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  1. Time for Visser to be given a game, Brown doesn`t seem interested in coming off his line and teams seem to have sussed it.
  2. I remember Andy Jones scoring there in a pre season friendly, possibly his first game for us.
  3. He wasn`t good enough for Scunthorpe, so he can`t believe he is better than those around him.
  4. I thought he looked a good player at Stevenage, not sure what Bradford have done to him. Not been playing much so don`t know how fit he is but good luck,
  5. People used to moan about them as well, we can only dream about players of that quality now.
  6. The problem is that all our best players are injury prone or too old. The new manager will have to work out a way to somehow get the best of our players on the field as often as possible. Whether that be through training methods or diet or rotation of the squad or even the use of substitutes, which Askey never seemed to want to do.
  7. Tony Pulis is out of work. I don`t know if he has ever mentioned it but he`s never been relegated.
  8. I reckon we could be quite an attractive club for many managers as we have sane owners and some potential to improve on where we are currently. Until the last two months it seemed Askey was doing fine, I don`t know what has gone wrong.
  9. Unlucky today, sometimes you can`t beat the footballing gods and they got the breaks.
  10. On that plate is he showing us the remains of some poor goalkeeper?
  11. My stream froze just before they scored, got going again but I didn`t realise we were losing for a while.
  12. Can someone arrange a grouse hunt for Tuesday night in the ground?
  13. I thought in the first half, Pope was linking the play well, whilst Robinson was invisible. At the moment they look the better of two poor sides.
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