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  1. Hugill did okay after he had been away on loan. Same for Nathan Smith. Surely it would make sense if Bailey follows the same path.
  2. Why is everyone obsessed with 'Walsall' all of a sudden?
  3. Its great to see the old squad back together to pay tribute to Lee. Looks like they are still a tightnit group and its great to hear how much all the player respected and loved Lee for the man he was. On a lighter note, anyone else not have a clue who the hell Lewis Haldane was until his name came up? Looks nothing like the lad that ran Crewe ragged at Gresty road.
  4. Mick Cullerton was definately the best summariser Radio Stoke have had for the Vale. I know you guys are moaning about Sandoz and Blakeman, at least we dont have to put up with that clown Johh Acres anymore.!! He's 'In the know' btw.......
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