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  1. They made the classic error of thinking that they were established in the premier league and couldn`t be relegated. Imbula was another classic, £18m+ a 5 year contract and managed about 20 games, well done young man. There was a whole host of other wastrels and misfits happy to waste their money and then there was that manager who looked like he was going to sign and then came to his senses and did a U-turn. To be fair we were so bad in that period it was more entertaining watching their fall from grace than supporting us.
  2. I noticed Stoke had 5000 against Orient, about half their normal gate.
  3. It depends on the state his thumb is in.
  4. I`m surprised to see Moeen Ali sitting comfortably on the BT sport sofa summarising on the latest test. i thought he didn`t like the longer form of cricket. I hope he doesn`t leave a yellow streak on that sofa.
  5. It is difficult to know how the attendance will be affected. There could be more there due to the football starvation we have had or there could be less with many covid stricken or isolating or mithered about getting it. I`m pretty sure it will go ahead as neither team wants further fixture congestion as the league is the priority to both sides.
  6. Just read in todays Guardian that in the government`s desperation to get a trade deal with india that we are preparing to make immigration easier from there for some of the 1.4 billion residents. Pritti Patel is thought to be against it, no irony there of course. I can`t see this playing out well with many brexit backing folk.
  7. Why not? He was a player who`s career was heading downhill, due mostly to injuries and had never managed more than 17 games in a season.
  8. That is why Frost has quit before the results of his brexit agreement really start to hurt. The BS about covid restrictions is obviously just another bare faced tory lie.
  9. I`m not convinced either. This wave feels very different to previous ones, where you could hear ambulance sirens all day long where I live and at the moment there seems a lot fewer. I think the line is the latest variant avoids the vaccine induced immune system although they prevent you from getting seriously ill so we must vaccinate more. The new variant is spreading quickly so we must work on updating the vaccine and send it out untested. I have had my two jabs and have recently had covid very mildly, I will rely on my immune system from now on.
  10. If players have already had the virus, I don`t blame them for not having the vaccine. The same goes for health service workers(I will fetch my tin hat).
  11. Surely Broad now has to be number 11. Anderson looks far more comfortable against their pace men than Broad does. IT would mean that someone like Stokes could play more normally with Anderson than Broad who now completely bottles it against pace.
  12. There are many problems in English county cricket. We seem to only play 4 day cricket at the beginning and end of the season and use a Dukes ball in them. In the damp conditions we normally get at that time of year the Dukes ball moves around a lot. This makes mediocre seamers look good and means a batsman is never really in so probably feels they have to play their shots, as there will be a ball coming down with their name on it. It also means spinners are rarely in the game. There is no real excuse for how badly we are batting at the moment mind you.
  13. Surely having recovered from covid should count towards your covid passport. I`m sure the immunity from having the disease is better than any vaccine.
  14. There is no way the left wing have taken over but this doesn`t mean that what Johnson is on about isn`t nonsense. South Africa with 30% vaccination rate and almost entirely Omicron infections had 11 deaths today out of a population of 60 million.
  15. Well....quite. You'd want to be absolutely sure wouldn't you? It is a new variant so the evidence yet doesn`t exist. It will shortly and hopefully be good news. I see that Ferguson bloke is being quoted again, god knows why.
  16. Latest shock news is that Johnson has an ethics adviser(lord Geidt), that must be a full time job although I bet it is insecure like every other person close to him. This poor chap has investigated who paid for Johnson`s flat to be decorated like a 70s curry house once but apparently he fibbed so he may have to do it again.
  17. To be fair to Starmer you would expect the CMO to know his/her stuff, so why would he investigate closely something he is not trained in. I happen to think the problem isn`t this Omicron variant but the amount of Delta still around. There is a good chance that Omicron brings an end to all this but as it isn`t dominant yet, a few weeks of caution won`t do a lot of harm. I caught covid last Sunday in a fairly packed small bar where suddenly people started singing, not normally a problem but 5 out of our group of 6 caught the virus( reasonably mildly so far) the only one who hasn`t is in her 80s and the only one of us triple vaccinated. A little encouragement to get the vaccine won`t do any harm.
  18. Nice to see someone who deserves recognition getting it as opposed to someone buying it.
  19. You can`t blame the stewards as is it worth them risking a violent reaction from some of the anti vax knobs. We all know these regulations are only a kneejerk reaction to distract from Boris`s parties last year and his lies about them. It is also a trap that he knows Labour will vote for them even though the albeit scant evidence we have now is that Omicron is fairly harmless. At least I hope it is as I think I`ve got it!
  20. I`ve just seen the no ball that Stokes bowled to Warner that bowled him but got called afterwards when checked. Mohammed Amir went to jail for less. Apparently the system was broken and only wickets were checked, only one no ball out of 14 was called by the onfield umpire which suggests he should be sacked.
  21. That really is a shock isn`t it. I think now the tories are fed up of digging him out of the crap by lying on his behalf She is now an independant so she was sacked. I don`t believe that all MPs are feathering their own nests, that is what the tories would like you to believe as it is mainly them who are corrupt. This government seem to believe they are above the law and that is very dangerous territory.
  22. Not a great draw but will be interesting to see such familiar foes who are now in unfamiliar territory. Lets hope they will be concentrating on the league, especially after the game!
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