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  1. Quite a few positives, Pett a more mobile version than Joyce and Covolan a big upgrade on the static Brown amongst them.
  2. Another casualty of gambling addiction.
  3. The best header of a ball I have ever seen, sorry Popey. Sad to see that may have contributed to his health later on. My favourite player from a team full of character and no little ability, RIP big Ern.
  4. Be careful or you might end up with his doppleganger Anson Tang.
  5. We aren`t a great watch but will take some beating now as we should have an easy ride to the semis against a tired Ukraine.
  6. He got a hat trick of assists v Walsall at home, we can get a better keeper.
  7. After his nightmare at home v Walsall, he was never going to be trusted by DC. Good luck to him, he provided stability in an area where we had been in a mess previously.
  8. It was at the Bycars end 1-0 win.
  9. I remember Martin Foyle getting all his signings in early, he was sacked in October I think.
  10. Popey has been brilliant for us but will have been decently rewarded for his efforts and he had his benefit when he went for the silly money Bury offered him.
  11. Wozza for me and young player, Andy Porter.
  12. He still thinks he could get a game now!
  13. Wasn't that Mick Cullerton, on his way to a hatrick? No the other scorers were Jamo and Wookey, 6th September (according to Wikipedia)
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