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  1. Mitch has just been announced on loan until January Quality signing
  2. Poor last week poor this week , zero creativity Worrall is out of sorts he needs a rest it’s so boring to watch it’s untrue
  3. Banana skin in the making this one Tough game , they are very physical and will be hard to beat We need to be at our best next week to get 3 points
  4. I think it’s totally different this season , so many games to contend with in a short space of time The priority is the league , Askey just said in his post match interview that he didn’t want players falling behind with there fitness Monty and oyeleke needed game time they got it so did mckirdy and Robinson If we do well in the league will anyone give a toss about the league cup
  5. Sensible decision to rotate the squad tonight , we have 8 games in October and the schedule is brutal I couldn’t give a stuff about the cups this year I want promotion and I think that will be Askeys thinking too
  6. Looks like a lot of fans in our league had problems with the codes not just vale It needs sorting out fast otherwise clubs are going to have to give a lot of season ticket money back
  7. That is a terrible insult no one deserves to be called that
  8. At least he can’t fall out with the fans at games anymore Seriously this is a good signing 11 goals last season to Rhys Browne’s 0 yes he may be a bit of a div , but he’s our div and as long as he does the business on the pitch he will get my full backing Welcome to the valiants Harry
  9. What won’t help kids is when reporters stand waiting for them to get off a school bus at the school then shouting “ do you think you will be safe “ when they are walking into school . Shocking by the BBC , if kids aren’t nervous enough about going back . The media have been disgraceful throughout this pandemic
  10. I have to agree , another midfielder should be looked at because I have concerns about manny’s fitness
  11. I wanted Maynard to sign he has been prolific these last couple of seasons but the thing nagging me a bit was his age, he is 34 in December and could he still be as prolific 3 seasons on the bounce ??? Pope is 35 this week by the way Now I’ve seen Robinson’s goals to games ratio and all the similarities mentioned above I’m actually optimistic that Theo will do well Let’s forget what he achieved here before because Theo and ourselves are in different places now We have to remember where we were just over 12 months ago , we were staring into oblivion with Norman at the helm All I kn
  12. Whatever they are paying him the commute to Mansfield will cheese him off that’s for sure
  13. It might be but it doesn’t mean he will take it he must be thinking about all the travelling , at 33 that’s got to have an impact He could stay local and get more out of his legs Apparently his mrs is from stoke , he has a small family Obviously if Mansfield are offering a lot more then he has to think about it ,but if they are not it’s a no brainier for me
  14. I think Maynard wants to come to vale , he won’t want the travelling at his age , he just wants the best deal possible and at 33 it’s understandable So he’s possibly using Mansfield to get vale to up there offer ( which they won’t ) so he has a decision to make
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