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  1. At every away ground apart from ours the away end is furthest from the town and you have to walk past their fans to get to it , why should we be different.
  2. I don`t suppose any of you tories out there are in the slightest bit interested in yet more stories of money laundering from russian funds and election fraud by Johnson and co.
  3. I hope the investigation inspired by the right wing press and Downing St finds that no crime was committed and then the obvious gulf in integrity between Sir Keir and Alexander Boris de Pfeffle will be for all to see, even the blind tories. I see Johnson is now going to make protest even harder, which is what tyrants do.
  4. I think that has been busy doing sterling work in Ukraine
  5. Just received today a Tory leaflet for yesterdays council elections posted via Royal mail, good to see thay are putting that Rusian money to good use.
  6. It is up to younger players to force them out. I don`t see anyone ready to do that just yet.
  7. He was already carrying a heavy load, I personally think this will be too much for him unless he stops bowling. Josh Bohannon from Lancs must be in the frame for selection, averages nearly 50 in first class and is a good age at 25.
  8. No wonder you can`t remember that match it was one of the dullest games ever 0-0 and Charlton resigned after and never played another match.
  9. Attendance looked about right to me but we obviously need to get more turnstyles open if we are to continue with crowds like this. i would guess Rovers brought about 2.5 k
  10. This will be a tough game and a great test of our promotion credentials let`s hope we pass the test.
  11. We have always been good to Leek Town , remember that time Billy Bell practically gave them that state of the art score board.
  12. It seemed about right to me, the railway paddock was empty.
  13. It seemed about right to me, not many in the railway.
  14. Christian Montano and Alex Smith in the left wing back role
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