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  1. Because the seats for the two lads were available, but either side of them were sold out, so we couldnt sit together as a three. As i had to find three new seats somewhere i thought i would give the hamil a go.
  2. Why havent we sold out 2200 away tickets for a playoff semi final? Its a bit embarrasing when we call ourselves one of the 'bigger' clubs in the league. Or do you think people expected not to be able to get a ticket because of the demand and so havent bothered? I have a flexi 10, but my two boys have junior valiant season tickets. Went to get our usual 3 seats in the paddock, but mine had been sold! The two boys had theirs reserved. So i ahve had to get three in the Hamil instead. So on Sunday when the reserved seats are released, will the railway paddock suddely not be sold out? because of all those who have gone to the hamil instead?
  3. I had the same, got 4 tickets for standing. Chose Klarna at the checkout. Went through it all and submitted. To then be told that Klarna was not availble for these tickets. Went back to pay by card but my time had expired reserving those 4 tickets. Searched again and there were none avaialble.
  4. £89 today for standing. All sold out by the looks of it.
  5. yes it is over, because we will play 3:4:3 for those 4 home games and will be lucky if win even 1 of them.
  6. lolz, get lucas back in goal, get rid of this useless formation. Everyone but crosby can see that it just doesnt work over the last 5 games.
  7. I have been mining this for about a year. Pi Network MINEPI.COM At some point in the future it will become monetized. Hopefully it will be up there with Bitcoin. If nothing happens i havent lost anything, all i have to do it press the 'mine' button everyday on my phone. You dont need to enter any account or financial details in. The more people you have in your network and are mining the higher the mining rate you have. If anyone wants an invite PM me and i can send you one. You can then invite people to improve your mining rate etc etc.
  8. Its been nearly a month, im missing the footy! So have been thinking about things i miss about the game. Someone always has to shout 'Come on Vale, these are Rubbish!' 😆
  9. My Team for Sat Covolan Gibbons Smith Legge Benning Taylor Walker Pett Worral Rodney Amoo 4 3 3 Formation
  10. Okay guys, so is there a specific pub before the match that caters for away fans? Where is everyone going to head to?
  11. Vale are away at Eccleshall tonight. A chance to give Legge/Rodney some game time if they are needed to play on Saturday? Or do we only play the kids these days?
  12. He's Big He's Strong, you know his name Wilson, Wilson, He scores a goal in every game, Wilson, Wilson. He had an offer from Darrell Clarke and now he plays at Vale Park. Big James Wilson, Vale's Number 9 Na na na na na na na na na na na Na na na na na na na na na na Na na na na na na na na Na na na na na na na na Big James Wilson, Vale's Numebr 9
  13. There is nothing on the offical website yet. Usually information is released 2 weeks beforehand, so by the end of this week or at the weekend there should be some information out there.
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