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  1. 5 minutes ago, Wrex said:

    If this is the slow start that Clarke foreshadowed then this will be a very special season indeed

    Oh god I had forgotten how some people lost their marbles because DC said he sometimes started slow 😂😂😂

    Someone on here started trying to tell us that it gave the opposition the impetus and our lads would just not try!


  2. So here we are, 10 games in which is the first checkpoint of most reasonable fans.

    3rd in the league, having beaten 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th.

    We are really starting to build momentum and the new players are starting to really click with 5 wins in the last 6.

    Resounding success so far.

    Trust the matrix, Trust the Pruhcess… UTV!


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  3. But of sh*thousery from Orient.

    One of their better players, right back James, was suspended for today’s game.

    Turns put there was a miscalculation on the yellow cards and he is playing.

    I wonder how long they have known he was available? Letting us prepare to play them without him.

    Cant complain though… we would do it. 😂

  4. 31 minutes ago, jeffers said:

    The problem with “poor” sides is that they tend to park the bus. Until we have a method to combat that we will struggle. I have confidence that when the time comes AC/DC will show what they are made of. We have a good balanced side with players that have the pace to get in behind.

    Keep the faith.

    We always struggled against poor sides under Askey because 433 counter attack doesnt work against poor sides.

    As you say, our side is more balanced now and DC has far more flexibility in his plans so hopefully we can find the one to break down the bus parking teams 

  5. https://bantamtalk.com/index.php?threads/adams-16.5480/

    Things continue to look a bit tricky for Adams at Bradford.

    Stated that some of his players are not good enough… and the power of deduction indicates Theo is one of them.

    The Venn diagram of people who desperately wanted Adams and don’t like the way DC spoke about some of his players has a very strange bunch sat in the bit that crosses over.

    Nowt as queer as folk.

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  6. Someone that willing to throw that much negative energy and go so far out of his way to bring negativity to everything the manager has done isn’t going to change his mind.

    Its nothing to do with not recognising players.

    Its about stubbornly backing his mate Askey and now not being able to back down.

    Add on top the enjoyment received from winding people up on here and it’s just become a very dull, silly looking parody which for some reason get way too much airtime and attention.

    Same bucket as Carl on Praise and Grumble for me… Ignore where possible, shake head and laugh at if unavoidable, then quickly move on to watching the highlights again!

    UTV and up the Pruhcess!!

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  7. 23 minutes ago, werstayinup said:

    To think what the fans of his previous teams were saying about him and how some moaned when we had to pay a fee for him.... he is cummins in disguise i tell you

    What I love is that the same people who wrote Garrity off will be back on here happily writing off someone we sign next summer.


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