealt with legally whilst in detention happened under Sir Philip's watch. The current head of the Civil Service, Sir Mark Sedwill shares a few things in common with Sir Philip. Their Knighthood, of course, it goes with the job. Very high salaries, index linked pensions, an Oxbridge education, protection from any kind of performance management. Sir Mark was in charge of the Home Office when all the evidence of arrival for the Windrush immigrants was destroyed. I suspect that Priti Patel (for whom I have no particular loyalty or affiliation) is quite rightly trying to break this cabal of "Sir Humphreys" and hold them to account for some dreadful mistakes and poor management. I further suspect that her lack of sophisticated communication and deviation from protocol has led to this situation. My conclusion, these senior civil servants need to be held to account, we need to break their self serving selection of successors from the college halls of Oxford and Cambridge, we need to deal with their incompetence. Let's see how it all maps out.
  6. Really, May, Grayling, Hammond,, Mordaunt, Wright Lidington, Gauke, Leadsom, Greening, Rudd, are these the names of the politicians with gravitas and intelligence to whom you refer?
  7. I think I said exactly the same thing, although I did use the term incorrect, I think that is rather more polite and appropriate than the term codswallop.
  8. I am very sorry Sir I have absolutely no idea what your post means. You use the term majority, which I did not. I am afraid I cannot answer your question because I do not understand it.
  9. Well you have almost asked a rhetorical question, the answer of how many saw that is almost nil. You can twist it any way you like. The fact remains in our history for about one third of it we have been in the bottom league. Since tier 4 has been introduced we have been in it for about one third of the time. So regardless of how you look at it, pretty much, about one third bottom league. Seems quite a simple statistic to follow. Like all statistics there will be variations and fluctuations around the standard mean. In the last 30 odd seasons we have not been at this level for one third of the time. I very much hope we soon will not be at that level
  10. In respect of the quotes and statistics produced about being bottom league, sadly all those who have posed are incorrect. Give or take the odd season we have been in the football league for 116 seasons. We have spent 63% of our time outside of the bottom league. Therefore we have spent 37% of our time in the bottom league. The bottom league is Div 2, Div 3S, Div 3N, Div 4 and all the variations of the fourth tier since then. Interestingly, since the fourth tier was introduced in 1958 we have spent 36% of the seasons at that level. So whichever way you look at it, we have been bottom league for about one third of time in total.
  11. I am like the overwhelming majority of Vale fans, let's say 99.9%, know what fabulous owners we have. Carol and Kevin, have, and will in the future, make the odd mistake, who hasn't. We all know that we are indeed blessed to be in their ownership. Sadly, social media allows uninformed keyboard warriors to spout off at will and to make ridiculous statements. There is no way of stopping them. Carol, and the club, use social media to great effect. My advice is to simply ignore the critical personalized comments. Our wonderful owner could have a standard cut and paste reply along the lines of "Thank you for your observations. If you would like to submit a fully costed business proposal in support of your recommendations I will be delighted to consider them". Carol has to accept that she is now firmly in the public eye, and there will always be a few people who have a go at her. It is human nature that people who are happy will not have much to say. The silent, overwhelming majority, will always outweigh the vociferous, uninformed, malicious minority who hide behind a mask of anonymity. Carol, remember that we are with you, please do not even respond to those people. You have nothing to prove. Carol rules, OK!
  12. This is the worse possible thing that can happen to any parent. Condolences and best wishes to Mussy and his family in this very dark hour in their lives. Words are all we can offer sadly.
  13. It is not a surprise to me that Max is moving on. I am sure his work has been noted by other much bigger clubs, perhaps even those in the Premier League. Alternatively, he could be moving to a major news organisation. He has done an excellent job and I am sure that he leaves with good wishes from everyone. I would like to thank him for all that he has done.
  14. All the great games for me have been mentioned, except one. In 1969 we played Wrexham away in the league we were top of the league, they were second. It was Division 4, we were undefeated and it was late October. There were over 19,000 fans shoe horned into the Racecourse Ground. The atmosphere was intense, there was a bit of a bust up and Steve Ingle of Wrexham was sent off, along with our own wonderful John James. The game ended in a 1-1 draw, we scored through Tommy MacLaren. Back in those days Wrexham were really big rivals of us. That game was anticipated for weeks in advance and it did not disappoint.
  15. I am with most people here. Tom Pope has not learned his lesson by already being banned for one game for inappropriate use of social media. I think his earlier comments about John Stones were disrespectful, boastful and borderline bullying. The deleted tweet is completely unacceptable, based on the decision by Tom to delete it after a period of reflection. He is a good servant of the club, and a fine player, let him stick to that. Social media is a ticking timebomb, and its potential toxic outcomes could prove to be even more harmful to Tom and the club. If he missed a game because he turned up drunk and unfit to play there would be hell to play. What is the difference in outcome by missing games through a ban for social media comments? No difference at all, so bin it Tom.
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