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  1. The problem with the banner and saying "all lives matter" , "white lives matter" is that it's a protest against a protest. You have the BAME community asking for help because based on information plastered everywhere they are not being treated equally. So they start to protest to try to force a change and call the movement black lives matter, not because no other lives matter, but because that is where we need to focus on. Of course other lives matter, but by just saying everything else matters you are just brushing the issue aside and nothing gets done about it. If you don't want to support BLM (it doesn't matter if you are racist or not) then that is completely fine, it's your choice. But to go out of your way to try your hardest to pretend you don't understand it, or to belittle it in any way is absolutely daft. When we feel that equality has been achieved we can start to say all lives matter because then and only then will we be making those words true. We will never see true equality in our lifetime but that shouldn't mean we should brush it away. To be honest, I think until things like religion and patriotism are erased then there is absolutely no chance. Personally I'm neither proud or disgusted to be English. To me it's just the a piece of land I happened to be born on, completely by chance, a language and a sort of identification in case my body turns up on a random beach somewhere. The facts are that our nation has committed some horrible things in the past all for profit and land, including slave trade. I don't think we should be apologising for what has gone on before as we personally had no control over that but we should all take responsibility for what happens going forward for a problem that is purely created and a learned behaviour.
  2. We need some more funds to reach the lower leagues because lower leagues matter. Yeah but Premier clubs matter too Ofcourse they do, but they have the vast majority of wealth from tv deals that the lower league clubs don't get, it's a bit unequal isnt it? Yeah but all clubs matter, drool drool drool
  3. He might be waiting for Stoke to get relegated
  4. https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/politics/politics-headlines/confused-neanderthals-gather-around-monolith-20200615197520
  5. You would have been filled full of bullets before you had chance to step off the curb
  6. Has this video been edited? we have misplaced quite a few passes but I haven't heard any groans yet
  7. Can't remember this game but just before kick off the camera pans through the crowd and zooms in on 4 year old me sitting on my uncles shoulders with my old vale hat covered in badges. The commentator says something about great expectations
  8. glenpvfc

    Joke thread

    Due to the quarantine I will only be telling inside jokes
  9. Stewards really need to start doing their jobs properly on this. I prefer standing but will only do it when I'm not blocking anyone's view if I'm on the back row. I'm desperate for safe standing! No matter how nice you ask someone to sit down it ALWAYS ends up as an issue and before you ask you feel like you need to prepare yourself to block, shout "protect your neck" and counter with a swift chop just in case the ladsssss who can't handle their beers who are only "avin a laff n a bitta fun, we're all vale rnt we lololol" get upset that you dare ask them to stop being inconsiderate arses so everyone else can see.
  10. I don't think enough people are fishing for a reply from Ernie on here, which would cause the thread to derail, so that they can then call HIM a troll. Just because you're more on the positive side doesn't mean your'e not trolling. Gutted I didn't go today, sounded like a cracking game. Finally we have managed to get in the playoffs and it's a brilliant time in the season to find this form and with so many regular starters missing too. It's bloody exciting isn't it!
  11. I'd be happy to have him for the rest of this season. Was he the one who was going to sign somewhere but it fell through, asked to come back and Norman said he missed his chance? Think he ended up at Bradford like most of our good players
  12. I thought they just went to the Winchester and waited for it all to blow over
  13. I think this happens every year and can't see us offering new contracts until the window is closed now. I don't want Smith to leave but by not offering him one right now it allows clubs to make a cheeky bid, and if it's a ridiculously good offer we could take it. If he signed a new contract right now then we wouldn't get any offers. I won't be panicking until mid-end of Feb
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