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  1. Because your dad is lee Bradbury, who was very very good tbf
  2. vale victory


    You will be wrong because there will be no second lockdown , the economy won’t take it Local lockdowns could happen though . The biggest worry is when the weather turns cold and we are all indoors where the virus can spread quickly People just have to be sensible
  3. That team has to be our best team in our history doesn’t it ?
  4. I agree with this but there is one major problem , most players contracts finish in June so playing in July would be difficult
  5. vale victory

    Run In

    Have to agree with this I’m afraid Next season it has to be addressed if we have ambitions to get promoted
  6. This Saturday apparently, I’m hoping he gets on the bench at least
  7. This is spot on agree entirely
  8. I actually thought pope was terrible when he came on offered absolutely nothing today .His mobility is a big problem , he’s ultimately a legend but we have to find a way forward without him
  9. I think this position is priority next season and I wonder with pope and Bennett both under contract next season if cullen’s days maybe numbered at the end of the season Kurtis Guthrie would of been an ideal solution but Bradford have taken him so it’s onto a new target I’m wondering if pope will stick it out next season or move on as he likes to play and doesn’t like being on the bench
  10. So with Askey preferring just a lone striker , it should be a front 3 but we play more 451 Who does everyone think should be first choice in that role ? Bennett , pope and Cullen all going for 1 spot 3 into 1 doesn’t go so who do people think should be the main man ?????
  11. I’m not Conlon’s greatest fan but last nights second half performance was fantastic by him . My question is though when Taylor is fit and manny for that matter is he getting anywhere near the starting 11 ? I just can’t see him starting
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