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  1. Shout out for Pett tonight. I've criticised him a lot, but he was braver on the ball and got us going forward. Benning was exceptional. As was Smudge.
  2. You're being a bit weird. Leave the fella alone. It's a forum.
  3. To be fair, I saw him on the pitch for Vale. Woeful. Swindon with deal with his nonsense as long as he's doing the business. Let's see what happens when the goals dry up. Give me Wilson or Proctor any day.
  4. I've criticised him a lot recently, but this is a good point. Even if he isn't first choice next year, keeping him is a no brainer.
  5. A few interesting ones in the released lists. Vadane Oliver (Gillingham), Michael Bostwick (Burton) and Jake Young (FGR)
  6. I'd like to see 3/4 out and the same in, with some activity in the loan market. Keepers: I'd keep both. Cov will have had a chastening couple of months and might be better for it. Stone's distribution is improving, but he's still No2 for me. Smith needs to be our central defender of a three, but I'd like to see us have a back-up with more pace. That means Martin out and someone else in. Cass in to play RCB. With Gibbo able to cover LWB, I'd look at moving Hussey on. Charsley can go for me. He's a runner, but we need more than that in the middle of the park. Pett will be back up to Walker, which is fine, so I'd look at a better passer of the ball to support Conlon. I can see Taylor as back up to Garrity as the man arriving late in the box. Amoo looks likely to leave, which is fine. He's been a good servant and goes with my best, but we don't play wingers anymore, so he doesn't really fit in. I'd love to keep Harratt on loan or permanent, with another striker added too - ideally someone with Proctors attributes. Hurst might be struggling, but I've always had a soft spot for the lad and saw something in him when he first broke into the team. Looks made to be a wing back, and he's cheap, so I'd keep him on.
  7. I'm not sure that's fair on the lad. He's had a tough time with injuries and his recent performances have come after a long lay off. With a decent pre-season, he'd be a starter over Charsley for me.
  8. Fair. The crowd were a disgrace today. All the plastics booing every two minutes didn't help anyone. We looked nervous and bottled it, as you rightly say.
  9. I'll agree with most of that, but a word for Smudge. Thought he was one of our better players in a terrible display, along with Garritty and Wilson. How Gibbo didn't start I don't know. Worrall has been poor for weeks. Hussey was abject at best, Charsley had his pants pulled down first half, and we just never got on the ball. TC getting injured really looks like it's costing us, because nobody in the middle of the park can pass the ball forwards.
  10. I though Smith did ok. I think Martin attracts criticism because he is so slow. When he's exposed, that's it. Worrall was poor. So was Hall. Front two probably our best players.
  11. Jake Taylor changed the game when he put his foot on the ball second half.
  12. Lol. Driving that far, there's no way I'm missing the game. Definitely getting a Greggs sausage roll and a bovril.
  13. Not sure if anyone else likes this podcast, but I thought I'd chuck this out there. Jamie Proctor has been on in the last few weeks, but I'm not a subscriber, so I haven't seen the episode, only a short clip. Anyone seen it? They had the Pontiff on back in the day, Steve McPhee and Paul Beesley. I'd love it if they got Paul Kerr on one day!
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