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  1. In respect of Mr Sinclair, I think the choice of words used by Tom Pope in his Sentinel column, whilst open to interpretation, seem to suggest a particular point of view from the players' perspective He’s also got a very good coaching team here as Danny Pugh and Billy Paynter are assisting him. You respect the management anyway but in some coaching teams there will be one who does your head in. One can only speculate as to who "did his head in".
  2. Fosse 69 Surely the last time we paid compo for a player manager? Also with a Mansfield connection I am not certain , but I think that could have been only the second time ever that a player-manager was transferred for a fee. My memory of facts (as I was not born) suggests that Ivor Broadis from Carlisle to Sunderland was the first to do that. Historians and facts checkers may wish to explore this one in a bit more detail 🙂
  3. Vale Victory I’m sure we paid money to Brighton for Brian Horton when bell sacked John rudge Wow port vale taking a manager from Brighton You are correct, however time plays tricks on the memory. At the time Brighton were two divisions lower than Port Vale, and very close to going out of the league. They had no ground and were playing home games at Gillingham. So it sounds good now, back in the day, he was clearly coming to a much bigger better club. When we took Neil Aspin from Gateshead, that team were closer to Port Vale then than Brighton were to us when Horton came.
  4. I am always wildly optimistic when we appoint a new manager, which we have done with too much regularity. If memory serves me correctly the last time we recruited a manager from another football league club that was in a higher position than us in the league was in 1951. At that point we were bottom of the league in the lowest tier, yes absolutely rock bottom. We recruited Freddie Steele. In the 4 months left of that season we went from 24th to 13th. The next season, the new manager's first full season we finished second. The next season, his second full season, we were champions, a
  5. The posts on this thread pay tribute to John James. I so well remember Old Trafford, Wrexham, scoring against Villa, a hat-trick against Bradford, penalty winner against Preston. John James was slow, could not shoot and could not beat people. That is not me talking, they are the words of Vale legend Roy Sproson. He also said John disproved the coaching manual as he would hold the ball all day long. Gordon Lee turned him from a slow defender/half back into a magnificent leader of the line. To Vale fans of my generation John James was our greatest hero. His commitment to the cause wa
  6. Sounds perfectly clear, I await developments with huge interest and enthusiasm, as we all do. Nothing Carol said causes me concern at all.
  7. Good interview, he spoke with intelligence, I found there was nothing he said that I could disagree with. The issues around recruitment are key. I sat and worked out the players signed by John Askey with a Macclesfield connection. Kennedy, Brisley, Fitzpatrick, Whitehead, Lloyd, Burgess, Browne, Evans. None of them has become a regular starter. That was lazy uninformed recruitment. Add the signings of McKirdy and Robinson, who don;t play and we can see why a DOF should oversee planned recruitment. Time will tell, but it looks like Carol is properly re-building the football side, having
  8. Maybe a DOF would have vetoed some of the signings made by John Askey
  9. I saw his debut at Crawley when he scored. We never saw the best of him as a player, because he was past his best then. He was always a good professional though, kept himself fit and was well regarded by many. He could well be a friend to Vale in the future by developing, and maintaining good contacts for future deals. If Mustapha turns out to be a good player for us then that is a great start. Football is all about contacts. He may send us as many players as Gary Brazil has done at Nottingham Forest, with input from Phil Sproson, of course, but don't discount Gary Brazil's conne
  10. In Essex it is well known that the Colchester chairman, Robbie Cowling, had subsidised the club with large amounts of money each year. He invested heavily in a youth training facility at Tiptree, a nearby town. It is fair to say that Colchester had a budget much bigger than their gates alone would support. Any assessment of John McGreal's record must take this into account. The level of subsidy is not readily apparent from the public accounts. I agree that Mr McGreal is a credible candidate, but we need to dig much deeper into his background and achievements. He bought Harry Pe
  11. This makes interesting reading: https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/at-burnley-frank-sinclair-taught-3892490 Great research by ValeParkLife Very interesting reading indeed. Given the success that Mr Duff is having at Cheltenham, he is clearly a highly credible manager who is respected in the game. His opinion is one that has value. I hope our decision makers have the emerging football intelligence from the network to highlight the points he makes, particularly in respect of Mr Sinclair.
  12. Mr Garlick is a decent honourable man, who has worked hard for the club. He is Carol's advisor on football related matters. His track record includes appointing Michael Brown on a 2 year contract. Advising Carol to give John Askey a 3 year contract. He will have recommended the continuation of Danny Pugh as acting manager. Overseeing and approving the issue of 2 year contracts to Theo Robinson, Danny Whitehead, as well as the further contracts to Zak Mills, David Fitzpatrick, Harry McKirdy. Theo was going to sign for Grimsby but came to Vale. Ian Holloway slated us on social
  13. Didn't we sign Akpo Sodje from Darlington reserves? Leon Constantine from Torquay's bench? Steve McPhee from Coventry reserves? They did ok for us as I remember.
  14. The only surprise to me is that they ever appointed him in the first place. He has won precisely nothing as a manager. Shrewsbury appointed him on the basis of 6 months as boss at Wrexham, where they had a decent run but didn't win anything.
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