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  1. 2 hours ago, osprey said:

    To be fair if refs continue to add on stupid amounts of injury time each game then it will happen more often

    Anything over 3 mins injury time used to be rare now it seems they have to add on at least 5 ( and he added on 4 in the first half as well ) !

    Scott Brown wastes a lot of time. Saw the ref tell him but after that some refs will let it happen and add time on

  2. 1 hour ago, darren1810 said:

    Unfortunately I am going to completely change my mind based on the 13 games.

    I actually think Pope is still number one option. 

    Cullen is no good on his own. Theo for whatever reason it just isn't happening though I'm not sure today Is a yardstick for him. Rodney is a headless chicken. 

    Pope will end up top scorer again and I'll eat my words 

    Thank you.

    Pope has to be number one.  Hes not the answer and we will not be promoted with him but he is head and shoulders better than Cullen, Robinson, Rodney. They are the problem and Askey signed them so Askey has failed us there.

    Cullen looks a sunday morning player

    Robinson looks a tidy player but has to have everything done for him.

    Rodney will never be a decent level footballer.

    All three are letting us down this season

  3. 1 hour ago, PVFC_4_EVA said:

    No doubt a bad patch but we are being let down by our so called reliable players.

    In my eyes no fault of the manager. Some of the players need to step up now over the next week.

    In askey I trust.

    In Askey i hope ?

    Yes we are being let down by some of our more professional and elder players. Askey has let us down with some poor signings, who i believe are playing aswell as they can but they are not good enough.

    Robinson, Rodney, Burgess

  4. 2 hours ago, The Kalamazoo Kid said:

    Yep. Both were definite yellows. Ironically, in between those 2 challenges Legge had played really well!

    Correct. You cannot take Legge off because he has had a booking. Between bookings he has had a good game. Strong and dominant but once faced by a player with the ball at his feet he is not the best.

    Hes now on 4 yellows so do we not play him again so as to stop a further suspension. His second yellow showed how slow he is to react to the ball being on the floor and also showed why he must be replaced this season. No more talk of another contract, not as the main center back anyway.

    Brisley now has his chance. Good performance on Tuesday and lets leave Legge off until the new year, hopefully.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Joe B said:

    A side note; Davids Worrall and Amoo are, according to some metrics, the 7th and 14th best players in the league for creating chances (impressive from Amoo after missing a few games).

    Our wings are fine, good even. Centre of the pitch means sorting. Has to be McKirdy at 10 for me.

    Who would you leave out ?

    I have always thought that,with the players we have, if we could only play 12 in the team we would be better suited.

  6. 2 hours ago, TylerB said:

    If he felt attacked because I'm calling him boring then that would make him a bit of a snowflake. He might well be completely different in person for all I know. But his interviews whether we win or lose after games leave a lot to be desired. I can only imagine if he's the same in the dressing room then it's no wonder sometimes the players look like they are going through the motions. He reminds me of Normal Clegg.

    Not sure of your age TB but you either :

    never watched during the Rudge years

    accepted him because we were successful, in the end

    were totally wrong then as you probably are here with Askey.

    There are and will always be managers with totally different characters. There is no point attacking him because you dislike his character. I am certain Askey is  here to stay for at least another 12 months, without something disastrous happening, so you need to accept him or leave the Vale alone until we are successful if it really gets to you the way you are coming over on here. Just one question to you. How do you know the players are going through the motions and if they are its all down to Askey


    Just to add i will criticise him where i feel it needs, in my opinion that is, but as a person its not our job to criticise. 

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  7. 1 minute ago, CambridgeDon said:

    Others have already made this observation but one way of doing this without going to 442 would be to play 352. No system is perfect and it would bring its own challenges but, particularly at home, it would enable us to apply the kind of pressure that seems too difficult for us playing 433. With very few goals in midfield, we need desperately to find an effective way of pressurising packed defences. Nothing else seems to have worked so far, so time for a change. 

    Monty as a full back, even in 433, pushes forward. He plays a pass and continues to run past for the return ball. This is something that our midfield does not do. They are very static and this is the problem. We need full backs, midfield and win gers to be far more attack minded

  8. 6 minutes ago, blackdog said:

    Pre Season I was pleased we signed Robinson from Southend where he played 28 games for Colchester on loan and scored 11 goals making him the top scorer.

    I was also pleased we signed McKirdy where I'm sure he finished top scorer for Carlisle.

    So thats two forwards from clubs in our division who have a track record at scoring goals.

    When was the last time we did that ?

    Maybe we are looking in the wrong areas maybe it's midfield that aren't up to the job, how many times did we see a midfielder getting past Cullen, how many times do the full backs get to the bye line and cut the ball back giving a forward half a chance.

    Askey now has to reset and work it out on the training ground, it's up to him to get a tune from the squad we have.

    We have no midfielder capable of that. Taylor was a lucky find for us.

    Only Montano is consistent to get up the pitch as a full back.

    Add to that our wingers blow more cold than hot, whichever two that are picked

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  9. 8 minutes ago, MBE said:

    Why can't you play a defensive midfielder in a 4-4-2 or 3-5-2? 

    Agree entirely. Joyce is a waste of a player for us. Most teams play without this holding defensive player. They play with two, of which either can go forward. What makes it worse for me is that the other two midfield men are not creative, threatening enough. Taylor was a lucky find for us last season.

    I honestly believe Conlon should be looking at playing in the Joyce role. If he could do the covering role he would no doubt be capable of playing a forward ball to help create forward play.

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  10. 4 minutes ago, Joe B said:

    Askey signings

    Summer 19

    Maddison, Crookes, Kennedy, Brisley, Burgess, Lloyd, Evans, Hurst, Taylor, Amoo, Browne, Cullen, Bennett, Archer (only 7 still here)

    Jan 20


    Summer 20

    Rodney, Mills, Whitehead, Robinson, Fitzpatrick, Visser, McKirdy, Clark (Only Clark started tonight)



    If you pick your strongest eleven out of our squad. Play the every game !!

    What would you honestly give them for a goals tally based on what you have seen and previous seasons in their career.

    Will be interesting and i will bet it doesnt give us enough for promotion

  11. 2 minutes ago, MBE said:

    I agree we don't have a striker ready to play on their own upfront, which begs the question why do we keep doing it? I just don't get it. We signed Robinson who is a 15-20 goals man playing in a front two and we have not given him a run of games to strike up a partnership. I find It bizarre. We need to find a system to play two upfront to give the strikers a chance or get rid of Robinson and Cullen in the transfer window.  Personally I would like to see us play 3-5-2 to utilise the skills of Monty and Clarke going forward with Wozza moving as the attacking midfielder. 

    We play one because Askey insists on playing a defensive midfielder to protect the back four. Without this i think all the criticism would be on the back four not being good enough

  12. 2 minutes ago, Joe B said:

    Recruitment insufficient for a second successive summer.

    The first 11 has not been improved much at all. 

    Argument to be made that our best 11 contains 10 players that were here when Askey arrived. 

    This is what will hold Askey back. I think he's a reasonable coach, who can organise a team and can get more out of players than they've previously shown, but his inability to scout/attract quality footballers will be his downfall.

    Like i said i think he was extremely lucky last season with Taylor having a good run for goals

  13. 5 minutes ago, Joe B said:

    The fans want McKirdy and Monty to start.

    They start on the bench.

    Askey brings them on on 51 and 60 respectively.

    Why didn't they start? Why didn't the come on at half time? Bloke doesn't make it easy at times.

    Mckirdy is still to show us anything. Montano, against this team and formation , was a must to start. Askey failed big time for me. Far too negative. All this negativity and we have a team with no drive, no creativity and no goals. We need all the help we can to be positive and score goals.

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  14. 11 minutes ago, SuperHuman said:

    In my opinion teams are now respecting us anD sitting in and letting us have the ball. It doesn’t take a genius to know that we don’t score a lot of goals and struggle to break teams down. Last season was a completely different story, we rose out of the blue after Christmas and a few months of good form shot us into play-off contenders. There is now expectation on everyone at the club to achieve promotion or a play off position. The impetus is on us to go out and win games or create something when needed, it doesn’t seem like we can do this at the minute.  

    Another issue is the fact that we have four average strikers and none of them are yet to claim first choice. We can’t keep swapping the striker every four games or so and hope for the best. None of them stand out as first choice or someone who will fire us to promotion. I still feel like getting Nicky Maynard was our ticket to promotion. We brought in Robinson and Rodney to compete for first choice where as Maynard would have been a guaranteed starter and would have been given a run of games to get goals.

    The season isn’t over yet though and I don’t think sacking Askey is the correct decision. We are clearly a better team than the majority of sides in this league, we have dominated more games this season than we have for many seasons now. The difference is scoring goals, if we can sort this out we will be fine.

    Askey has too much choice.

  15. 8 minutes ago, valefan16 said:

    I won’t slate him as he has done wonders for the club but i am starting to realise Askey is a great “underdog”

    He is great managing us in games against the odds against the better sides and it shown last season... but we did struggle results and performance wise last season in game we expected to win.

    Problem this season is we are expected to win more games than last season so!

    Wouldn’t surprise me if we beat Newport but tonight and as with Morecambe and Harrogate we just don’t have the guidance to play teams that sit deep and defend.

    Scunthorpe were like San Marino the way they set up, poor side but we’ve dominated from start to finish and barely tested the keeper.

    To get promoted we might need a change and I say that with a heavy heart because he’s a good bloke and has given us some great memories.

    We havent dominated from start to finish. We have had all the ball but you do not dominate a game when possession that you have is probably all in the middle part of the pitch. We never threatened them enough all game, like you say barely tested the keeper.

    Not sure we should change Askey at this time. Its a strange season. I am sure we wont change Askey

  16. 1 minute ago, blackdog said:

    This probably wont go down with some on here, but sacking Askey at this stage of the season would be an overreaction, the reason would be based on the last 10 days of results.

    Scunthorpe made no attempt whatsoever at coming out of their shell and a wonder strike won it for them, the number of times home teams far better than us have struggled to play against teams like that.

    The time to judge is how we react to these recent setbacks, IF we are a good side we will bounce back, but a knee jerk reaction isn't helpful.

    I agree with you over Askey. This season is very strange.

    Disagree completely on the rest. Scunthorpe no different to any average team in this league who we beat easily. Its not the opposition its our own performances that matter and i dont believe Askey knows what he will get from whoever he picks, no matter how many changes he makes.

    What a great balanced squad we have, eveyryone was happy but we have 4 wingers and all four are more likely to have a stinker than win us the game. 4 strikers and again all more than likely to fail before winning us a game. Pope is still the pick for me out of all of them but he does need competition and i dont believe we have much better.

    If we are a good side we will bounce back you say. Well we aint bounced back this ;last week or so have we. So are we a good side or not.

  17. 6 minutes ago, Portvale4 said:

    I don’t like reacting negatively about a Vale loss, but that was just totally unacceptable. Very one dimensional, too many sideways and backwards passes. Cullen was awful, absolutely awful. Crookes at LB? Why? He isn’t a LB. Why John, why? Back to the drawing board now. Give McKirdy a start, he’s looked lively again tonight. Bring Monty back in at LB. Give Legge a rest, he looks f*cked. I like Legge, but a change is needed. The only problem is, Brisley has looked sluggish and I’m not convinced by Crookes. 

    Six points dropped over the past two games. We have shot ourselves in the foot. 

    I like Askey, and I genuinely believe he can take us forward. But, it’s now time to reassess his options because we are looking short of any form of confidence and guile.

    I’m still not having this ‘Askey out’ business. People are entitled to their opinions and I can see why people are frustrated. Just remember, we are 12 games in. Every season has its ups and downs. Last season was a prime example.  

    A bit of luck would be nice. Nothing is dropping our way at the moment. 

    Thanks Vale, that’s another night of mine you’ve ruined. The joys of being a football fan...


    Short of confidence you say!!!  Goals make confidence. We dont make goals

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