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  1. 5 hours ago, Howjy04 said:

    Not having a go here but why are some people convinced Popey is suddenly going to start scoring goals and providing assists if he returns?3 league goals this season (1 goal since October 31)(Zac Mills has scored 2)and 6(including pens) last season along with 3 assists over the 2 seasons. He has stated he won’t be properly ready even when his arm has healed.Thank the Lord for Devante Rodney,the man who saved us.

    Yes. He has saved us this last 5 games or so.

    Hallelujah for Rodney


    The player on the bench or injured is usually seen as our saviour and the better option. The last 6 games or so, whoever has been up front has been poor, so yes Pope will always be seen as the better option. The sooner the better.

    My choice would be Pope and Rodney. Hope they cab have a few games together and can get us the two / three wins we need.


  2. 14 minutes ago, Paul6754 said:

    Yep, the likes of Robinson and Guthrie are more athletes than footballers, Thought that about Robinson when he was here under Neil Paige. 

    As the game turned out tonight someone like Cullen may have sniffed something out but he wasn't even on the bench I believe.

    Rodney should be talking and learning from the likes of Cullen, Popey and anyone else who can coach/help him to score "ugly goals"/tap ins but it's instinct a player is usually born with.

    Just my opinion but I hoped Taylor would get on, he's got a shot on him from outside the box and ghosts into the box unmarked. 

    Rodney needs to learn to be a footballer. Its not just about hitting 30 yard screamers or head down and run through a brick wall. Not sure if he is capable of that.

    Cullen has been there to tap a few goals in and yes maybe tonight last 20 mins he could have done so.

    If we could only pick the poor players and play them when they were due to have their good 1 in 10 game

  3. 30 minutes ago, Jacko51 said:

    On one occasion in the first half he was at the far post after Guthrie nodded it on and had his shirt yanked back but no pen of course!

    I agreed with you earlier. Yes he went for that one and i wished he had shown more willing to get there when pulled back. Let the ref see the shirt pull he just stood there dissappointed. The other two crosses he made no attempt for. Just waiting for the ball to fall to feet

  4. 41 minutes ago, darren1810 said:

    You are almost contradicting yourself mate. 

    You'd still play him despite his headers having no power and his shots not hit clearly ? 

    I'm sorry dress it up however anybody wants to, working hard is a given, after all his deal is up soon .

    He is absolutely tripe. The pathetic weak headers in the first half summed him up. Pope would of been close to carrying home the match ball given those chances. 

    34 without a goal is an absolute embarrassing stat and Bradford actually paid money for him . 

    Were we any better after he went off and Robinson came on.

    Did Robinson work hard outside the box and set ant play up

    Does Cullen do any of that, when he is fit that is.

    Rodney Amoo Swan anyone else to try

    Until Pope is fit and ready we have no one

  5. 59 minutes ago, Joe B said:

    Anyone considered us making Oldham look tripe by defending well, controlling the middle, and creating a boatload of chances which John Rudge at his ripe old age would have stuck away with ease?

    No, silly me. The opposition team exist in a vacuum. Carry on. 

    They played one man up front 30 yards from anyone else.

    We worked hard to stop them building play from the back i have to say.

    Perhaps they had no plan b tonight.

  6. 1 hour ago, Jacko51 said:

    If we had put in a performance like Oldham tonight and got a point everyone on here would have been saying how lucky we were. Oldham were very lucky tonight. 

    Oldham were lucky. Oldham fans may also be saying what a poor team the vale are and would never score if still playing now

  7. 1 hour ago, Paul6754 said:

    So frustrating.

    Would have thought a few Vale players would have gambled at the back or front post or elsewhere at times.

    My mind goes back to the a55hole Sunderland player for the cowardly foul on Tom Pope in the nothing game at Mackemville......absolute barsteward

    Got to think like a footballer / goalscorer to gamble at the back post for a tap in.

    Rodney had three opportunities to do this. Never once did he even think about it for me.

    Thats why i say he may score a great goal every so often but he has to learn to become a footballer.

    If he hasnt by now , at 22 , then he may never have it in him

  8. 1 hour ago, Iron Curtain said:

    Agree with this... very frustrating but that was a good performance.

    We have battered them tonight and done everything but score.

    I was starting to get worried that DC couldn’t get a performance out of them... well he did tonight. It’s not his fault our strikers are playing awfully.

    If we play like this and get more match fitness into Manny and Amoo we will  create chances ... we need one to go in off someone’s arse.



    We created chances tonight but the attempts on goal were really poor.

    Guthrie main culprit which is why Pope has to be our saviour.

    Not sure that Swann at his young age is the answer either but would still give him another go Saturday. If not Swann then its back to Rodney up front with Pope and Amoo / Hurst - even Monty out wide.

    Then we will score goals to save us.

    Tonights team could easily go another 4 or 5 games without scoring. Oldham probably the weakest team we will play in next few games

  9. 1 hour ago, TJHValiant said:

    Really disappointed. I had really enjoyed that match, first time I have been utterly fixed on a game from start to finish for ages. Should have won, but Guthrie missed so many easy ones with Worrall giving him great service. Robinson not much better and as for Rodney, he just doesn’t convince out wide on tonight’s evidence.


    Were we any better after Guthrie replaced by Robinson. NO

    Guthrie is the best option we have until Pope is fit 

  10. 1 hour ago, Vale1995 said:

    Yes weve not won tonight but if we play like that until the end of the season there is no way we will go down. Great performance just missing that little bit of quality/luck

    We have to play better teams than Oldham though.

    They were happy for a point and left one up front all night

  11. 1 hour ago, OtterVale said:

    I really can not see where any goals are going to come from for the rest of the season, I can only say Clarke needs to figure out his best strikers and stick with them, not easy with the rubbish we have.

    once Worral ans Amoo / Hurst are fit for a few games then our best two up top has to be

    Guthrie and Rodney  -  until Pope can replace Guthrie.

    Dont hol dtoo much hope for goals but its the best two up top for me.

  12. 1 hour ago, TylerB said:

    There's people on here still who back him, and tell us that he's not so bad because he holds up the ball now and again...

    He should be paying the club to play for us and not the other way round.

    Robinson, Cullen, Rodney up front. Who looks better

    Yes they have all scored a goal this season but actual play ?

    Robinson and Cullen should never play again.

    Until Pope is back Guthrie is the best of a poor poor bunch

  13. 1 hour ago, wotsyobeef said:

    Guthrie had had a lot of criticism tonight in what is probably been his best game for us. I don't think he has played well but unlike previous games he has done the things he should be doing.


    He has closed them down with intent unlike the casual trot towards them he usually does.


    He has won more headers in the box tonight than he has done since he signed, albeit win the same powerpuff outcome.


    He wouldn't be in my side but surely people know what to expect from him now. 


    Dominated them so far but the longer we go without a goal the more worried I become. 

    When Guthrie went off we were less effective.

    Would still play Guthrie Saturday and until Pope if back.

    We works hard and gets in the positions but never looks confident to score. His headers have no power and his shots dont seem to be hit cleanly

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  14. 2 minutes ago, Quebec_Valiant said:

    We don't need magic.  We need some players back and I'd be interested to see how we perform under new management against some teams who are not currently top of the league.

    I know that Oldham have a good away record but remain hopeful that we can take something from the game.  I hope that the team have the same mindset because if they go into every game believing that they've lost before a ball is kicked then we are doomed.

    Oldham is a huge game now

    We do desperately need a win, even a point will be a start

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  15. 6 minutes ago, osprey said:

    If Brown hadn't got his foot in his mouth after saying what he did, he might have cleared that first one today 

    Just seen todays goal.

    Brown is absolutely shocking.

    How many more times is he going to let us down bis style. Yes i know he has saved us to but today was disgusting.

    Is he too old and too slow. Has he not woke up ready for kick off. Is he not bothered.

    He wants stuffing

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