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  1. 4 hours ago, Bycarsbill said:

    I suspect they may still do if Keir Starmer fails to re-align the party.  Nothing to do with party politics, but maybe the Covid pandemic may also have played a part in the exam situation!  However I have to agree that given the problems, Gavin Williamson was not up to the solution.

    Covid didn't force ministers to say those in poorer postcodes get worse results. Thats on the government. Plenty of disappointed 15-18 year olds that won't care about this anti semetism come next election. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Bycarsbill said:

     I, (and I'm sure many others) will consider giving my next vote to the Labour party. 

    how far Starmer still has to go before he will get more sensible, left-of-centre voters giving him their vote!

    Are we all just gonna forget the current governments performance and concentrate on this come next election? I dont think so. 


    There is a whole generation of students/school kids who will be eligible to vote in the next election. Remember the kids who had their exam results butchered. They won't be voting for Boris' boys. 

  3. On 13/11/2020 at 12:28, leedsvaliant said:
    On 13/11/2020 at 11:11, Fosse69 said:
    The only known way of controlling an unknown virus, unfortunately not soon enough, before vaccines are available.

    Additionally, after about a month of the virus being out there, they knew exactly what it does, who it affects the most and its comparability to other viruses. This 'novel' virus thing doesn't wash with me.

    What are the long term effects of this virus? 

  4. 1 minute ago, Wrex said:

    That is caused by students going to Keele and bringing the virus with them and spreading it amongst themselves. Not sure if they are locked in like at other universities but I wouldn't much fancy being a student there right now regardless.

    Otherwise Newcastle's figures would be pretty similar to Stoke

    They arent locked in. I work at Keele golf centre and 15 students turned up together a few nights ago and were upset when we wouldn't allow them to all wait inside together while we were full. 

    They certainly weren't following rule of 6. 

  5. 18 minutes ago, Nofinikea said:

    Newcastle under Lyme is above 100, no action..  what triggers are they using? Does anyone know?

    Cheshire East is 145 per 100'000 and high risk or tier 2


    Newcastle is 140 per 100'000 and medium risk or tier 1 

  6. 37 minutes ago, philpvfc said:

    I think the U.K. should have a proper process whereby we only accept applicants that have been made from the first safe country they arrive in and only accept applicants when they fly in to the country if they have proper documents and we return anyone coming in by boat back to where they came from and anyone flying in without documentation making it clear they will not be able to apply for asylum in the future. This will help to prevent those making the dangerous journey, it enables us to properly vet the genuine applications. To do this we MUST leave the Human Rights Act which dictates what we can do. So to answer your question I’m short, yes, I do think we should take asylum seekers in but under strict conditions and in limited numbers.

    The EU have taken so many refugees in because of Merkels open invitation which she back tracked on shortly after. This is a problem made a lot worse by the EUs policies and reaction to the crisis in the Middle East, as we have left the EU we should be able to dictate our own immigration policy.

    So those with family here who speak English and perhaps not French or German should stop in Germany or France and not here? Would you be applying that rule if Scottish people had to seek asylum? Would you be happy to take all of them in if the situation demanding that? 

  7. 2 hours ago, Fosse69 said:

    Can anyone be sure when Covid deaths began in the UK?  The total number of deaths  is the concern, why ? Due to a new disease or living  standards falling for certain groups of people? 

    I am almost sure I had Covid which started showing symptoms on Boxing Day. I had been in Milan 14 days earlier. I was seriously ill and looking back at the symptoms I am sure that was it. 

  8. On 20/08/2020 at 20:30, Nofinikea said:

    So why the <ovf censored> has the whole world crippled the economy?  Genuine question.

    If someone has flu you can see they look ill, symptoms are obvious and you would stay away. If someone has Covid they are more than likely asymptomatic and you wouldn't know that they had it so will spread it without knowing.  Didn't think that was a difficult concept to grasp. 

  9. 3 hours ago, portvaleofbelvoir said:

    I’m not sure if I’m on my own here as have not read the whole thread. However in the past week there have been 36 hospital deaths with people dying with and I stress the “with Covid.”

    The hospital deaths have been showing a steady downwards progression unlike the ones that we are told of of total Covid deaths in the UK.

    I personally think that we are being played as fools.

    The number of new infections does not seem to be driving up hospital admissions or deaths.

    I’ve been sceptical of the whole lockdown since about a week after it started and now I don’t think they do any good at all. Just protect the elderly and vulnerable and everyone else should live life as normal.

    I will state that is my view from looking at the information available.

    I don’t know what the government’s strategy is on this and I’m not a conspiracy theorist. It’s just all rather odd to me.

    Bloody hell. Who needs experts and scientists  

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  10. 1 hour ago, Mario said:


    Would a public service film on the TV help educate ? I don't know, but like you, if we are in a similar state come winter it will be very depressing, I'm beginning to wonder about getting back to the Vale.



    Would be better on Snapchat, tiktok and Facebook than TV these days. 

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  11. On 19/07/2020 at 20:30, philpvfc said:

    They are also suggesting a second spike at winter could result in 150,000 deaths, does that mean if we only see 100,000 deaths then a good job has been done?

    150000 deaths is absolute worst case scenario without taking any further lockdown or vaccine into account.  So no, 100000 deaths would not be a job well done it would be a continuation of the disaster presided over so far. 

  12. 2 hours ago, Regal Beagle said:

    Pub shaming is now a thing!


    I'm sure the majority of people were law abiding and had a lovely long awaited day out yesterday.



    The majority may have been but a significant number were not hence the police being overwhelmed. 

  13. 5 minutes ago, For Us All said:

    Partly,but they were injuring police officers,causing criminal damage to statues and desecrating war memorials as well.

    Yeah I am sure none of that happened anywhere yesterday..

  14. 22 hours ago, philpvfc said:

    Not at all, myself for one do not agree with the ever increasing occupation of Palestine but Corbyn is anti-Semitic without doubt. 

    Come on then Phil without copy and paste how is he anti semitic? My guess is you are just repeating what you've read without any understanding of it whatsoever. Prove me wrong. 

  15. My prediction is a spike around September time and potentially another lockdown before the end of the year. Mainly due to how many selfish people and idiots there are which corona has highlighted superbly. I hope I'm wrong but we will see. 

  16. 19 hours ago, Howjy04 said:

    They haven’t done ANYTHING right?Keeping the NHS from being overwhelmed,guaranteed 9. million workers 80% of their wages for 8 months along with cash for the self employed etc.Funded research and trials  to fight the virus which has come up with the now available Dexamethasone and there is a stockpile of a potential vaccine produced by Oxford,with Government funding.Dismissed an app because its not suitable for Apple phones etc and now working with Apple to produce a combined app.Took advice from scientists which has proved to be wrong because the scientists trusted China’s data, now that was wrong.Sage,we know how many folk have died.Its dreadful but please put your hindsight scythe away.Excess deaths are now down to normal levels.

    Dismissed an app? Promised a world beating app that hasnt happened more like. 


    9 million workers wages for how many months? 9? Ok then. Where do you get 9 from? 


    Actually ignored advice from scientists and locked down too late which I for one was saying at the time. Look back if you want to question it. I said we should have been in lockdown one week before we were. How could i see it but the government with all their advisors couldn't? 


    Hindsight scythe. You do talk some <ovf censored>.


    Face it. They messed it up completely but you don't like it being talked about cus you voted for them and for one reason only. You got what you voted for. 

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