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  1. I think they were as bad as each other just in different ways. One believed, or tried to convince the fans, they were trying to do the best for the club....... the other knew he wasn't.
  2. Surprised they don't do deliveroo ?
  3. I would prefer an 8oz fillet steak, mushrooms, fried spring onions and a few jersey potatoes. I prefer the taste to the bulk.
  4. The best commentators are those that say as little as possible but as much as is needed..... much like referees.
  5. Hi Geo, I remember it well. 28 Dec 59, Boxing Day. Halifax 7-0 Graham Barnett 4, Brian Jackson 2, Harry Poole 1. There was also another Boxing Day when we beat Gateshead 8-0. Happy days. Thanks Fosse.
  6. I can't remember who we played or the team..... except I think a guy named Jackson..... and vale scored 7
  7. Greed is never satiated, it grows as it's fed.
  8. I enjoyed his "gaffs" made him almost human. Not overly keen on the royals but they do their job, well some of them do. They showed there was disfunctionality even in "the best" families. I wonder if Harry will turn up to the funeral?
  9. She has and is taking the risk. If you take the risk you either pay the cost or take the benefit depending on if the risk is successful. Earned wealth comes from taking that risk. I took that risk 30 years ago and lost. The couple of employees I had lost their job. After everything was sold, including my house, I was left with a £40,000 debt. If employees want a share of the profits they should invest in the company.
  10. I wonder how long it will be before the ref is a computer, assisted by multiple cameras with whistles and decisions blasted out over the PA system?
  11. That's the difference between being rich and poor. The poor buy what they think they need. The rich buy what they want.
  12. Not to my taste...... but then it's not my money. Odd people are complaining they have been offered stupid money for their homes, they don't have to accept, some didn't but it's caused arguments in their families..... is that the buyers fault? People are strange.
  13. It took maybe 2 minutes to buy a ticket which netted £121,000,000. Is that obscene? What other people earn (legally) has never bothered me. What others do with their money (legally) has never bothered me. I've been far more concerned with what I've earned and how I've spent it.
  14. It matters little how hard she works..... or not, I don't know or care. What she does with the money is her choice. Gambling is legal, we could argue about whether it should be, but as long as it is it makes little difference. Im not sure obscene is a word I would choose, but in that context surely there are many things you would call obscene...... wasting tax payers money, MPs expenses, some footballers salaries, bankers bonuses etc etc. Im not suggesting you are bitter.
  15. Why do people care how much she pays herself? Or how much money she has? Or even what she does with it? Providing it's made legally and the appropriate amount of tax is paid what's the problem.
  16. Can we get a coach driver to ferry all the coaches around 😁
  17. Sheldon said Crewe could "have done more" to react when Bennell was on their payroll by following up rumours concerning his conduct, including checking on the welfare of youngsters who took part in "stay-overs" at Bennell's home. So they did know/suspect something ? Different to the "we knew nothing" in previous statements
  18. This is a really poor statement in my opinion. Loads of smoke and mirrors misdirection in the statement. Fennel gets pointed at quite a number of times as the bad guy...... Sheldon gets highlighted as the good guy a couple of times...... but there is a huge gap inbetween which is avoided and left blank. Everything points to Bennell and Sheldon is doing the pointing ...... crew knew nothing at all and suspected nothing at all even though a member of staff tried to cover up/silence a simmilar situation that occured at another club he and bennell worked at.
  19. I think the fans boil down to 3 groups when something bad happens. 1 they just won't believe it no matter what because it's their club 2 they don't want to believe it even when there is evidence because it's their club. 3 they do believe and feel ashamed for the club they support We have seen it here when things have happened at Vale. Not similar things with such magnitude, just the crap that's happened in our not to distant past. Child abuse is one of the very few things in life that still boils my urine. For those that did know I would recommend genital mutilation. For those involved I would recommend a lobotomy via their sphincter, preferably with something white hot and very large. That's just my opinion.
  20. It's a shame it took 80 minutes to start playing
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