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  1. Great Post. I found it so odd that the only negative call into P&G was about Rodney after the Burton game. I had to text in to disagree ( I'm Rob from Bristol). Devante seems like a unique character, I just wish Vale fans could get behind their players more. We used to.
  2. Couldn't agree more. I've been ashamed by the way fans have turned on the lad, especially seeing as he was a key factor in keeping us up. Maybe his downturn in form can also be traced back to fans being allowed back in the building. He probably took a heavy touch in August and people have been on his back ever since. I'm getting so tired of our fanbase, and it goes beyond Rodney. The ground is always half empty five minutes from time. We go from this "HMS P*ss The League" balls to "we're rubbish" in a week. It's embarrassing. I love the club, but it doesn't have the fans it deserves.
  3. Impressed by the Flitcroft interview. Have faith, all.
  4. There are more than 20 games left. It's a couple of games, man.
  5. We seem pretty disjointed. Can players at this level cope with this many tactical changes. Man for man, we're better... why not just play a system and let the players play. Frustrating.
  6. I don't understand. I've got some bones to pick with DG, but it's far from season over. I can't see us missing out on Top 7.
  7. Loves a change of formation, DC. Wish he'd tinker a bit less.
  8. Anyone know the formation / where gibbo is playing?
  9. Cass is unlucky for me. One of our best men against Brentford and very good in a poor performance vs Swindon.
  10. Hussey starting over Gibbons was odd. Felt we lacked energy and pace. Hall looks better than Martin. Really like the young striker. Pett seems to give the ball away too much when he passes forwards. Like to see Walker get a go. That said, no need to panic. Just wary of too big a rebuild mid season when we've been playing well.
  11. Again, just because he as a different opinion than yourself.. This pandemic has done strange things to a lot of people, potentially Leon included. I know it has to me at times. Unfortunately strangest of all, it's created this idea that you can judge a person's entire character by their stance on a single issue and question their right to free speech. It's as if, like Brexit, there are two kinds of people: good and bad. I was lucky enough to meet Leon a few times, so I'll base my opinion of him on that. As supporters we should base our opinion of him on the difference he made to the football club, which was considerable. That some are disrespecting him now shows the weakness we all know runs through our fanbase.
  12. So he had a different opinion to you. Ok, makes sense.
  13. Nah, he isn't. Bowers is a decent interviewer. Dc is a James Blunt. Hopefully a James Blunt who gets us promoted.
  14. The Internet really brings out the worst in people. We're all folk from Stoke, yet some are so superior.
  15. To be fair to JA, I enjoyed a few electric away days under his leadership. FGR, Cheltenham (twice), Man City etc.
  16. Starting XI puzzled me. Thought it was set up for 433, especially with Cass out. Interesting how DC refused to criticise the team but laid into Cov at the weekend. There's an interesting relationship there (which might be working given Lucas' performance tonight). One small thing from me, and I know it's no big deal, but I wish DC would let Phil Bowers finish a sentence. Jesus, if Pep Guardiola can, Darrell Clarke can. Generally feeling pretty positive after tonight. Those are the points that get you promoted. On to Sat.
  17. Is that how you describe every goal? "Covolan was beaten by..." so odd. Some of the comments about keepers on here give me a headache.
  18. Not been to as many as I'd like so far... how good is that Cass lad. Jaysus.
  19. Hope this is the start of something for Wilson. Decent performance and a great result. Onwards and upwards.
  20. Like I said, the majority are better. Some much better. Manny is an exception. I very specifically referred to his ability in my comment. Quite simple, really. I back Covolan 100%. Looks a decent keeper to me (I played in goal for 20 years). You did slate Scott for "not getting his body behind" the ball that bobbled over his foot, if memory serves. That kind of criticism doesn't help anyone. And its the kind of nonsense that is being spouted at Lucas now.
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