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  1. So who's the new injury then? Some people answering like they know, so go on, tell us then
  2. I don't think a wage cap is a bad idea at all. But you can always discuss where to place the cap. We've decided on 1850, knowing that that would put us out of the running, with a certain ilk of players. So I guess the question is not why we have a wage cap, but why they decided on 1850, and not ie. 2500, which would make us able to attract another level of players?
  3. I think Rodney is sort of a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Last season, he was a bright spark of light, in an otherwise dim side. But this season, he's literally had people thinking "who is this guy, posing as Rodney??" There has just been sooooo many things going on with him, and can't imagine it has all been nice or easy for him. But the club putting him in the twilight zone, in a "the name we shall not speak" way, certainly hasn't helped one bit! I mean, just fake it and say he has a long term injury? It's not like we haven't had a lot of those already, so one more or less wouldn't make a difference, in the bigger picture. Or as I suggested in another thread, just come out with a simple, calm and professional statement, saying something like "due to personal issues, Devante Rodney won't be available for the foreseeable future". Just having him go MIA, nobody mentioning him or even referring to him, just start all these speculations, rumors and content towards him, I'm seeing both here and on all SoMe platforms. Just think his absence has been handled really really poor by the club, acting like he's not a player at our club, to be honest.
  4. I'm sorry, but I think DC's comment must be ironic. Otherwise I don't get why he never seemed to look his way! He was left on the bench for the full 90 minutes more often than coming on. If he was so "outstanding", why couldn't he seem to buy his way into the starting 11?
  5. Same place he's been for months; nowhere to be seen, other than holding his kid on Instagram...
  6. I watched their game against Exeter, and they were DIRE!!! How they didn't lose that one 3 or 4-0, I'll never know!
  7. I agree, but wouldn't say its COMPLETELY unjustified, if you look at the first 45 minutes on Saturday. Played off the park, in a completely disinterested outing. As fans, we can only react to what we are shown. Everyone is entitled to be happy with that "performance", but quite understandably, most are not. 🙂
  8. According to the latest article put up in here, he's in Italy for his medical today.
  9. I absolutely agree! I've said every chance I've had, that if we want to go up and stay up, we need to sign players of Denis' ilk. But I can understand the lad as well. As good as he does every time he is on the pitch, he can't seem to buy his way into the starting 11.
  10. I think I have the unpopular opinion with Politic. As good as he is, and as much of a difference he's often made, DC never seem to look his way for the starting 11.
  11. Don't really care who plays. All I want to see, is everything I didn't see for 90 minutes on Saturday: pride, passion and belief! Don't just turn up and look like you don't care from start to finish. Stand up and be counted, and actually look like you care about winning or losing!
  12. We now have credible competition for place, and Gibbo was poor against Brentford. He looked nothing like himself, and deserved to be subbed. So let him come of the bench, and show he wants his place back 🙂
  13. This! If people expect 100% of the signings to be spot on, then they are setting themselves up to be disappointed! I'd even say we're beyond 6 out of 10 (signings does countdown 🤦‍♂️) of the summer recruitment. And we've already sold one signing that didn't work, and bought his replacement. So instead of ending up with an NFL size roster of 35+, we're proactive and trying to right, what hasn't worked out. Honestly, what's not to like?
  14. Another route you can take, is what I've done all through this; When you read a post you don't agree with, some even from what people will call "tinfoil hats" etc. do the following: you read it, roll your eyes, maybe even laugh a bit, and then scroll on. It has worked for me for nearly two years now, so feel free to use it if you want 🙂
  15. I've tried google, and found quite a few sites based in the UK. But they're all not giving prices, just saying words like "affordable" 😅 But as you say, you have to speculate to accumulate. They might be an investment now, but I'm thinking they will pay for themselves over a few seasons. Not that it's exactly the same, but the hybrid pitch at Old Trafford cost 1 million to establish, but have a warrantee of 10 years guaranteed. So that's 100k a year, for an immaculate pitch, for years and years. So as there's bound to be a warrantee on the turnstile systems as well, I'm thinking 2 or 3 years, all the teething issues should be well out of sight, at that point.
  16. Ideally, we get an automated scanning system, like the one at the train station. They have it at my Danish club, Brondby, and there's never ever been an issue with them in all the time I can remember! The thing with electronics is, that the more steps there is from the base to the execution, the more things can go wrong! For one thing, the system at Brondby, isn't wireless. They're wired to the main computersystem, which makes them more stable. Wireless is smart, but also very unstable! I know it costs money, and maybe quite a bit, but on the other hand, you can do exactly what they do at the station; have 1 or 2 people at every 3-4 gates to help with customer service. But you don't have to have a person at each and every turnstile! In the photo, you can see the stand I normally use. There used to be 4 manned turnstiles, now there's 8 automatic with 2 people manning them. Win/win. A base in the middle, with a turnstile on either side and Bobs your uncle!
  17. Isn't that the exact opposite to what DC said about loan signings in the summer? That he didn't want them, if he had to guarantee them minutes? That they were equal to anyone else in the squad, and had to earn their place?
  18. Besides scoring 4 in a game and, granted, a well taken goal against City, which is all in a space of a few weeks, people have only talked about him, when he had a hissy fit and went home before the reverse fixture. So he's gone from looney bin, to world beater over two games...
  19. F... Me, people are hyping up McKirdy, like we're facing Messi or Mbappe 😂
  20. He scores for fun in L2, but reading his club history, boy what a nomad career he's had! Never, as in ever, more than a year at the same club...
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