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  1. I don’t think it vindicates his decision because other league 2 clubs haven’t picked them all up. If Zak mills is the exception in getting a deal in league 2 that tells you that something isn’t right. Hasnt McKirdy got a deal at Swindon too? I think it shows the amount of players out of contract mean it’s a buyers market and they have the pick, the clubs are holding the cards at the moment with salaries because of the state of the market and also there’s a lot of money sloshing around in the conference too where clubs aren’t paying far off what we were are.
  2. Quite sad really that the first thing in some people’s minds is to come on here and gloat that a player that did so much for us is now playing non league and also to have a dig at other fans who thought he’d be worth another years deal. All because they think it vindicates their opinion to not renew him. As already stated the “found his level” comments are nothing but disrespectful and unnecessary. Well done lads 👏
  3. First proper game for ages and not that far away should see us sell this out easily I think.
  4. Agree on Gibbo and hurst. The manager said at the weekend Gibbo was back on the grass doing some work, hopefully the summer break and not being rushed back has helped him. However at a guess he must be a month or 2 behind the rest of the team in terms of fitness?
  5. Whilst nothing was ever officially confirmed, (in reality club would never do that anyway), I heard from plenty of different sources in the club what he was like around the place. Even Clarke alluded to his issues in his interviews when he gave him a chance. For his sake I hope he can sort himself out because he isn’t going to get many more chances.
  6. To even make the bench he has to be better than the other forwards that are ahead of him in the managers plans. How does he do that when he won’t be training with the first team either? How does he usurp 3 players with goals and more league experience under their belts? It isn’t going to happen yet. I agree we may possibly see him on the bench for a trophy game to give one of the pros a break, but realistically I think it’s way too early for him yet and I’d go so far as to say he isn’t in the managers plan this season. Anyone know if he has even travelled with the first team to their training camp this week in Leicester?
  7. I posed the same question after the kidsgrove game because we have a few midfielders. I think if we go into the season playing 3-4-3 then worralls either going to be right wing back or playing off the right of the front man. Looked like Conlon played that role yesterday with free license to do what he pleases from there, which will at times will leave the right wing back exposed. Also will Clarke continue with pett and Walker as the 2 centre mids that with us even less room for the more attacking players in the side.
  8. @LancyTony it’s a fair bet that Bailey he won’t be training fully with the first team anyway once the season starts. He’s got another year to push on for that pro deal with the u18s. Every now and again they’ll bring one or 2 of the second year youth team into the first team training to see how they do and if they are up to it. That’s the sink or swim time, if a youth player comes into that environment and fluffs it or doesn’t step up straight away then it could quickly mean their chance is gone. Friendlies against kidsgrove and Newcastle aren’t the games that will develop him. For a 17 or 18 year old to come into first team league two football is actually a big ask and very few make an immediate impact. The one recent exception I can think of is Gibbo, who was i believe only went out on loan for a month or 2 at leek before getting his chance in the first team. Even Smith was out on loan for a season or 2 at Stafford and torquay I think. It’s even harder for a striker, look at Dan turner as another recent example, he had loads of sub appearances that did nothing for his development. Bailey has got to be better than Wilson, proctor, Rodney and whoever else the manager brings in. I even think Amoo may get shout as a forward this season. Too often in recent memory we’ve brought in young strikers who have struggled and they’ve been written off and released. We don’t need to rush his development at this stage, that’s all I’m saying. When he’s good enough and ready then we’ll see him play in a proper game.
  9. If Clarke sticks with this formation then I think worrall could play to the right of a front 3 too if we use Cass or Gibbo as RWB. But I think start of the season worrall will be RWB.
  10. Because he’s needs to build up his experience of regularly playing against men in games that mean something. There’s no way he’s going to be in front of any of our forwards at the moment and just coming on for a few minutes here and there as a sub isn’t going to develop him as much as gradually playing regular games and going up the levels as a loan move may do.
  11. Well the players being totally knackered is exactly what happens in preseason and that’s what gets them fit for the season. It’s pushing them as far as they can.
  12. They’ve been totally flogged. That’s the whole point of preseason, it’s way more intense than when when the season actually starts. When the season does begin they will then be just topping up during the week with training, and their match fitness will come from the games.
  13. I would be surprised if Bailey gets a chance this season, he’s only a second year scholar isn’t he, so his focus will be with the u18s to earn that pro contract I reckon.
  14. I dont think that Legge will play as many games. I think Martin will be the central defender with smith on the right and either Jones or Johnson to the left of him. I also think the defence is stronger than last season.
  15. Agree with that last sentence. i can’t believe anyone would pre-judge the forthcoming season on the opinions of an opposition fan, who watched a Vale team made up of mainly youth players or trialists. To use that against the manager isn’t looking at the bigger picture of what pre-season is because they have an agenda with Clarke, which again seems to be based off the opinions of someone else who told them that Clarke wasn’t a good manager.
  16. Just a poor mans imitation of posters who’ve gone before by just being negative to go against the grain to try and create some conflict within the forum, all with no real foundation or rationale to back up their opinions.
  17. Maybe I’m in the minority and see him as a squad signing, I’m really don’t get how some people go overboard about us essentially developing someone else’s players.
  18. It’s not the same though. The difference is that you are being negative based on nothing. The season hasn’t started and there’s nothing to judge the squad, managers or performances by.
  19. Is it your opinion though or is it the opinion of this someone who knows him that you mentioned earlier? Because to be fair I can’t see how anyone can say he’s bad manager yet based on what he did in the few games he had last season, with a squad that wasn’t his own, with some key players missing and the unbeaten run he managed to get us on to end the season on a positive. Of course chairman live and die by their managerial appointments and equally managers live and die by their decisions too, only time will tell if the cull from last seasons squad will work. But it’s done now and the only thing fans can do is get behind the club. How long are you going to be talking a about what happened in the past with the decisions made in changing managers, there’s no point in it, everyone else is moving forward. To be seen as a prophet of impending doom is based on what exactly? It’s way too early to be jumping to conclusions yet about which way the season will go. Personally speaking, everyone to man that I know within the club has been positive about the management, the training, the culture and the changes that have been brought in by all of the new regime. There’s a positive feeling within the club that belies your negativity.
  20. I’d be amazed if they did that. They’re usually very careful with them in preseason.
  21. No chance will the same players from the first team squad play a part in both Saturday and Friday.
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