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  1. This is spot on , Cullen was responsible for getting us further up the pitch so we could create crossing opportunities, he can also run in behind which unfortunately Tom can’t do now , so gives other options
  2. Nobody gets a decent run in the team to cement a place , ok maybe Bennett but Cullen and Archer definitely haven’t . I love Tom pope we all do he’s a club legend but sadly we have to a have a plan going forward to replace him
  3. I think we all know that we don’t create/score enough to really contest the play offs this season. If we could address that this month then I feel we could find a way into the play offs We have got to be looking to take all 3 points tomorrow surely , but they are fighting for their lives so it will be tough
  4. He did well to get the pen fair play but I’m sorry I still don’t rate him sorry lol .All about opinions though and I hope he proves me wrong going forward
  5. What does he offer ? Getting stuck in wow that’s gone well this season for him and his left foot isn’t that good . I’m sorry but if we want to push on next season he has to be replaced , not just keeping him because he’s local and cheap
  6. I don’t rate conlon , I think he has gone backwards and I can see why stevange released him , he doesn’t effect the game enough and slows everything down . He needs to be released in the summer
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  8. That’s quality I like it
  9. I admire your optimism but come on get serious , Rotherham 7 Burton 9 and both of them are in higher leagues Yes go and enjoy the occasion but unless there some kind of genuine miracle we will be beaten and by a few goals
  10. How many got banned because there seems a lot missing The club needs to look at how to generate a better atmosphere at home because it’s like a morgue most of the time
  11. Flat performance and flat atmosphere, first half was very quiet on and off the pitch The atmosphere this season at home games hasn’t been great for me anyway , what has happened to all the lads in the paddock that used to sing and switch ends at half time ??? We seem to have lost that vocal singing support this season As for the game it’s very frustrating but we are far better than last season so it’s work in progress bit like someone said earlier there is nothing in this league and you can see with a bit more quality we can easily achieve the play offs The forward position is a worry for me as all 4 forwards don’t seem to fit Askeys way of playing ,all the goals the last 3 games coming from midfield or defenders Anyway on to the Man City game and we can hopefully keep the score down and give a good account of ourselves
  12. I don’t think he contributes enough to warrant a place to be honest , doesn’t score enough , too slow with the ball and needs to be more mobile Also who would manny replace when fit ???
  13. What’s Chris sulley doing these days ? Tbh Rob I think Askey will have his work cut out getting quality through the door in January as prices will be a lot higher than in the summer Who was the last proper left back we had was it Dickinson ??????
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