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  1. For Labour to lose around here is a disaster for them and I feel sorry for the local candidates as they did little wrong. Corbyn was the gift that kept giving for the right wing press as every time they dug a hole he jumped in with both feet. He lacked any political nous and even needed Len McClusky to point out to him and his cohorts that ordinary working class people were worried about uncontrolled immigration affecting their wage prospects.There will no doubt be a battle between the left and moderate wings of the Labour party for the next leader but this should be a wake up call for the left and it wasn`t all down to brexit Boris and his posh boy mates will be a disaster for this country and I worry where we will be as a country in 5 years time especially without the insurance that the EU provides to peoples rights.
  2. Bury just weren`t living within their means and it was obvious to me that it wasn`t going to end well, whereas Macc just don`t get big enough crowds to compete at this level. A club such as us shouldn`t have too much problem paying our way in this league. The problems come come when clubs gamble to get promotion or there is the unfair competition such as in the championship where clubs come from the prem with massive parachute payments, some of whom waste them like Stoke but others spend well such as West Brom. Stoke probably have 10 times the budget of say Barnsley, which is farcical.
  3. Most of the 5th tier are full time pro clubs, so I don`t see that it is happening yet.
  4. I miss Teds happy smiling face after you had interrupted his horse racing studies to purchase a ticket.
  5. In the rare (almost unique) occasions at the Vale where demand outstrips supply, there is no surefire way of keeping everybody happy. A fairer way for me would have been 2 per season ticket holder and ticket stub holders from one of the last 2 home games and then open sales. Hopefully everyone who wants a ticket can get one and if there are any that can`t perhaps taking them to Vale Park one day may be a thrill for them.
  6. Labour seems to be the only party offering some hope for the future and I realise a civilised society has to be paid for. Boris vaguely offering funding for NHS whilst cutting taxes is just hot air. The tories are not interested in people like us and their vague plan to reform Human rights legislation will only lead to less rights for anyone but the elite, who in every other extreme government have put themselves above the law
  7. Wouldn`t be the worst draw for us, a lovely trip to the seaside in new year!
  8. Calling someone a terrorist sympathiser is usually a lazy way of putting people off looking deeper into the issues and you can understand why Israel would want to do that. I remember Thatcher calling Nelson Mandela a terrorist when her husband was making millions in the racist South Africa. The tories will want to fight a dirty campaign as if you look closely at their record it is a disgrace and lets see that report on Russian interference in our politics before we vote.
  9. Better services, education and more equal society is what I remember and benefitted from and that is what I want for future generations.
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