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  1. Is this correct ? Only one team is relegated this season , can anyone confirm this
  2. I’ve been saying this all season , he just doesn’t effect the game enough for me
  3. Does anyone know how many changes Shrewsbury made ?
  4. Have to agree Rob I think we have competition for places all over the pitch and we simply didn’t have that last season , my only worry is that the likes of archer and Cullen are they going to get much game time with the system Askey uses ? When manny comes back I would keep Worrall in the middle and drop Conlon as I feel he doesn’t offer much . Interestingly Conlon is missing tonight so it will be an opportunity for someone to come in and do well , like I said the squad is far stronger this season
  5. Have to agree with that Gibbo and Legge have been excellent this season so far
  6. Absolutely not ! Just before he was subbed off he did what he used to do for us , a bit of a run down the wing then lost the ball . He will run all day but very little quality with the ball . I feel we now have competition all over the pitch and if players are not performing then someone will step in
  7. He shook his head but didn’t storm down the tunnel he shook calderwoods hand has he came off , honestly he was disappointed but didn’t do what you said
  8. Can someone tell me what Tom conlon offers the team please ? it was a strong tackle but not a bad tackle against him tbh but I fail to see what he offers the team apart from an odd goal that normally is a worldy . Him and Joyce and Lloyd were simply passengers yesterday. Worrall I thought was injured ( taken off ) but apparently not according to Askey But the scariest thing yesterday was Nathan smith incredible lack of pace .also crooks just jogging back watching smith getting outpaced at ease Frightening defending with completely nothing in midfield yesterday
  9. Over 12 months ago maybe longer people on here called what was going to happen to bury . I’m so glad we have carol and Kevin now
  10. He’s like a bad smell that you can’t get rid of , poor bury it’s like death by a thousand cuts
  11. Worrall had a decent game in the middle yesterday , I wasn’t impressed with Salford yesterday the team or the facility’s at the ground . I wonder if there is an argument for keeping Worrall with manny in the middle when he gets back from injury ? I fail to see what conlon adds to the team tbh
  12. Nathan Ferguson has 2 in 3 games for Crawley this season
  13. Apart from Amoo it’s the same players as last year so if we are stronger then it’s Amoo making the starting 11 stronger
  14. Also someone on here or twitter were saying we haven’t scored more than 1 goal in any game in the last 10 matches
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