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  1. Like I told you before the 3 players are training with the youth team and will stay there until they are sold , released , leave etc They are nowhere near the first team and they won’t be either so you need to stop thinking they should be
  2. The fans have supported him through absolutely everything good and bad He can’t even say thank you to them Not good at all
  3. I can’t see Barton being the manager at Bristol rovers for much longer
  4. I can’t see it selling that well , it’s exactly the same design as the home kit but a different shade . Someone described it as lazy and that pretty much sums it up
  5. more attacking threats needed in the team , they looked absolutely knackered but we have to be more creative going forward and hopefully we gel quickly
  6. Scott quigley just put a piece on Twitter saying goodbye to barrow Says it’s a family decision and wants to move closer to home , I think he’s from Shrewsbury Nah it couldn’t happen could it
  7. Both of those would add goals to the team
  8. Lewis cass now confirmed With him being 21 will he count towards the squad limit ????
  9. Back on track with transfers Who would you like us to sign with the 3 remaining places ? Striker Winger Right back Sully Kai Kai is still not fixed up yet I saw someone put that Andrade won’t be signing This week could be interesting
  10. Elliott Nevitt the guy were were rumoured to be chasing has just signed for Tranmere
  11. They won’t want to rot in the youth team , they will get fixed up you watch . All 3 players have been told they can leave and are not in the managers plans DC doesn’t want them so why have them involved and be disgruntled or a bad influence around the group Either way they ain’t getting registered
  12. 100% the worst right back since Kevin steggles How on earth he’s still in the football league is beyond me
  13. Why do people keep including the 3 transfer listed lads in our squad ???? They are training away from the first team and DC says there futures are away from the club They will not be in the registered 23 man squad , they either rot in the youth team or find a new club Please stop thinking they will play again for the first team , it ain’t gonna happen
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