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  1. First and probably only game I'll miss watching this season. Stevenage shouldn't even be a fixture. Don't care how we've been playing lately, I'm not watching a team who basically stand on the goal line throwing themselves around wasting time straight from kick off. Proper gutted when they changed their minds on relegation and kept them up over macc So I hope you all enjoy the 5-0 win tomorrow now that I've set it up for you
  2. I was wondering with the rumours he can be a bit of a trouble maker that if he can't get a start anytime soon he may become a problem. There's no point throwing him on the last 10 mins and then saying he hasn't done anything. I've been impressed with both him and Hurst in the <ovf censored> cup
  3. I received an email on the 29th October saying they would refund within 14 days. So they still have another couple of days before I still do nothing about it. I was wondering if it would go off if we went to extra time the other night in the FA cup, with them ending the broadcast after 90 mins. We will never know now 😞
  4. He's already sent Whitehead off before he got in his car
  5. I'd disagree with that. I think every man and his dog except for VFIA and 007 has Gibbons and Smith in their starting 11, and that's only because one has doubts because they are stoke fans and the other has fullbacks he wants to advertise. As for Pope, he's not the player we used to have. Still a good option with plenty to offer, I don't want him to leave yet but we definitely need to prepare for life without him, hopefully Rodney down the centre may be that player. Obviously moments like the Man city goal spring to mind but I still maintain the opinion that I was more entertained by the
  6. I wish all refs were like this
  7. glenpvfc


    White for me but I'm one of the few that likes all white kit. Vale Madrid
  8. Well he hasn't offered me a contract yet
  9. I agree, I didn't post it as if Trump is a better option because Biden likes to sniff child hair though. I just posted it because it's weird. It's a shame that those are the only real options for them. That Bernie guy always seemed decent and tends to do well with support up until the last year or so and then he just seems to stop, or at least I don't see any news on him. Think he went quiet just before the last election too and passed his support on to someone else.
  10. If Biden does things like that on camera I wouldn't want to know what he's like in private either I wonder if both of them have ever visited Epstein island Just don't let Pope see this video, I don't want him to go on Twitter again! 😂
  11. I keep riding the deadline out while it's getting extended. Still can't make my mind up both on a financial and safety basis due to having a family member at home going through chemo. If I did purchase one I wouldn't mind missing a few games but who's to say the season wouldn't get cancelled again? I wouldn't ask for a refund because I would be happy knowing the money is in safe hands to help the club but before buying a season ticket with these concerns should I just put it in my savings instead? It's a risk for a lot of people and they need to do a lot of weighing up. If people can a
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