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  1. There is usually a little tick box that says something like "Keep me logged in" when you enter your details, have you ticked that? When you have finished reading a thread, do you keep pressing the back button until you get to where you were before you logged in? If you are doing this, try to clicking "home" at the top to look for the next thread instead of pressing back because sometimes if you go back to where you were before you logged in it may sign you back out.
  2. I wish we would just stop pointlessly pushing people over all the time too, especially when it's not even in danger areas. Fair enough you can say they go down too easy but when you run behind someone and put hands on their backs or just try to run through them it's frustrating. We do it a lot even when we are playing well.
  3. Couldnt give a rats arse about the ref when weve not been able to pass a ball all night, we have been 100 times worse than him. Today was embarassing. We will still be orate though
  4. <ovf censored> <ovf censored> <ovf censored>
  5. Heartbroken Walsall fans coming out just to see DC
  6. That was my thinking. We've had a couple of strikers who I didn't think were bad over the last few years, just needed a bit of work, but we only had one striker who the majority of fans gave any patience too.
  7. I don't recognise the name Delaney, but I can remember Brisco. Unfortunately can't recall anything else about the match either. But at least you've given me some hope that I'm not cracking up!
  8. Can anyone else remember our GK hitting the crossbar from a goal kick away to crewe about 20ish years ago? I was only young when my Dad took me to that game and he can't remember it happening so I'm starting to wonder if I dreamt it. I'm thinking it would have been Brain or Martin, maybe Goodlad? That would be my top almost a goal 🙂
  9. To be fair he's just trying to let off a bit of steam
  10. 60.5 miles from vale park to onecall stadium so if we divide that by 11 starting vale players we get 5.50. If we divide that by the 11 mansfield players trying to stop us we get 0.5. So theres your score, I've done the maths. Mansfield 0 - 5 Port vale
  11. Crewe - 2/3 years in league 2 to bring some talented players through. Get promoted and do a couple of years in league 1. Sell better players and not replace them because the money goes back in to the academy. Get relegated back to league two wait for the next crop of young players and repeat
  12. Cov should have done better with that one but he's still orate, <ovf censored> happens Feel we are too deep just passing around the half way line and players are too slow in joining the attack when we get it down the wings, loads of space to run into but only overlapped a few times
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