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  1. Fair enough i was just going off previous posts. Have to admit though I've only ever reffereed 1 game as a stand in. It was a school's game. It was really hard to do so I do have a bit of sympathy for some refs.
  2. I'm glad it was live on Sky otherwise the game would of been called off. What a night absolutely fantastic!
  3. And the penalty he gave which was overturned by the assistant referee on the other side of the ground to give a corner. I never fully understood that decision [emoji848]
  4. Had a look at our fixtures. Most home games are against improved teams or teams pushing for the playoffs. Away games at Colchester, Barrow & Grimsby. I'm concerned but hopefully we'll pick enough points up to stay up.
  5. RIP Jessie. A girl in my class at school was related to Johnny and she got me his autograph along with nearly all the squad. I remember the headline on the back of the Daily Mirror after he scored at Old Trafford to beat Wigan in the second FA Cup replay 2nd replay "Home James"It said it all really.
  6. I thought we lost 2-1 that night after a 0-0 draw at home on the Sunday. If I remember a good crowd of over 11000 at Vale 2500-3000 Walsall fans. Also remember a a 5-0 battering in the cup later. I'm sure Nicky Cross & David Kelly up front for them [emoji852]
  7. Did he say they were looking for the right owner and another project?
  8. Unless the next manager is already at the club in some capacity[emoji848] hope I'm not adding to the conspiracy theories there's a saying " no smoke without fire" but I think a lot of people are putting 2+2 together & coming up with anything but 4.
  9. That all white strip. The good old days no sponsors on the shirt I do remember Roy Sprosons header v Newport ( I'm sure) & the picture in the sentinel. A mate of mine said look how high he is above their player! Great memories.
  10. If I remember he played right back in 69/ 70 promotion season I used to sit on the grass section of the corner in front of family stand as it is now. Only start & end of the season [emoji2] if true RIP Clinton [emoji852]
  11. I'm fine it's not playing on my mind dont worry about me
  12. It's a like[emoji106] on my phone. I saw the original post & come up as a like. [emoji849]
  13. Am I? Must be my phone then 1like by Joe b
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