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  1. 20 minutes ago, Jacko51 said:

    So that’s what the two up top so many wanted looks like!

    Weve been saying for a long time now. 1  2  3  upfront which ever, if there is no service is makes no difference. Our midfield three and two wing backs, after the first ten mins, were awful.

    Have to add that the two up top were awful too !!!

  2. 19 minutes ago, SuperHuman said:

    Conlon’s worst two performances of the season have come under Clarke. On the past two showings I don’t think the style of football will suit Conlon at all.

    Forget the style of play you mention.

    When Conlon gets the ball he is suppose to play football. He has not done that.

  3. 19 minutes ago, Walka003 said:

    Two abysmal teams fighting it out. Utter dross. We are very much in the relegation scrap despite the points gap. Our next few games are very very tough.

    Back 3 looked very good however, Crookes looked the best I've seen him.

    Could be that we only played a bottom six team. Poor team at that

  4. 20 minutes ago, SuperHuman said:

    I know it’s only been 2 games under Clarke but the football has been terrible. The negative set up worries me.

    Dont believe that was a negative set up. 532 negative set up would have played Mills and Fitzpatrick.

    We had our best two full backs for attacking.

    We had two attacking midfielders

    We had two up front.

    Problem being we were awful, against a bottom six team

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  5. 12 minutes ago, SuperHuman said:

    No one will ever convince me that we need to set up and play like this against Stevenage at home in League Two. We have created nothing.

    We had two forwards, three midfield men and two attacking wing backs. Only problem was they were all useless.

    Taylor might be lucky to play again after that performance.

    Conlon gone off completely

    Monty had a poor game

    Rodney once again looks less like a footballer than me.

    Please Mr Clarke GET RID !!!!

  6. 6 minutes ago, Jacko51 said:

    He clearly rates Crookes higher than a few on here. 

    His interview today was exactly what i expected him to come out with.  He would never slate anyone publicly after todays hard fought point. Point that we are desperate for. This is not his mess but he has to sort it out with the players he has available.

    Also think that if Monty had played against Wilkinson we could have had a defensive problem on our hands. Monty will not be able to stop himself from attacking, quite rightly, Crookes can only defend so i expected this choice at left back.

  7. 19 minutes ago, darren1810 said:

    Disappointed at the negativity.

    The only remit for me is keep us up. 

    We've gained a point on 2 of the bottom sides. 

    Was an okay performance a draw was fair. I really hope Guthrie scores against Stevenage. Am I waxing lyrical about how wonderful he is .....nope. But give the lad a break he's come into a side who've won is it 2 in 14 ? 

    He worked hard. Yes of course he needs a goal but crikey give him some leeway before the public hanging 

    New manager but same old performance. POOR

    At least Clarke will know what is needed after the next few games, if he doesnt already. Can see a minimum of 5 new players in our starting line up for next season.

    Plenty of stick for Guthrie. Hes not the top striker in the division but hes the best front player we have until Pope pushes him when fit. We still need to replace Pope before we write him off. Guthrie can score goals and has done but his goals scored were created by others. Cant remember too many chances he missed today. Give him a break. Hes the best we have for the next few games at least.

    Crookes is poor. Yes he was picked to do a job on Wilkinson [ i think ] and not too bad a job against a decent player, although a cheat for me. Crookes also a taller player and should help out in ariel battles. Should ???? Distribution and as a footballer - shocking.

    Can see Monty playing on Tuesday unless Stevenage have a wide player that Clarke feels needs attention.

    Sorry, i know Hurst is young and may improve but he again has shown nothing to offer hope of a decent div 2 player that we need. Yes a cross came in but i am looking at 90 mins performance for us. He does offer work rate and commitment to the team. Still he has time and deserves a chance. Would have been a gamble bringing on Taylor for him, unless we are losing and then i would expect that to happen.

    I do find Rodney infuriating to watch. He is fast, faster than his brain at times. He is strong, too strong and overhits some passes. Danger when he has the ball in front of goal and even when 30 yards away you wonder what next.  He also offers little when we need his effort to hold the ball up or to win the ball back or play a simple ball to get us moving again.. IF someone can get this out of him [ if its in him ] there will be a player for sure. To me it should be there in him now and if it is he should make sure its put to use. Still our one and only option for goals. I would certainly play Pope up front with him and its a shame Pope was injured after one game together. 

    Good luck Clarke. You will need it. If you are successful then we will be happy fans in a year or so.

    Thanks again to our owners for their backing. Lets get behind them soon as we can.

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  8. Just now, Sandyford_Lion said:

    My drawing of the legend Jesse James.


    Like i said, i cant take the credit for this drawing. It was my mate Jacko at school.

    Fifty years ago WOW. The drawing must have been from the picture above in the football mag Goal.

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  9. 3 hours ago, blackdog said:

    Wouldn't be so sure..............🤣

    Jamo and Pope were/are Vale through and through. For anyone who did not see Jamo play i would say that he had more heart for the Vale. 

    More heart for the Vale than Popey and that takes some doing. Thats how special Jamo was and will always be to those who saw him.

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  10. 3 hours ago, sinnott2spinnit said:

    Ken, you are correct in saying that Owd Sage had a scarf baring the players names on it, a black and white one, and to be honest, the stitching wasn’t the best in the world. We would have a laugh about it many years later. I am sure that Michael would be saddened by the sad news of Jessie passing away. It would be interesting to know who he would put on the top of his pedestal...Jessie or Popey. I suspect that Jammo might just pip it.

    Talking of Mick's scarg. Can anyone remember 'Dancing Frank ' as Mick would call him.

  11. 47 minutes ago, sinnott2spinnit said:

    I went to the Wrexham game by train with Phil Shaw. When we got back to the station, after the game, we got “stoned”!!! Unfortunately, not that kind of stoned, we got pelted with railway ballast thrown by Wrexham “fans”. 
    Sandyford-lion mentions going to the game by car with Owd Sage. I remember Eric, your driver that day. He was nice chap but a madman behind the wheel. I think he had a Mini Cooper. He took me and Owd Sage to the Peterborough away game, before the motorways were built, so all A and B roads. Showing my age now. He was overtaking on blind bends in haste to get to the game on time. It was a midweek game, and we left the Wedgwood factory right on the finishing hooter and arrived before kick off. A nil nil draw, but I think we had secured promotion by then.

    It didnt take Eric very long to get anywhere.

    Always a pub stop on the way and on way home too. Travellers Rest Buxton to Leek was a favourite for all games Yorkshire way.

    Best to have a nap on the way home and leave it to Eric.

  12. 1 hour ago, ClntonBoulton said:

    Somebody last nigh reminded me of that great song sung to the tune of "I was born under a wandering star"....."goals are made for scoring, Jamo is our king".......sigh!

    Weve got Micky Morris playing on the wing 

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  13. 53 minutes ago, ollyandpatch said:

    We were 18th at 8pm until the Scunny Bradford games was abandoned. 

    Two bad results for us tonight.

    How can Southend beat Newport ? Its up to us now on Saturday to do the same !!!

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  14. 51 minutes ago, Pops said:

    Played with John for a couple of years and even signed him when I managed Northwich. Great team player and pro. Sad day. RIP John.

    Sad sad day. R I P John.  Great memories from Jesse James at the Vale.

    Once trying to draw a picture of Jamo at school and my mate finished it for me. It was brill. Took it the Vale on a match day and i am sure it was you Ray who took it in dressing room and had Jamo sign it for me. Need to find that drawing it was brill.

    19000 at Wrexham and finished 1 - 1 Sure there was 7000 Vale fans there. Went in car with                     Mick [ owd sage ], Joe Dodd, and Eric the driver [ not sure of last name, i think it was Smith ] See Joe up the Vale and remember Mick telling me that Eric was still going up the Vale.

    We were rubbish for a lot of the seasons in the seventies but still the best times for me.

    John James was the best followed by Tommy Mac, Clint Boulton, Bobby Gough - viva viva

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  15. 3 hours ago, Jacko51 said:

    This is what Rudgie said about the role of the DoF when he was at Stoke:

    "I'm still involved in all aspects of the club, contracts, training, and attending matches, and I'm working with someone I get on really well with Tony Pulis, and I hope that I can just help him by taking the strain off him because I know exactly what its like to be a manager, which is a hard role; and can be often too much for one person. I'm here to lighten the load so he can focus on winning matches. My job involves sixty to seventy hours a week, it's very time consuming."

    I understand this fully. You could say that Rudge was an assistant to Pulis. Money to burn also helps to to take the strain off Pulis.

    Our situation i believe is the exact opposite. We , or i , assumed we were after the experienced manager. We now have the experience is the assistant role to the manager. Flitcroft did sat that the manager would: Have final say on all signings /  Decide of team tactics n formations etc /  select the team. This i find difficult to see being a success, especially if the new manager / head coach is not an experienced manager but someone who is learning the game from Flitcroft.

    Carol knows the forward plan and its probably the first time for tens of years, maybe first time ever, we have this plan in place. Carol knows the costs of this appointment and also the costs to put out the team and run the football club. All credit to her and i hope and pray it is successful. Just hope we dont here the comments " spend the money on players not on management "

    What we have to do as fans is support this decision. We will not make Mills,Crookes etc etc good players from tomorrow morning onwards. We cannot let this season die away but we cannot expect win after win. I believe our current squad will see far more defeats than wins before the season is over.

    Lets see a good recruitment drive ready for next season. Not sure who is responsible at the Vale the top priority now will be to "SELL" the club for the next season. Now more than ever Carol needs our support. Season tickets need to be good, great even. Hope we get behind her. This is a huge task for us all but this is the plan Carol has and without Carol i am not sure where we would be now.

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  16. 19 minutes ago, Powerline said:

    Really don’t understand the criticism of Hurst, I think people are being really unfair on him. At the start of the season, I don’t think anyone thought he’d even be in our match day squad, and I include in that fans, management and probably Hurst himself. 

    He’s gone straight from the national league north to league 2, playing in a sh*te team, thrown in at the deep end. He’s a young lad making his way in the game, not even played 15 league games yet, and he’s already being written off by some fans. 

    He’s probably on a pittance so doesn’t exactly take up any budget, and he’s under 22 so isn’t counted in squad number. Been far better than some of the jokers out there recently. Gives 100% when he’s on. And he’s shown some good glimpses. Give the lad a chance for Christ’s sake.

    They were my comments on Hurst.

    Decent squad player, deserves a chance, cross with both feet.

    I added that i would like to see more of a goal threat from him. It may come, hope so but sometimes you see a player is short of something and j feel this could be his problem. Hope i am wrong but my thoughts on him.

    Certainly deserves his chance compared to the wide players we have had recently.

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  17. 1 minute ago, ELDERBEZZA said:

    That's probably what the issue is.It's normal football procedure for a manager to bring in his own staff.Hasn't Carol brought in her own staff,commercially,to replace staff over the past few months ?🤔🤔

    Its expensive getting rid of a manager AND HIS TEAM but once you dwcidd he is going then you need to see it through. No turning back.

    If you cannot afford then dont get rid and try sort ghe issue out another way, if possible.

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  18. 1 hour ago, Jacko51 said:

    It's just something Sproson said before the game about managers wanting to bring in their own staff and not accept what's already there.

    Surely that goes without saying.

    You cannot offer someone the manager role and they say your backroom team is ????

    I would expect Carol to have issues if that is the case

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  19. 1 hour ago, osprey said:

    I like Hurst - hard working and can cross with both feet, I think he’s well worth persevering with

    Decent squad player and worth persevering but still waiting for him to get a shot on goal and also score a goal. Yes he has crossed a few and with both feet but last few games hes been involved he seems to have created less chances.

  20. 1 hour ago, ELDERBEZZA said:

    That defence is shocking.7goals conceded in 2 games v Tranmere tells it all .Sinclair ,involved on touchline, is ex defender,what the hell is going on???

    Agree with you but god i wish we had Tranmere's squad down at the Vale.

    New center back and not much else needed there.

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  21. 2 hours ago, Bob Newtonian said:

    Problem is if you do that you need another pair of fullbacks to cover for them while they are injured for 50 pcent of the games ... so in effect you need 4 first team full backs which is difficult given budgets... for me we have some promise with a few of our younger players but we carry too many injury prone players.... tough as it may seem that’s where we need to start with any kind of cull... a constantly injured player is no use to us even if they are worth their place when they fit.


    We know we cannot rely on Monty playing a full season.

    Gibbons we need to see. This season was a first but from now on we dont know.

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