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  1. I see that Mercedes have changed their car to a Black Livery for the resumtion of the F1 this weekend.
  2. We’re going to show the entire ninety minutes of Port Vale’s April 2005 League game with Stoke City on our YouTube channel from 7:30pm on Monday night. Its says 2005
  3. I think this is the first time i have commented on BLM. From reading Facebook, Twitter, etc its obvious to me that it doesnt matter what your opinion is, you will have people that disagree with you and it just turns into a massive debate and argument. Anything that is said can be turned around and used against you. I have decided to not get involved. However my views on the banner is this: If i went out wearing a t-shirt with an image of Adolf Hitler on. 1. Doesnt mean im a Nazi 2. Doesnt mean im anti semitic 3. Some people would be offended 4. Some people wouldnt be offended 5. Its not illegal But it is definately in very poor taste.
  4. Paul Edwards was comical, would always run around his right foot! He wasnt too bad as a left back.
  5. Is there a particular pub we are all going before the game?
  6. Just phone up and get them to post you the tickets. Thats what I did on Friday.
  7. Surely those sat in blocks J to P should only be paying £1???
  8. Danny Glover is Player/Caretaker Manager at Hednesford town. Future Vale manager? Lol
  9. The Man City Tickets website is showing the game as 15:01 on 4th January 2020
  10. I thought he was om loan at Leek? Why would he be training with the Vale squad? Arent they all on holiday now anyway that the season has finished so wont be training at all.
  11. Exactly. More evidence that Askey got that one right. Although certain posters on here would tell you otherwise.
  12. I think if he has a good world cup they should throw him straigh in for the Ashes. We could do with an impact player that the AUssies dont know about and will take the fight to them. A bit of a gamble a bit like Pietersen in 2005
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