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  1. 60.5 miles from vale park to onecall stadium so if we divide that by 11 starting vale players we get 5.50. If we divide that by the 11 mansfield players trying to stop us we get 0.5. So theres your score, I've done the maths. Mansfield 0 - 5 Port vale
  2. Crewe - 2/3 years in league 2 to bring some talented players through. Get promoted and do a couple of years in league 1. Sell better players and not replace them because the money goes back in to the academy. Get relegated back to league two wait for the next crop of young players and repeat
  3. Cov should have done better with that one but he's still orate, <ovf censored> happens Feel we are too deep just passing around the half way line and players are too slow in joining the attack when we get it down the wings, loads of space to run into but only overlapped a few times
  4. 5 clean sheets in 11, mostly against the teams forming the top end of the league at this point, keep that up for the rest of the season and we could be on for 20+ clean sheets and not a lot of teams will do that. Defence is orate. I have more confidence in Cov than Brown or Stone, he's orate. We've scored at least two in most of our games with scorers coming from all over so we aren't short of goals, so I think we're orate there too. TLDR = We're still orate
  5. Brilliant run from Jones there, good lad!
  6. If you google translate "I boo the knee because politics should be kept out of football" it comes back with "I boo the knee because politics should be kept out of football when I am of the opposite opinion. WHERES ME POPPY?!"
  7. Are the rules still 5 subs? haven't they made 4 changes?
  8. Ahh got you. Bit of a stretch, I'm sure you know what I meant. I'd say someone logging incorrect numbers is more of mistake, I'm talking about people adamantly saying "False" to correct information in regards to what the vaccine does though. (I know you didn't say that, you just stated you hadn't heard it) Maybe 28,317 was the expected number until they realised how effective the vaccine was at reducing infection and then the total number was actually 15,319 😉
  9. What has that got to do with whether the vaccine reduces infection or not?
  10. Benefits of Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine WWW.CDC.GOV Clearly states multiple times it also reduces the chances of contracting it, including the delta variant. Keep saying false though I too don't want anyone to be forced to have it but I think it's perfectly fine to tell people they don't have to have it but they are being a bit daft. Theres no problem defending peoples rights to have it or not but posting actual false information is a problem.
  11. 1) It reduces the chance of you catching it, extends to you having less chance of passing it on therefor does protect others. It isn't rocket science. 2) Do you mean like the miniscule risk of having a vaccine? It's funny and sad the amount of anti-vaxxers I know personally to go straight for the vaccine once they have had covid. Unfortunately some people won't learn until it's too late, but it's their choice so crack on. And theres also the higher profile anti-vaxxers who keep popping up dead on the news or weezing a video out from their hospital beds, tubed up begging people to get it because they only admit they were being a bit daft when it gets to that stage.
  12. I can only see this from Burnleys website. We won 2-0, Martin scored the 2nd, doesn't say about the first. Michael Jackson is their manager and he was expecting a moonwalk in the park U23s REPORT: BURNLEY 0 PORT VALE 2 WWW.BURNLEYFOOTBALLCLUB.COM
  13. And why does Kenny Lunt always sound like he's crying when he's giving the team news out
  14. Spot on. It was a goal kick and their players weren't allowed in the box so he wasn't under pressure until Jones went slow motion and he took a year to clear it. He may not have wanted it but he had it, so needed to deal with it and for me had plenty of time to do so. Dangerous area for a free kick at the end of the game and I was fearing the worst! Commentators were quick to blame Cov though watching on Ifollow
  15. You won't be moaning when we get Stoke in the FA cup and at 90 mins, still 0-0, Mad Cov goes up for the corner and nuts in the winner along with the defender daft enough to mark him
  16. A few fans on their forum are complaining that it's a strong team and they are worried about injuries
  17. Seems like a loopy family. Was discussing Barton with my colleague yesterday and I didn't know he had a brother and cousin sent down for murder. They followed a guy around in a car and put an ice axe in his head because he was black.
  18. https://port-vale.buzzsprout.com/
  19. What's the difference between a youth loan and a standard loan? Looks like they treat it more as work experience, you still have to continue with whatever education the club has set out for you though. Now I've read up on it I don't see the point in differentiating them myself but there must be more to it, probably to do with player limits and what level of the pyramid you can or can't go to.
  20. Finally found what I was looking for in the FA handbook. It says contract players under the age of 20 and scholars in their 2nd or 3rd year can be used as youth loans, so he should be fine in that case 🙂
  21. I didn't dare mention my source 😂 Pay no attention to the "that player or system is good on FM" but the rules should be correct
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