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  1. To be fair, agents are the slimmest and most corrupt when it comes to football anyway. Football is in a state because of those leeches. Surely he couldn't react or say something online anyway without getting in trouble ? Be a professional an all that
  2. I don't sorry mate. I might be wrong and it could be true which if it is then I hold my hands up and apologise. I just think some vale fans (not yourself included) are bored from lockdown, paranoid from the years of dodgy owners and just love the drama for the sake of it. I also think vale fans also can't accept we are a average league 2 side and there some sort of behind the scenes conspiracy theory to why we are where we are. Again these coaches have spent years doing the badges and working with other clubs. I'd trust them to know what they are doing rather than Dave next door buddy who's just took his cocker spaniel out for a walk near the training ground and seen Worrall tackle Joyce to the floor.
  3. Ah the old not naming names scenario. This Sinclair sure is a controlling and manipulative person..... Maybe he will get them doing karate next so he can build an army up and take over like Cobra Kai ?
  4. They'll say Sinclair was stealing from the till next. He would make a great soap villain with the way some of the fans think about him. Watch out Pat Phelan
  5. Twitter needs to go in the bin. Easy place to make rumours and news up. Obviously if true then it's madness but I'd like to hope a group of ex footballers with some of them playing at a high level would know how to correctly run a training session. Rather than someone behind a computer who got told what happened by their friends uncle next door dog. Same thing happened when an apparent fight happened on the coach which was clearly bulls### Again I've seen people slag off Frank Sinclair and make out he's some sort of controlling Puppet Master trying to worm his way in as manager. Too many people pretending to be in the know and far too many people paranoid about behind the scenes. This isn't the Smurf era anymore, we're just a bit crap on the playing front with to many average players for numbers. Anyone who wants to reply with "you don't really know whats going on" or "happy clapper" please don't bother. We have owners that care about us , this isn't the Smurf/MOLD era's anymore. We're just crap and will be until a hungry manager comes in and sorts this team out. Nothing more , nothing less. Accept it and get behind the lads instead of these stupid conspiracy theories. Apologies for the long winded rant I'm just sick of these twitter accounts and those stupid Facebook groups where even Tom Pope mother had to jump in and defend him against the gammons. Anyways back on topic. 2 nil Walsall
  6. Bradford fans happy he's gone it seems. I'll never judge a player until he's kicked a ball for us. Most players have terrible patches at certain clubs. Hope he does the business and gets some goals.
  7. Big fan of Campbell, he did well against loma as well. Garcia has a bright future ahead of him if looked after and has the right fights picked. Critics are already hyping him as the next de la hoya (minus the outside antics) Ryan Garcia, Gervonta Davis and Shakur Stevenson. Some serious decent young talent from America at the minute.
  8. Think the season being cancelled now would be a blessing !
  9. Why/how is Heskey favourite for the job ?! Not even had any experience coaching has he ?
  10. I was supposed to be starting my new job on Friday as well. Bugger Looks like its netflix and getting fat again
  11. Scrap that ,elite sport to carry on. Swear the bloke said it was suspended on sky news. Lockdown part III it is. Stay safe everyone
  12. Did i hear that right , premier league suspended?
  13. I try to stay off the vale fan Facebook pages because they are just full of fans arguing with each other half the time. But some of the managers suggested are bonkers. So far I've seen Gareth Ainsworth Sol Campbell Tony Pulis Billy Davies Phil Neville Chris Coleman Do they just pick a name from a hat ? Jesus wept.
  14. I do think we need to look at a young goalkeeper. Either one from our youth set up or a rough diamond released from the prem league. Sooner or later Brown is gonna retire or leave. Visser seems to be back up and I really don't fancy seeing us struggling for a solid number one like that season where we had a load of shocking - average keepers on the books like Lainton/Hornby/Kroos or Fasan/Mehmet/Boot
  15. Jimmy floyd hasselbaink back as manager at Burton
  16. Recent performances aside. Leon has been a great servant to the club and for me a fine captain. There's no doubting his passion Great bloke off the pitch as well and a role model to be proud of. Congrats to Leon for his 100th appearance
  17. True but you could put pulis down as stoke greatest manager in their history. Even if we were to afford him I don't think he would jump to us out of loyalty to the lardy lot.
  18. No way would he drop down to league 2. His stoke connection probably wouldn't go down well either
  19. Pulis sacked by Sheffield Wednesday after 10 games. Madness !
  20. Ian Holloway gone from Grimsby. Judging by his tweets he's not a fan of the new owners.
  21. Smith took an absolute beating tonight. Heart and jaw of a champion though. Canelo is just a different breed. Have to say the DAZN commentary team are terrible. Demetrius Andrade is a weapon too Canelo-GGG III has to happen. If Smith doesn't move up weight I wouldn't mind seeing him against Saunders
  22. Completey agree with everything about GGG one of my favourite fighters to watch. I still feel angry whenever I think about the decision in the second canelo GGG fight. Golovkin was robbed. DAZN has launched in the UK also ,only 2 quid a month which is a bargain but with eddie hearn on board I can only imagine the prices will rise. I think Canelo will get the win with body shots same as he did with Fielding. Although I'd absolutely love it if Smith pulls it off and gets the win
  23. Easy win for triple G last night, he hasn't slowed down at all. Will be rooting for Smith tonight although I can't see him stopping Canelo. If Canelo wins hopefully we get the trilogy with Golovkin.
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