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  1. Let` s not pretend it couldn`t happen in this city. I remember having to go the long way round on the coaches to avoid being bricked by some of our lovely neighbours when we played there. We have our own share of idiots, poor behaviour for all that.
  2. Shame but he hasn`t stayed fit enough. Probably the only midfielder who can unlock a defence at the moment in our squad. Hopefully we can find a better more reliable replacement.
  3. The old duke said he wanted no fuss over his funeral, why are the authorities making one?
  4. Anyone know what formation we are playing now? Total football.
  5. We should have a Westley style timeout every match
  6. Its raining goals at Crewe, McGarry will want it called off!
  7. Once when I was a criket groundsman we had 2 very fussy umpires and I started to cut the square, telling them it was the driest it had been all week, they got the idea.
  8. Might make the ifollow stream a bit more bearable.
  9. If there was a crowd in, the ref wouldn`t have dared to do that.
  10. Tragic news, I was always impressed with him when he was here and thought his career would be better than it has turned out,
  11. Tories hate succesful socialists don`t they? I hate bookies and as someone who makes money out of them I am somewhat bemused by the amount of money they thieve off people. Ar least it does appear that the Coates family pay their taxes here unlike a lot of tory party donors who don`t even live here.
  12. I remember clearly the boost we got when we found out Ardiles wasn`t fit enough to play, suddenly after a few beers we thought we had a chance.
  13. I thought it was Smith`s header too, great save and the real Scott Brown has returned after being missing for most of the season, he was much more positive yesterday, probably after a talking to from the gaffer. Rodney is why we are going to stay up as in nearly every game he either scores or provides a guilt edged chance to someone, the boy has class.
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