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  1. I have no idea who started taking the knee as a protest but taking the knee was used as a gesture long before America was the USA. Part of the criticism kaepernick received was down to the fact he was being paid and under contract to represent not on his own time and dime. Somewhat similar to people getting sacked for tweets that misrepresent companies. As a simple rule of equality...... if people have the right to make a statement/gesture whenever or wherever they choose then people have the right to object whenever or wherever they choose.... whether people agree or disagree with the gesture or objection.
  2. Because 7.7 billion people would have to define and agree what equality is and enforce it. For equality to exist you (not personally) would have to accept that everyone's opinion is as valid as your own. I stated what taking the knee represents to me, not you blm or anyone else. You stated it doesn't mean that. As we have seen many times people are not equal under the law, rules, directives or policies. Whatever your colour, race, religion etc. In my opinion the only way to move forward and get closer to racial, or other, equality is to not see it, I don't mean ignore it. Make laws and enforce them on everyone, apply them to everyone with the same consequence. The major problem I see with this is making the enforcers, the police in particular, accountable under the same law.
  3. It depends how you interpret it. To me it represents bowing to a percieved higher authority. Equality is a desirable target impossible to achieve.
  4. I would also prefer everyone treated equally under the law...... but that's not going to happen either.
  5. It's just something I would prefer. As I said there is far to much money involved for it to happen.
  6. I agree with the last paragraph 100% Perhaps people boo to make that point, I couldn't say, I haven't asked. As I stated earlier I would like to see advertising and sponsorship removed too..... along with bad owners. Just my personal view.
  7. Unless you boo something you disagree with? People have the choice to do whatever they choose, take the knee, boo, sing the national anthem, turn their backs, walk out or anything else. They can even choose to do something illegal if they don't mind paying the consequence of that action.
  8. Then people are free to judge and criticise people taking the knee.?
  9. The link between the two is how fans show disagreement. Neither action is something I would choose to do for various reasons.
  10. I would prefer just football..... no adverts or sponsorships but that won't happen, to much money involved.
  11. What would you have fans do, that is peaceful, to register their disagreement with players taking the knee? It's what fans have done in grounds for a long time when something happens they disagree with.... refs decisions, fouls, goals etc.
  12. I don't have a problem with people taking the knee..... or not. It's their choice. I don't have a problem with people objecting to people taking the knee...... or not..... as long as it's peaceful. It's their choice. It does cause a problem when people state "if you dont agree with me you are racist/homophobic/etc/etc/etc." If you abandon free speech for any cause you lose everything.
  13. Would he have been as good without the nose candy?
  14. Shaken not stired.
  15. The title of the thread says it all really.
  16. Pop Turners or the bus company The buses...... I haven't heard the name in a long time
  17. I can't control the power supply mate..... if I could I would certainly slow down some politicians progress... 555
  18. That was a disaster..... made the dough...., electric dropped..... music but no oven.... kneaded and left to rise...... no oven...... knocked it back and tinned it..... still no oven..... let it rise again.... into the bin it went.... another day perhaps. Music was enjoyed though.
  19. It seems the prem are in discussions on helping lower clubs. Possibly looking to what they can scrape off their boots. Football family........ giraffe
  20. Im about to listen to the planet suite as I attempt to make bread for the first time in over 50 years. Will Mars prevail? Will Jupiter rise? Or will Saturn win the day?
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