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  1. Steady Stone for me covolan always a risk of giving a goal away
  2. Quite an enjoyable game with a positive result. bit concerned how easily Rochdale forwards found space in our defensive line to get so many one on ones in the second half but apart from that a good run out with Vale mostly on top.
  3. Rochdale had never won a league game at Vale before Saturday- so you never know but I’m not expecting much from an unhappy hunting ground that is Swindon
  4. No idea how team will be set up. Be another Clark brainwave that will need adjustment before or at half time. tough game and not expecting much
  5. I was wondering the same
  6. We seem to set up to not lose rather than set up to win
  7. No promotion this year based on performance so far ( not convinced by Clark yet ) hope for better on Saturday
  8. There’s going to be a lot of 0-0 this year based on tonight and Saturday
  9. Some good chances but can’t get possession enough hard to work out what shape we have going forward
  10. Their right back gets forward-need to get someone behind him
  11. We have not signed anybody since Friday, are we approaching multi-signing days? 11 players in the new kit on Friday? Buy One Get One Free ?
  12. With Jones, Wilson and Walker our signings have a Dads Army ring to them.
  13. I really hate the long throw tactic - personally wouldn't mind if it was banned. Teams getting throw ins anywhere in the opponents half launching throws into the area - not eactly football or good to watch
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