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  1. Personally think we should be playing 5 match series against NZ they’re a quality side and like you I love it when we play them. Great side
  2. I’d be surprised if we’re in a relegation battle again personally. I suppose time will tell on the focus when we see further signings. Everything that has come from the club has mentioned promotion in the short term but I suppose signings will dictate this
  3. If you read the majority of its posts you would have a different view
  4. I don’t think manny was a gamble. He was about the best player in the conference and a number of sides were after him. I agree with your assessment of him. I thought he was excellent and seems to have proved his fitness at Chesterfield and the last 8 or so games with us
  5. Looks a very good player Conway. Apparently he’s been knocking on the door scoring a heap of runs for years. NZ are a long way ahead of us in test cricket, I know we have our middle order missing for this one and a couple of others but our batting line up is pretty poor for international standard. I’ve cut sibley a lot of slack (even on here) but I think his time is up. He seems to be getting progressively worse. 20 tests now and averaging under 30 just isn’t good enough. Players before him have had better averages in fewer games and been dropped. Time to bring hameed back into the side.
  6. Why are some so desperate for us to fail? And who exactly are you expecting us to sign as a league 2 side that has consistently struggled in the past? He hasn’t had the best reviews, let’s see how he does here and then judge him. There will be a host of other signings to come, we don’t know what squad roles these players will take up, garrity sounds more like a burgess / whitehead replacement and Walker to start in place of Joyce. Let’s wait and see how they play for us.
  7. Why? He lives local so not strange he’s in there
  8. Your not wrong. They usually are but all’s we can do is give them a go and judge them by what they do for us.
  9. Oldham fans comments are a concern. They sound identical to us re whitehead. Will judge him once I’ve seen him play.
  10. Undisclosed fee, must rate him. Sounds like a player we don’t really have, box to box high energy. Sounds promising.
  11. Kieran Kennedy has signed for macc. I think that just about shows the Calibre and askeys signings
  12. Yes he was better than Joyce. That Dosent mean he deserved a new contract..... We also released brisley but i fail to see you mention him
  13. Did he? Worrall, legge, smith, Conlon, Rodney, brisley, brown, gibbons were all comfortably better when they played. Joyce was good the season before last. But last season was really poor imo.
  14. About the worst trolling attempt I’ve seen
  15. AA now out of the squad injured. May sound harsh but could be a blessing for us. We’re short in midfielders and genuine forwards if kane isn’t fit where as we have a plenty of players who can play at right back. I just worry about us defensively. Pickford is a mistake waiting to happen. Mings is not good enough, actually think konsa who plays along side him is a better player. Coady is ok but slow and can only play in a 3. Without mcquire we will struggle at the back.
  16. Issue with that is that it’s all in the past. He has been a good player. He isn’t good enough at this level now. Which is what matters.
  17. Joyce was a good pro and seemed a decent guy but looked way past it last season. Some of his performances were really bad. Can’t pass forward and players run past him. I’m surprised a league 2 side is after him, I can’t imagine it would be any more than a 1 year deal as he’s past it now.
  18. Sounds a great addition to me. Good age and height. Good start more to come this week I think.
  19. Same as basically every other side 😴😴
  20. Not sure mate, I asked if it was jones from Salford and he said no, didn’t mention anymore than that though. He did seem pretty certain on the CB from the Scottish prem though
  21. Interesting. No idea how much truth is in it, the guy I spoke to is usually pretty much spot on though. He said a 31 year old CB released from a Scottish prem side, he’s the only one I could find. Said him and another player are to sign this week. I’d take it with a pinch of salt though
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