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  1. Notice the club now up to 25 coaches.
  2. Noticed there has suddenly appeared another 10 coaches taking it up to 20 on the official site, with spaces on coach 18 / 19ect. Presume they are booking coaches as demand fits
  3. Managed get on Dickos from the Crown mate, but he's sold 8 coaches out already.
  4. Did everybody else get an email saying they would email you again no later than 72 hours beforehand with a pdf to print. First time I've used Ticketmaster, so not sure how it works? Do you just print out onto an A4 piece of paper?
  5. Trying get 8 tickets all together was a ball ache at first, as the system wont allow you to leave single seats on a row, so eventually managed get sorted for block 241 and Cat 3
  6. Think I used that one for the Fulham game years ago m8
  7. We sold 28k for the Autoglass, although only 12k for the play off Final a week later and then 10k v Genoa. Poss more will go with being such a long time ago and first visit to the new Wembley. I've go for 28k
  8. Why only 25000 when Mansfield have been given over 30,000 and we get bigger gates
  9. https://www.mansfieldtown.net/news/2022/may/wembley-sky-bet-league-two-play-off-final-ticket-information/
  10. Being serious think there was a initial 65000 between Sunderland and Wycombe, with Sunderland getting 37000 and Wycombe 19000 with the option to increase from 19k to 28k. So would say prob offered 32000 each at first.
  11. In other words mate, just because Pope slated Flitcroft, do certain fans now share the same view, just because Tom says so, without using a rational judgement. Thus causing division in the club and fan base. Pope is quick to have little digs at management over Mckirdy but never once had a dig at Adams for basically doing the same with Roberts. In my view Adams was correct to ship Roberts out just the same as Clarke was right to get rid of Mckirdy.
  12. Simple one really, has Tom's interview with the Ale and The Vale pod, caused fan divisions. Noticed there is a guy on Twitter, who intially seemed OK, however in the few months seems to of grown an abnormal hatred of Flitcroft. So much so it seems to eat him alive. It makes you question whether Pope slating the Management structure has caused issues. Also I notice Last Night Pope defending Mckirdy saying he needed a manager who would give him an arm around the Shoulder. Funny how he never mentions Adams letting Roberts go. Tom please just stop with the digs at the current structure and leave your status at the club intact.
  13. Tbf with that hairstyle he deserves a lot more 🤣. Christ so glad they invented shavers 🤣🤣
  14. Do the club actually keep the gate receipts from play offs, or does it go to the EFLs pot?
  15. Well said mate. Tbf I used to get wound up over football until the suicide of my parents. I know this sounds hard, however in a way it was the best thing that ever happened to me, as it makes you realise life is to be enjoyed. Do I love Vale and want success, of course I do. I also understand fans getting a bit frustrated, however it's a bloody game for gods sake and not something you allow to ruin your weekend. Its part of the Sport we enjoy, you get up and downs. Let's enjoy the ride instead of being miserable buggers over something we can't alter.
  16. Someone just made a point on FB, isn't it pay on the day in the Hamil. 😁
  17. This topic seems to be cropping up quite a lot of late with people confused about the grounds Capacity. I was told a few weeks ago the club can now only allow 10k + Home fans and 4k + away fans making the Capacity just under 15k. Crazy to think we've lost 4 to 5000 seats. Has Smurthwaite run off with them 🤣
  18. IF and its a big IF Barrow can get something at Exeter on Tuesday it would mean 2 wins and we would be up as both Northampton and Exeter can't win next Sat.
  19. If Newport don't have anything to play for when they play us, they could potentially bring less than an 100 fans with it being on Sky. Thus meaning IF Vale need a result to seal promotion, you could have fans wanting tickets but being unable to get them, despite 4000 empty Seats.
  20. Folks, if you know what's happened, why not just say nothing. By saying such things as I've heard what's happened and it's basically awful, just adds to speculation. Ffs just keep it private to yourself and don't plaster all over here.
  21. Sadly they'll still be 2 leagues above us next Season with 18000 gates.
  22. Perhaps because he's simply not good enough and far too inconsistent
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