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  1. He was sitting alongside pett with Charsley pushing on , he should be the one pushing on getting into the box . I thought he was poor also
  2. Pope needs to look at the way mark noble has conducted himself , proper captain on and off the pitch
  3. Lots of people on here with brilliant hindsight regarding mckirdy He’s trouble always has been , yes it’s clicked with Swindon but his bubble will burst at some point
  4. How come Charsley was missing from the squad yesterday ???? Anyone know ???
  5. My word even by port vale standards and believe me I’ve been attending long enough to be regularly let down by the vale , today snd the last 2 games probably tops it One positive for me is that the club will go forward again next season I genuinely believe that with the infrastructure we have in place and of course with Carol and Kevin in charge and slugworth paid off This season we are just a bit short , yes we can blame injuries , covid and an unprecedented situation with the manager but as other people have said ww are not good enough This last few weeks has done me in and I’m ready for a break , I don’t think I can stomach more misery in the play offs It’s the hope that kills you
  6. Not any more that’s Eurovision have kicked them out too That could be a turning point
  7. What an absolute load of nonsense as usual There is a reason all those players were released
  8. I’ve got a feeling you are wrong on this , someone may leave first but I think we are definitely in the market for another striker
  9. Doesn’t the gate state tickets sold ??? Even if the scanners turnstiles didn’t work it’s just tickets sold that matters
  10. I love the description of “ the bullies” sums them up perfectly
  11. I was hoping for another Ryan , Ryan Loft but he’s just signed for Bristol rovers
  12. That was as bad as I’ve seen gibbo play ever Kept giving the ball away time after time Can’t fault his effort but he had zero quality last night I’m afraid
  13. Our support tonight was terrible , , the same 2 or 3 10-15 year old songs , nothing new nothing inspiring Walsall took the Michael on and off the field , very noisy and showed passion
  14. Absolutely no one should be above a 4 maybe smith a 5 perhaps , who voted gibbo motm btw ????
  15. That was embarrassing tonight , as bad as I’ve seen us for years Credit to Walsall they parked their Tank on our front lawn and extracted the urine Out sang all game , outfought on the pitch , second to everything Clarke got it wrong with the set up and tactics , we looked like we haven’t kicked a ball before Appalling performance and I left the game very angry and I hope it’s just a blip
  16. This is class , has too be sang when we play Walsall they will hate it lol
  17. You have hit the nail on the head here Clarke doesn’t suffer fools does he and I think Phil needs to change it up a bit Put the onus on Clarke to tell him what he liked and disliked about the performance not just stating facts of what happened and asking him his opinion on it Maybe Ask him about kicking towards the bycars first half is it a new tactic ???? He does seem very difficult to interview but also his commitment and passion is there for everyone to see He’s a modern day mickey Adam’s for me When we get promoted he will most definitely be down burslem with the fans
  18. I agree with all of this , painful to watch at times but spot on from Clarke we can turn it into a positive week with a win on Saturday now
  19. Amazing sh**house tactics from cov , just as they were putting a bit of pressure on he sorts it lol I don’t think we got out of 2nd gear today but still won comfortably
  20. I have to say that DC reminds me so much of Mickey Adams , very prickly an interviewers nightmare and if you ask him a stupid question he will tell you , he did this with Phil bowers recently But his passion his will to win is there just like mickey you just know he’s giving everything for us to be successful
  21. He never goes , he just spouts negative bile on the radio , the guy is a first class clown I like Jean’s text basically making him look a Pratt Ended with “ at the game “ lol
  22. Cracking performance we looked so strong and hungry today , they had 1 shot on target all game we made them look ordinary
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