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  1. Hope this is the start of something for Wilson. Decent performance and a great result. Onwards and upwards.
  2. Like I said, the majority are better. Some much better. Manny is an exception. I very specifically referred to his ability in my comment. Quite simple, really. I back Covolan 100%. Looks a decent keeper to me (I played in goal for 20 years). You did slate Scott for "not getting his body behind" the ball that bobbled over his foot, if memory serves. That kind of criticism doesn't help anyone. And its the kind of nonsense that is being spouted at Lucas now.
  3. Agree with plenty on here. But none of the CMs are close to Manny's ability.
  4. Half a performance again, which is frustrating. I feel like we concede too much possession to teams with the 532.
  5. Careful, those Askey posts didn't take long either.
  6. Only comment from me is, don't let him fester on the bench. Give the lad a go if others aren't performing. Good luck to the boy.
  7. Manners make the man. Great result today, but he could do better interviews.
  8. So, they are getting the job done? This is a very poor league, you know.
  9. I'm not thinking of a change. I want a change in attitude from the man in charge. He's currently repeating the same mistakes because of his ego. As a fan, that's frustrating.
  10. Yes, I do. And they aren't getting the job done.
  11. Sorry, are you impressed by DC and DF's buzzwords and mixed metaphors?
  12. I don't have Pope blinkers on. Flitcroft spends lots of money and it worked once - Bury aren't doing so well these days. Darrell Clarke succeeded with Rovers. They still talk rubbish and expect us to nod away. The arrogance of DC is so hard to accept, especially after the way he's set us up so far... surely nobody accepts he's got the shape right? As Vale manager, he's won all his games in a 6-week period. Barring that run, its been abject. Do I want him gone? No. I'd like him to be more than a pound shop Mourinho and learn from his mistakes. I'd like him to put his ego aside. I'd like him to realise that he doesn't get a season free pass to get no results.
  13. There needs to be a process, though. And fans get cranky when they feel they're being talked to like idiots by idiots.
  14. But, but, he did everything right. And, and, it wasn't his fault.
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