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  1. After a straight 3 clean sheets and no goals from open play in 5 games he would be on some serious mind bending drugs to put Crookes straight back in . Monty has been terrific
  2. The bloke who called p&g and said that stoke should be in for him will be most unhappy Seriously deluded also
  3. That’s a brilliant story . I honesty believe the club will move forward in the next few years because they honestly care about the club , it’s supporters and the community. We are lucky to have them and they are the honest genuine people who have no ego or agenda like the previous owners
  4. What a shot that Chris Neale should of done better with at Salford and a deflected effort at Macc that the keeper also should of done better with ? -he’s done ok Bennett but not been spectacular by any means
  5. We have 4 strikers on the books though but we play with 1 up top with 2 wingers supporting so 3 of the strikers will on the bench So if we get another proven striker what happens to the other 4 ?????? We need a left back and not a converted one a proper left back
  6. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji106]
  7. Isn’t Cattermole playing in the ditch league or something ??? I’m sure he left on a free at the end of last season
  8. Is this correct ? Only one team is relegated this season , can anyone confirm this
  9. I’ve been saying this all season , he just doesn’t effect the game enough for me
  10. Does anyone know how many changes Shrewsbury made ?
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