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  1. If we want promotion we have to take away all the sentiment Pope isn’t going to score the goals to get us promoted, I’m sorry he’s a total and utter legend but he isn’t so I think his race is run and he will leave Like Joe says this team has been struggling 4 out of the five last seasons Remember Scott browns comments on recruitment before the players were silenced -he wasn’t wrong was he It’s like throwing out those expensive designer Jeans that no longer fit , you don’t want to do it but you have to to
  2. Congratulations to Wozza , Rudgie , carol and everyone at the club on tonight’s awards So proud to be a vale fan and can’t wait to get back in the ground next season As the song says [emoji444] We love you vale we do [emoji444]
  3. drew and lost actually and he played 90 mins in both games , his body won’t be used to that lol I thought we were solid today and second half we could of nicked it but Cullen and Mckirdy coming on made us weaker
  4. I wasn’t saying sign Callum Guy because he’s played for us , I was saying he would be excellent due to his form , performances for Carlisle etc his stats are right up there at this level
  5. The Ferrari has been sold then I’m thinking we could get a Tesler in its place more reliable
  6. Is Callum Guy out of contract at the end of the season ???? I think he might be He would be snd excellent replacement for Joyce
  7. Can’t argue with any of that , but Joe is right if we want promotion we have to be ruthless and make the hard decisions This squad has failed over the last 3 /4 seasons no sentiment is needed if we want to get promoted and achieve something
  8. Walsall are struggling financially, ultimately that’s why DC left them , we have been where Walsall are but now we are building behind the scenes and the future looks good under the Shanahans
  9. Who have they got ??? Walsall Saturday if they win that they must fancy their chances
  10. But very funny with it lol , it’s passion it’s great keep going
  11. I think Conlon is one of the most over rated vale players that I can remember for a long time I’m sorry he’s not captain material either . Since he has been made captain he’s been immensely poor but he’s no Dave Brammer that’s for sure Great podcast as usual guys btw
  12. No one absolutely no one would be able to sort these players
  13. Seriously give your head a wobble He’s had 4 games , Askey lost his first 4 or 5 if i remember rightly The squad has been poor and struggled for the last 3 out of the last 4 seasons We majorly overachieved last season and got lucky with injuries This squad is poor , the best manager in the world would struggle with it Askey is solely to blame for me , his lazy recruitment Let’s get behind the manager please
  14. Where and what is the problem with manny ??? Any explanation for his absence????
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