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  1. He’s miles off it tbh but so is Conlon and Joyce which doesn’t help Since Conlon has been made captain his performances have been dire
  2. Nobody absolutely nobody does that anymore Look at Leicester with Claudio Ranieri , even some liverpool fans are questioning klopp for Pete’s sake
  3. I don’t listen to P&G anymore for the reasons stated on here Just listen to the Ale and the vale podcast instead 3 vale mad blokes just talking vale and very knowledgeable and at times very funny as well No stoke or Crewe or Carl -perfect lol
  4. Spot on It’s brilliant well done to the 3 lads involved , so much better than having to listen to praise snd grumble
  5. Tbf the video of the press conference I think is nothing to do with the club I think it’s the sentinel who have done it I could be wrong though
  6. Tbf mate I see everything that carol is doing as something to improve the club and push us forward We have had years of cutting corners and taking the cheap option Whatever happens it shows ambition
  7. This is a joke right ???? Are you Askeys love child or something lol This season is gone now , we need to build and put things in place for next season Everyone needs to pull together and support carol , flickers and Darrell The future is bright
  8. I’m sure we paid money to Brighton for Brian Horton when bell sacked John rudge Wow port vale taking a manager from Brighton
  9. It doesn’t work at all clubs obviously but his record you cannot doubt Mickey Adam’s had an ego , he took no crap and sometimes rubbed people up the wrong way but he was a winner and I can see similarities of what people are saying about Clarke Askey was as dull as dish water , nice guy but I’m sorry he came across boring as hell Let’s give the guy a chance , it’s a new project and a new way of operating as a football club As for Walsall the thing their fans don’t like is that we are showing more ambition than them .
  10. Compared to Askey he is the best motivational speaker ever
  11. What a backward step that would be lol
  12. We never went to 18th currently 16th
  13. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]
  14. Great pod again chaps [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122] Quick question to bezza , if he had a Ferrari in the garage snd every time he took it out of the garage to drive it , it constantly broke down would he still keep it or get rid ???? ( Ferrari = manny ) [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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