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  1. Absolutely spot on Said this myself , it’s like a defensive deflection tactic as they lost the game I’m pretty certain that if billy sharp hadn’t of been assaulted nothing would of been said If they seriously did get assaulted then the people should be arrested and dealt with , which I’m sure they will
  2. The box park vale fanzone looks good at Wembley Live music , bars , food outlets and a visit from some special guests ????? I think it’s £10 to get in Might be worth a visit
  3. He was sitting alongside pett with Charsley pushing on , he should be the one pushing on getting into the box . I thought he was poor also
  4. Pope needs to look at the way mark noble has conducted himself , proper captain on and off the pitch
  5. Lots of people on here with brilliant hindsight regarding mckirdy He’s trouble always has been , yes it’s clicked with Swindon but his bubble will burst at some point
  6. How come Charsley was missing from the squad yesterday ???? Anyone know ???
  7. My word even by port vale standards and believe me I’ve been attending long enough to be regularly let down by the vale , today snd the last 2 games probably tops it One positive for me is that the club will go forward again next season I genuinely believe that with the infrastructure we have in place and of course with Carol and Kevin in charge and slugworth paid off This season we are just a bit short , yes we can blame injuries , covid and an unprecedented situation with the manager but as other people have said ww are not good enough This last few weeks has done me in and I’m ready for a break , I don’t think I can stomach more misery in the play offs It’s the hope that kills you
  8. Not any more that’s Eurovision have kicked them out too That could be a turning point
  9. What an absolute load of nonsense as usual There is a reason all those players were released
  10. I’ve got a feeling you are wrong on this , someone may leave first but I think we are definitely in the market for another striker
  11. Doesn’t the gate state tickets sold ??? Even if the scanners turnstiles didn’t work it’s just tickets sold that matters
  12. I love the description of “ the bullies” sums them up perfectly
  13. I was hoping for another Ryan , Ryan Loft but he’s just signed for Bristol rovers
  14. That was as bad as I’ve seen gibbo play ever Kept giving the ball away time after time Can’t fault his effort but he had zero quality last night I’m afraid
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