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  1. I can't agree with that. I always felt he made big saves at big moments. He wasn't a brilliant all round keeper, but I thought he was well ahead in terms of points gained vs points lost.
  2. I'll grant this is an odd POV, but I want to see if anyone feels the same. I'm not into aggro or slanging matches, do please keep it civil. Letting so many go has left me feeling a bit disconnected from a squad that I really believed in only a year ago. There's something about this huge turnover of players that has robbed me of the enthusiasm I expected. Maybe it's the Brown call. Or allowing Manny to go. And Pope. Perhaps I don't trust Flitcroft. Heaven knows.
  3. Then he needs to go. If it's him or Amoo / Hurst, it's a no-brainer for me. He's no more talented than Conlon or Manny, either. Good managers don't get the best out of bad apples, they get them out of the group.
  4. 100% get your point and you might be right. For me, Pope and Rodney stay and we get two players from Cullen Guthrie and Robinson's wages. That's about 5k per week.
  5. Your opinion of Hurst blows my mind. Not great today, but I think we should get a 2 year contract in front of him ASAP.
  6. At least we know that whoever takes over will have a fair crack at it, unlike when the fat man was here. Pugh and Sinclair are a different prospect than Brown, if you ask me. Unless you can get a really good manager, it's a lottery at this level. Personally, I'm more in favour of young and hungry, whoever that is.
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