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  1. I`ve always found walking or running good therapy and cheaper than the gym and from there it gives you energy and motivation to do other stuff.
  2. Against teams who are closing down quickly like Mansfield were last night, I don`t see that slowing the game down like we were is to our advantage. Surely we should be looking to play at a high tempo to wear them down and capitalise late in the game not over egging injuries or nipping off for a drink and a chat Stvenage style like we were last night. The play was constantly fragmented which gave them a rest which enabled tham to close down the ball and space all match.
  3. One of them was 33 and wanted to move back to South Wales to be close to family and the other had endured a lot of injuries and preferred to get into the exciting world of accountancy rather than play for Crewe. Having endured listening to Artell on the wireless, a perectly understandable decision.
  4. In fairness to Cov it deflected off the wall, you can hear it on the youtube highlights. Perhaps he should have saved it but the deflection made it much more difficult.
  5. Whatever system we have it must make sure that it if a PM gets elected then he/she doesn`t have more holidays than Judith Chalmers, this one is in Marbella now, despite the splits in his cabinet appearing. I`m sure if we had a coalition in power rather than a small clique like we seem to have now with the loyal support of much of the billionaire backed media behind them, then the PM would be asked to work a bit harder on behalf of the country instead of constantly skiving off.
  6. Do Wrights do them?
  7. Does anybody know how I find out the 50.50 draw winner? I missed the draw at half time yesterday
  8. There is a long way to go to see how brexit will play out but I can`t see it being good for the country in the long term. The shortage of workers has at least given some people a long overdue chance to improve their wages and conditions but as exports to the EU have fallen dramatically how long this bonus will endure before unemployment rises is anyones guess. The right wing who drove this process won`t be happy at higher wages and therefore costs to business but the government have already helped them out by reducing environmental standards, which along with even worse workers rights was one of their targets. The failure of Johnson to agree a trade deal with the States was a big blow to the government and so far they have only managed to agree some rushed, bad deals for us with relatively small markets such as Australia. Ireland seems more likely to be united and Scotland more likely to leave the union, which I don`t suppose was the intention but seems almost inevitable.
  9. Can`t we build them a new garden shed like they used to have on the Hamil side of the Lorne Street?
  10. bycars rob

    Ryder Cup

    I suspect this American side would beat a rest of the world team never mind a European one. On world rankings only two of our players would have got in their side, Rahm and Hovland and it showed.
  11. I have just noticed that Roy Sproson, Ray Walker and Rigino Cicilia share their birthday today. Two of them are legendary because they were great footballers for us.
  12. And..proposed injecting bleach,
  13. He seems like he needs to get fitter.
  14. Just a reminder that this is tory policy in a nutshell, amoral at best and usually immoral and uncaring. I suspect Johnson has put out these tapes to knock back a Gove leadership bid,
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