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  1. With abit of luck they will blame the board.
  2. That is definitely Butland in goal.
  3. Is that Joe Anyon in goal for them in a Jack Butland mask?
  4. The Crawley scorer used to play for us , well he had 1 game under Bruno, however once a Valiant...
  5. One or two vital goals for us but too many non performances, similar to many players we have had lately. If he is good enough he will make it back to the football league but he may have to change his attitude by all accounts to do so. ,
  6. The ffp rules will be tightened so that owners can`t put money in and exchange loans for shares as many have done to get around the regulations. This will have a big effect at a certain club not too far from us, who may shortly have to be living within their now meagre means.
  7. We have been hoist by our own petard as we ordered the batch of Dukes ball that we are using with a bigger seam than they now use in county cricket. This has enabled our bowlers to take Aussie wickets but our fragile batting that has been concentrating on fancy shots against the non moving white ball can`t cope. The lack of a working opening partnership is costing us dear and exposing our fancy dan middle order too early. Having said that the Aussie bowling has been excellent in this game in their plans and execution and I would guess our old nemesis Steve Waugh would have a lot to do with that, the wily old fox.
  8. Thats right Wrex we need him to nick one or two draws so he can finish the job he has started so well.
  9. I will echo that sentiment Rob, many Vale fans are quick to moan but slow to praise and we are looking much better this season than the last two, so credit must go to JA . We even managed to win without Manny, an all too rare event. Keep up the good work lads.
  10. Perhaps the stewards are laying down a line showing that if you are intent on bringing in flares or something else you are likely to be caught so... don`t.
  11. Joyce was immense tonight, misplaced one ball all night. Great win should have been more and overcome a cheating bunch of gits, especially that youth who you could here scream from 80 yards away
  12. I`m not sure Headingley is a quick pitch, it normally suits medium pacers not bang it in pace merchants. I would keep the same personnel but put Bairstow as opener, Roy in middle order and Stokes at 3 to protect Root from new ball a bit.
  13. Harris has 3 in 3 for Wrexham.
  14. Without Manny we aren`t great ,like last season but generally we are slightly better in my view. I was fairly impressed by Bennett , Monty and Smith, who seems stronger, Not a disaster tonight unlike last season when we were taken apart by Lincoln reserves,
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