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  1. Not even going to try to predict this. We gave the bottom club three really soft goals and gift wrapped the points and followed it up with such a wretched, lifeless, darn right turgid performance completely bereft of any confidence and energy. I fear we could literally lose to the Dog & Duck at the moment.

    I’d like to go 4-3-3 but suspect injuries might hamper that idea but nonetheless:-





    Now it’s a toss up between Jones and Benning at LB. Jones had an absolute stinker on Tuesday and I think Benning has looked decent as an orthodox LB when played there, however I feel Jones will defend the back stick better when crosses come in (!) so he gets the nod.

    Politic was pretty anonymous so I’d see that Lloyd can do. Granted he’s not a big lad nor prolific but he puts himself about.

    And let me be the first one to say it…. Mark Cullen to score against us. 

  2. 4 minutes ago, Beech said:

    And as Captain he should know better and do better. Nobody is perfect. Mistakes happen. But he left us in the <ovf censored> tonight. He's arguably our best player, but when the going gets really tough he's often found wanting, in my opinion. In a game we're already struggling in you can't go getting yourself sent off with two yellows.

    In modern football, it’s pretty easy to get two yellows, especially in midfield. I think the yelp from their guy on the 2nd helped the ref make his mind up. The bigger issue for me was why their No 24 was given such an easy time being on a yellow for the best part of 80 mins?

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  3. 1 minute ago, darren1810 said:

    Talking of red cards Salford were down to 9 men tonight at home to Bristol Rovers , losing 1-0.

    Final score 1-1. 

    We didn't even chuck Mad Cov up tonight. And when Benning took a free kick deep into injury time Rodney was almost holding his hand before thinking he better amble into the box. 

    Yep. Agree. Why gamble on a half fit Proctor who moments after coming on got nobbled by the keeper and was wincing the rest of the game? Stick Legge upfront and launch the thing. It’s League 2 for Christ sake, we saw Oldham get too lucky breaks. Just real lack of determination tonight from everyone. So frustrating.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Sandyford_Lion said:

    Proctor seemed to be struggling after colliding with their keeper. Not too sure he will be ok for sat

    Yep, noticed that. Bit of a gamble bringing him on.

    Can somebody answer we this. On Saturday when Oldham were chasing the game, they stuck the centre half Piergianni up front and launched it, yes?? 

    With 80 mins on the clock, a man down and trailing, why didn’t we try something similar?? Even before Conlon’s sending off.

    We we’re trying to play tight passes down the right, when nothing was going right for us, and often Amoo had 3 men facing him, and we never once go the ball into the box.


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  5. 5 minutes ago, Joe B said:

    The absolutely infuriating thing is, is that if Dan Jones doesn't decide to go flying in to make up for his 965th misplaced pass of the night, we don't concede and the game ends in a dire 0-0 draw. That's how poor this league is.

    We played the worst we've played in about 5 years and conceded one real chance, completely of one player's making. 

    Frustrated. We're still 5th and 3 points from 2nd, which we all we deem 'outstanding' if offered pre-season. We've chucked away 8 points in three games and only dropped 3 places. It's horrendously tight so Clarke simply has to show his managerial credentials. This isn't the apocalypse but a massive warning sign that maybe things were going a little too easily for us. 

    I’m not so sure I agree. From the Bycars they created a couple of chances 1st half that they ought to have taken, including one against the post. It was obvious they’d done their homework on us and got us completely sussed out and I can’t actually recall us creating a single chance, so they didn’t need to attack us. The really infuriating thing for me was that their No 24 was booked after, what, 10 mins against a card-happy ref and we NEVER put him under any pressure at all. Poor in every single aspect of the game tonight and we looked like a side very low on confidence after the weekend.

  6. It’s hard to pick the bones out of that, and if anyone can find any positives they are a better person than.

    Not going to blame the ref, because they did exactly what any sane person knew they would do (and which their manager actually said they’d do) and start strong, physical and on the front foot crowding us out in midfield whilst winning free kicks in and around the box to see how we’d deal with high balls into the box. And yes, they played the ref like an absolute fiddle.

    I do think Clarke has to shoulder some of the blame. Yes his hand was forced by injuries but we just had no guile, craft or physicality about us at all. It was pretty obvious that it wasn’t working when it takes 20 mins to have a touch in the oppo’s box when you’re at home. 

    Where this leaves us I really don’t know. That was scarily similar to some of the horrific performances we started to put in this time last year so I really hope we are not about to enter into a similar slump. What is clear is that we cannot play that formation without Proctor and/or Wilson.

    I hope’s pride has taken a dent after having 45 mins of p!ss taking and he find a way to keep the show on the road, because that was a major blow out tonight.

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