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  1. 48 minutes ago, Brian said:

    He’s had a good first season. Just think his confidence is down. Last few games, he seems unwilling to have a shot at goal. Just my opinion

    When he learns to become a footballer then i will look and credit him for it. I dont hold my breath though.

    Hes had 7 years or more at top acadamy clubs, if he doesnt know now what and when to do it, he never will. Yes hes strong, yes he has a great shot and yes when he has scored there have been some great goals but inbetween i wouldnt have him on the pitch. Problem is we have no one better who shows any possibility of scoring.

  2. 46 minutes ago, PV1973 said:

    I’m not having that, we got behind them down the flanks and made something happen. Give the players some credit ffs. 

    On the other hand their first goal with the Mills / brown mistake is the perfect example of giving the opposition a goal that they don’t have to work for. 

    Not watched today so shouldnt really comment but did it take us 80+ plus minutes to get down the flanks and make something happen. If so why ?

  3. 50 minutes ago, LancyTony said:

    I don't see that he would? He got the push because he wasn't doing it with those same players - so absolutely nothing to suggest it would have changed. DC has come in...late, admittedly...and had to assess everyone, not only in training but on the pitch. I would hope, by now, that for the rest of the season, certain players will only be on the bench, at best, and the younger lads be given more chances to see if they are up to it? - young players at other clubs seem to? 

    We have to have Pope, Worrall, Monty, Gibbo, even Amoo who i wouldnt normally give a shirt to, we have to have these back in the starting 11. Wouldnt waste my breath on Manny to be honest.

    Yes after them the youngsters on the bench but without the ' old favourites ' back in the 11 i dont believe we have a chance with the rest of the squad.

  4. 49 minutes ago, Joe B said:

    Hope two rebounds and a bit of huffing and puffing don't allow people to forget 83 minutes of the most diabolical Port Vale football of my lifetime. Defensively Sunday League. Fewer passes than some U12 sides. 

    I was absolutely incensed. Fair play to Swan and Hurst but that entire squad is an affront to our club. Release the lot in summer. Useless, useless frauds. Level it all and start again. I have absolutely zero affinity for any of them any more. 14 defeats in 23 is it? It's probably the worst spell in the club's history, considering the level of football.

    Cheers for Vale for obliterating all my hope, then resuscitating it, so I still feel disappointed. 

    You are right Joe.

    Its just that WE NEED THIS SHOWER OF <ovf censored> to get us to safety first

  5. 49 minutes ago, valeparklife said:

    How do you explain our 'goals for' column?

    We've scored more than Newport and Bolton who are 6th and 7th in the league.

    What good is it doing us.

    What good is 6 against Bolton and 5 against Southend when we then cant score and dont even look like scoring  for many games after.

    Sometimes performances in a game just click and you do get the run of the ball.

    The league shows that Bolton are a far better all round team than we are.

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  6. 55 minutes ago, LancyTony said:

    Today has simply gone the way I expected it to - a bottom 4 team bereft of confidence, away against an in-form top of the table team. We can't keep saying "it's only Cheltenham" "It's only FGR" - these teams have progressed over the last 3 - 4 years while we haven't, except in ownership. Their job is a huge one. We desperately need a few points to retain our status. There are still 3 teams under us, and the likes of Colchester and Mansfield are also in free fall.

    I'm not being a happy clapper, or any other insult you want to throw my way - just hopeful! A home win against anyone would help to change things. 

    Get in Swan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We have an awful run of fixtures and perhaps its good to get them out of the way with so many players missing. Once we have a full squad to pick from , that is when we need the 4 wins for safety.

    Hope its sooner than later.

    Oldham are on a poor run but their away form is very good i think. It is a must for at least a point.


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  7. 34 minutes ago, Walter said:

    I'm listening to the home comms..
    But I must say I think the vale players body language is a disgrace. They dont care. Give up. Going through the motions.

    If you want to look at body language, go back to the wonder goal that Cambridge scored.

    Watch the run of the two vale players, one either side of him and the player who ' gave ' him the ball to start with.

    Tell me were they giving their all to stop them from scoring. Were they willing to 'die ' for their manager of for the Vale

  8. 43 minutes ago, LancyTony said:

    He got the push because he couldn't!

    We ALL wanted rid of Askey. He was poor, especially recruitment.

    but its times like now when you do have to wonder if even he would have scrambled a win by persisting with what the players knew best. Clarke doesnt seem to have a clue, although Ferguson wouldnt have a clue with these players. They are garbage.

    It just makes me cringe when many on here say there are goals in our team, look at Bolton etc etc. We are poor and there are very very few goals in ANY of our team. Few flukes yes but not enough goals, even in our best 11

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  9. 40 minutes ago, Brian said:

    Feel very sorry for Joyce, Conlon, Smith and Legge, who are trying to play.

    Hurst and Taylor look like academy players.

    Rodney looks shot.

    Dont want to talk about the others

    Rodney looks shot ?

    Hes our saviour if you listen to the many on here.

    Before he scores the wonder goals he needs to become a footballer


  10. 39 minutes ago, sandyford_valiant said:

    I’m convinced we won’t win another game. We’re an absolute horror show and there’s better Evostick outfits than us. I’d say the three below will only have to overtake us then that will be that for us. Who’d have thought all that good press we had in the summer would see us getting relegated. Best owner off the pitch but she will be the one who sees us go out the football league. You couldn’t make it up

    We will need 4 maybe 5 wins in the last 8 games when we will have Gibbo, Monty, Worrall, Pope, Amoo back and then we can start and pray for wins. No point praying with this lot in the first 11

    I agree we will go down this season. 

    Terrible squad

    Not sure about Clarke yet but he doesnt offer much hope to me for next season.

    Will never understand the D of F situation either. First things first were stay in this league.


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  11. 11 hours ago, TheSage said:

    I know some find Clarke a bit outspoken but he's spot on about the weaknesses in the squad. It is unbalanced. We've never had a midfield physical presence since Grant left and are soft centred. No real leader out there. Heads drop - in part because we've got a lot of young lads. Everyone knows we badly needed at least one defender in January but we didn't do owt about it (apart from the young boy on loan). Leaving the managerial appointment too late was another error.

    You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. And when confidence plummets it's tough to get it back.

    I think our best (only) chance of winning games lies in us getting a tune out of the likes of Pope, Amoo, Oyleke and Worrall. Their experience, trickery and physicality might give us a bit extra and get us across the line.

    But it's a poor squad. The spine is badly creaking compared to last year, Askey's signings were appalling generally, and we've got far too many crocks in the squad (at least 4 of them). None of these things are Clarke's fault. I'll judge him after a couple of windows and a pre-season but it's going to be a nail biting finish. We've been far too complacent since last October.

    Sage. Ypu are spot on.

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  12. 2 minutes ago, osprey said:

    Clarke’s starting to mirror Gannon and Sinnott

    Clarke has had 5 games and probably seen every player on the pitch.

    He now has to pick HIS strongest team. If Whitehead, Robinson, Cullen still get picked then i have no faith in him.

    He now has to pick a team and stick with it for the next 3 games.

    As for Manny, Monty, Gibbo, send them away till after Easter and forget anout them.

    Tell Pope put his arm in a sling and get his boots on.

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  13. 9 minutes ago, TylerB said:

    Nothing controversial about it. He's bang average. But still better than the likes of Burgess, Whitehead, Joyce etc.

    Thats the problem

    I have said i think Conlon is the best footballer we have. He has nothing to beat though. Dont think he would get in any team of the top 7

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  14. 35 minutes ago, Vale1995 said:

    Rodneys first touch is genuinely shocking never seen a ball bounce off a player as much as it does with him. He seriously needs to improve in that area because its not good enough so be only affective when given the time to take 2-3 touches to get control of the ball

    Rodney is 22 years old

    He had ten years at an academy... man city n sheff wed

    If he cannot do what a footballer has to do by now, he never will.

    Its great when he thunders one in, brilliant,  but then five games where he offers nothing is not much good to us.

    Keep hearing he will learn and become a player worth lots of money to us. Sorry i just dont see it. Exciting at times yes but a footballer no.

    If this doesnt make me eat my words then nothing will. Go and score a worldy yo shut me up.


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  15. 5 minutes ago, TylerB said:


    Why are our forwards so, so poor. Robinson, Guthrie, Cullen. All of them are absolute donkeys for different reasons. Cullen is actually the best out of them by a distance but just being a decent finisher doesn't cut it in League Two. Remember when we had McPhee and Brooker? And then Constantine and Sodje? Christ. Even Michael Husbands would be a step up than what we have now.

    You missed off Rodney from your list of poir forwards

  16. 1 hour ago, SuperHuman said:

    And why are we suddenly crying for Pope as if he will be a saviour? He’s no better than what we have and that’s the issue. I’m sick of us swapping the strikers every week just to realise that they’re all as bad as each other (bar Rodney). It’s as if we go around in circles. We play crap without Pope so everyone cries out for Pope and then when he plays we are still rubbish and everyone says he’s past it. There’s no service or creativity and that’s what Pope needs. We need to move on in the summer and just pay money for a decent striker.

    Service. Thats what Guthrie and Rodney need too. Thats why they too look poor.

    We started with too many strikers for a ' one up top ' team and yes we keep changing them all too often but not one of them has scored goals inside the box consistently. Are they all at fault or as you say the service from three midfield men, two wide men and two full backs is and has been awful all season.

    By the way we dont keep swapping Rodney and he is not scoring goals either. Pope is no worse than any of them. He will miss chances but he will also score and play with far more passion than the others.

    Pope and Rodney will be the pairing to save us. Just hope Worrall, Montano, Conlon and whoever else improve the service.

  17. 1 hour ago, Warren said:

    They lost to Tranmere. My Tranmere friends are hopeful of sneaking up on auto promotion after a slow start to the season. Note Cambridge have Tranmere's ex striker scoring for them and Tranmere let him go because of Vaughan. Much travelled but mainly at higher levels.

    They dont have to sneak.

    They are a good team and will finish in the top three.

  18. 1 hour ago, Warren said:

    i was looking at the lost games stats. And I think we lost 10 to finish 3rd and get promoted. They have lost 9 already in season to date and are top. So they aren't great, they really aren't. 

    Again i have to ask, if they arent great, neither are FGR to many, then what does that make us.

    They are going to finish 30 + points above us and possible achieve promotion. we will be happy to stave off relegation. This season they are miles better than us. Cannot just look at 90 minutes.

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