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    A nonsense and waste of time, as the level of fines suggest. I was at that game, which was played in a good atmosphere, the incident was a bit of posturing. If anything, the response of the authorities has done more to bring the game into disrepute than anything which happened on the field.
  2. I am pleased he has found his level. Dior Angus seems to be doing well, along with Lewis Hardcastle. None of those three really did much for us, although it could be argued that Dior was not given much opportunity. All three seem to be enjoying themselves at Barrow and I am pleased for them. Although it is possible that they might come back into the Football League, I doubt it somehow. They are enjoying a decent career at a level where they can make an impact. Don't forget that Ricky Miller once set that league alight with his goal scoring prowess but it did not transfer to the level above.
  3. He did a good job at Macclesfield. To say he is being too pampered for wanting decent technology for his analyst is unfair, that is a tool of the trade now for any football league club. He did not take the Macc job for money, and he could probably have done more due diligence, but that is part of his wider learning experience. He would have done better to keep his counsel and not slagged off Macc Town. His playing background, allied to the good job he did as a manager, ought to give him a chance elsewhere. He is being talked about as a possible Southend United appointment, but Henrik Larssen looks more likely. I do not see him as arrogant. I think he is right to question why he has not been given a chance in management before now. His record as a player is not wholly dissimilar to Tony Adams', yet Tony has been given lots of chances, despite his alcohol and criminality background. I am not slagging off Tony Adams, but I am making the point that I think Sol Campbell has not been given the same opportunities as others from a similar playing background.
  4. I believe we should follow examples of successful managers, Alex Ferguson for one. Tell all the players and agents which month deals will be presented. That needs to be far enough into the season to establish consistency from a player. It is no good signing up a supposed world beater after 10 games to see them disappear in November. John Askey's strategy for recruitment is, so far, looking good, I think he will be sensible and probably not be too far away from this model I support. It worked last close season when he secured Manny. The positivity of our owners is also a factor in player retention. We should not be obsessing about this too soon, and right now is far too soon. I would set a date of February.
  5. It is a sign of the times. He is 33 years of age, and whilst he could do a job at a higher level clubs at that level will not see him as someone to add long term value. For Kidsgrove he will add value, I wish him well.
  6. I am with Fosse if Bury get kicked out then the number of overall promotions all round will increase or the number of relegations will decrease. The number of promotions will definitely not decrease, trust me its Maths
  7. I wonder if Sol Campbell has something else lined up? He has done a very good job at Macclesfield and deserves an opportunity a bit higher up the food chain.
  8. Like all fans I was sorry it did not work out. He clearly has some issues to deal with, I hope he is able to do so. His message to fans was classy and I think shows that he has no malevolence. He just makes poor decisions.
  9. I never saw Graham play. My Dad did though. I heard all about the beard growing. His record at Vale was astonishing. He made his debut in the FL in December and finished on 20 goals. How much would he be worth now? He was clearly an independent man but he was a Stokie born and bred and a Valiant to his core. The Port Vale family is richer for his presence but poorer for his passing. He was a man of actions not so much words, but when he used some words they were focussed, accurate and enlightening. Graham Barnett, we celebrate the life of a great Valiant.
  10. You are correct in what you say. My example was about last season only and I compared him to good goal scorers of the past. Richie comes to us with a better scoring record in his previous season than ALL those great players, that is a fact. Let's compare him to Tom. Tom has had 14 seasons in league football. He has scored more than Richie did last season in only 4 of those 14 seasons. I am not saying Richie has a wonderful record i am saying that his immediate record compared pretty favourably to some great players. Whether he will be as good for us as they were, we can only hope. My point was, and is, that he might become a good scorer for us. His record to date stands comparison with players who have been good scorers for us.
  11. His goal scoring record in the season before he joined us is BETTER than ALL of the following: Steve McPhee, Leon Constantine, Akpo Sodje, Marc Richards, Tom Pope. Based on that record perhaps he is the answer to our problems in front of goal. Welcome Richie
  12. I appreciate for the vast majority of Vale fans Colchester away is not great. For me, first day of the season Port Vale in Essex, fantastic!
  13. Thank God we have Carol and Kevin at the helm. To those keyboard warriors moaning about signing Ryan Lloyd et al read this and weep. We have a good chance of being able to see Port Vale in the future. I am not sure Bury fans can say the same.
  14. Zzzzzxxx I really think is time to move on. I was not aware that molecular science made anyone an expert on economics, Port Vale trivia, Politics and History. It is hardly dredging the barrell to point out a recent post you made was inaccurate, unscientific because it was based on zero research, and coated with an attempt at producing irony. I gave but one example of you producing a post that was inaccurate in every detail. I gave this became it casts doubt on your continued assertion that you only deal in facts. Clearly you do not. You fail to understand that economic projections are not facts. You have ignored my many posts that refer to the fact that no long term economic predictions have ever come true. I think the readers deserve not to have to suffer any more of this so I will not respond to any more peevish, uninformed rants that you put forward to seek to justify your unbalanced and skewed perception of your scientific superiority zzzzzzzzzzz
  15. For someone who is always pontificating about the facts why do you continue to quote figures produced by the Chancellor as some far reaching certainty? Your continued assertion that you are the sole arbiter of facts and the custodian of scientific integrity is becoming rather tiresome. Your habit of producing obscure reports from unknown journalists and presenting them in the manner of Neville Chamberlain (the politician not the footballer) as though they are an edict from on high is anything but scientific. Weren't you the same poster who said our former player Ken Todd was married to a film star and living the life with his "gazillions"? Take a chill pill
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