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  1. 23 minutes ago, LancyTony said:

    I suspect Sproson's influence has diminished substantially since we adopted a more professional structure? Possibly clutching at straws hoping that rumour will help his client get back into the first team - it won't unless DC decides he does!

    Exactly right… and about time too.

    Sproson has, in my opinion, abused his relationship with the club to further his own ambitions.

    Snide comments on commentary, pushing the boundaries of his relationships importance to the club, milking every penny he can… maybe he is like that with every club in the land. But it doesn’t feel like it.

    Sproson the agent has known for a long time he can use the vale to get some coin… hopefully the new set up holds him to account appropriately.

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  2. Probably out of our reach too but is there a 6 month loan deal for Matty Taylor that could be done?

    Scored goals for fun at Rovers under DC (61 in 118 games).

    Hes 31 and only played 4 times for Oxford in league 1 this year. He signed a 3 year deal in 2020 so a cheeky 6 month loan spell to fire his old boss to promotion could be just right kick start his career.

    One can but dream.

  3. 2 hours ago, PV1973 said:

    Bonuses aren’t shared out of a pot. Players get bonuses every month for their goals, clean sheets or win bonuses. The only bonus that would come at the end of the season is if they went up and the squad gets a share based on appearances. 

    That’s the traditional model but more and more it’s moving to different approaches.

    Stoke for example had no bonus for a win in the championship… which worked out well.

    The vale players this year only get the win bonus if they are in the playoff positions or above.

    There could very well be a central pot of bonuses. 

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  4. 10 hours ago, newchapel valiant said:

    What do you think about going for someone like Stockton at Morecambe who can't be on mega bucks and is scoring at league 1 level. 

    Not heard anything just a thought. 


    No chance… he will be being looked at by teams in league 1 and above. 

    If we are after 2 strikers as is rumoured, then one will be a replacement for Lloyd and I would expect a championship u23 player on loan.

    For the other, who depending on injuries, will probably be more of a first team regular I would of course like to see someone with a bit of pedigree… but, that’s ridiculously difficult to do with Strikers as every club in the land will be looking for one in Jan. 

    But we certainly won’t be going after league 1s top scorer!!

  5. I fear this indicates bad news for Amoo’s injury!

    The club have changed the players who will be in the club show facing the public whilst signing things.

    Dan Jones is an obvious choice because he is banned for 3 games meaning if he caught covid and had to isolate it wouldn’t impact the first team.

    If that is the logic (I’m only guessing) then the prognosis for Amoo is that he wouldn’t be back in the next three games either!


  6. 45 minutes ago, darren1810 said:

    He has mentioned the window in an interview definitely with regards to freshening things up 

    Yeah he also mentioned that they have already been working on it.... a nice refreshing approach. No guarantee it comes off of course, but there has been some planning and thinking already done which has to help.

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  7. Jan will be fascinating and thank goodness we have a professional recruitment department looking after the very delicate balance.

    My view is that we probably wont go for an expensive "got a great record" forward because Rodney hopefully wont be too far away, neither will Amoo and Proctor and Wilson will eventually make their way back as first choice.

    Given this I think we will go for a loan from a Champ club.

    My view on the Lloyd thing is that it made perfect sense to me when he signed, he was different to what we had and had some real life experience in a promotion campaign. To compare him to Eden Bailey is madness.

    The Pruhcess is good, but they don't have a time machine and the benefit of hindsight is a wonderful thing. No one was to know that Wilson and Proctor would lead the line so well that they would take us to 2nd in the league and in the top 1 or 2 of almost every stat going.... that limited game time for Lloyd.

    Some people still don't understand that players need time to get back to match sharpness and it can take a little while. Something that Lloyd was afforded because it wasn't needed.

    Best example is a few people saying we should have kept Brisley.... In his first few games in the team he missed every header apart from the ones he sent straight up. 


    Aside from the striker, the Pruhcess will have to deal with, I suspect, offers for one or two of the lads and weigh up the benefits of any deal offered vs who is available as a replacement.

    Thank goodness we are past the "Get the Macc band" back together approach for dealing with these things.

    One thing we DEFINITELY know... multiple players have stated categorically that DC is creating the best dressing room atmosphere they have played in. Worral and Walker explicitly to the press and others have said how much they are loving it at the vale under the management team. It stands us in great stead when players are doing their diligence on whether they want to come here.


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  8. 2 minutes ago, ValeForever. said:

    I still think we're the best side in this league when everybody is fit. The points we've dropped from winning positions... Newport, Oldham, Rochdale, Sutton. I'd have taken a point today but always really disappointing when taken the lead.

    We need to make sure this period doesn't derail our season. Pick up scabby points, shithouse our way through. Every point is vital.

    We are certainly an exciting team to follow.

    For all those games we have lost from being in front, we have won from behind at Burton, Crawley, Barrow and Orient. 

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  9. Interesting point in the Ale & Vale pod this morning.

    Proctor has confirmed that his injury was an impact injury down to the collision with the keeper rather than being brought back too soon and the old injury reoccurring.


  10. Derek Adams… The man who some on here were obsessed with / insistent was the only man we should hire has won 2 of his last 22 games in all competitions.

    Compare that to DCs win rate of 50% this season.

    He’s clearly a good manager with a decent budget… just what is wrong with Bradford?!

  11. 41 minutes ago, Joe B said:

    We have:

    Newport (H)

    Exeter (A)

    Salford (H)

    Rochdale (A)

    before we can reinforce. I'm not the one controlling the money and I'm not clued up on the registration rules, but I still think we go and offer some free agent a month's deal. Politic is picking up niggles and if we run him into the ground without any rests we're taking a risk. Josh Parker, David Nugent, Calvin Andrew - all absolute dogs but you pay them buttons and give them 10-15 minutes a week to get fit and secure a non-league contract when they're released in January. 

    Exeter are in a dip and have only won 1 in 5. Newport only won 2 in 7. Salford and Rochdale are proper mid-table sides.

    I beg Clarke doesn't do this silly 'Conlon on the right' thing he seems to want to try; he tried it against Walsall and again last night after Rodney went off and we promptly looked rubbish. Politic and Garrity as forwards with Walker, Pett, and Conlon in the middle. 


    Reckon we need to add Harrogate to that list on the 1st given you have to have signed the day previously to play (I think)

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