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  1. Never understood the signing of Lloyd. Matrix or no matrix. DC talked him up, as he's supposed to, but the amount of game time showed a different story. A bit weird, to loan a young player, who is so much like someone we already have in the building, in Eden Bailey. They are so much alike, and Eden is already ours, and younger than Lloyd, so why not give him the sparse game time Lloyd got, and develop our own player, instead of Cheltenhams? Oh well, you can't get every signing right...
  2. I know he's on Hollywood money, but someone said Tchimanga scores a lot, so I just said 'so does Mullin' 😌
  3. Mullin pretty much scores every game he plays as well...
  4. What did he say this time? Haven't heard it, so kept hoping it would be explained
  5. Regarding limited away tickets, most PL clubs do ballots for away tickets. And a friend of mine who has a ST at Man Utd told me, you have to have had your ST for 2 seasons, before you can even enter the ballot...
  6. Can I just put one thing to bed, that I keep reading over and over: In no way, shape or form, can DC keep Politic "hidden". Every single league club in the UK knows who he is, and if they are in any way a pro outfit, with a somewhat decent scouting system, they know EXACTLY how he's been performing! So please, let's forget about "hiding" him 😅
  7. Got mine, thank you Janet in the ticket office 😃
  8. I know, just wishful thinking perhaps 🙂 Maybe there's something going on at Bolton we don't know about? But if we want to go into League 1 and actually stay there, for more than 1 season, it's players like Politic we need to sign.
  9. Why not? We have new owners now, remember 😉 It seems he likes it here, so maybe...
  10. Just spoke with the ticket office; initial allocation sold out, but they will receive more later in the week.
  11. I think I read/heard somewhere, that Sunderlands parachute payments were/are coming to an end, which is why they have to lower their budget considerably
  12. And maybe gives an answer to, why Andy Holt was so very very VERY much against carrying on, when Covid hit. Not that I agree with his points back then, as he was beyond negative and pessimistic, but I can see where he's coming from
  13. To be fair, I couldn’t tell you anything secret from todays training, even if I wanted to. They pretty much just did some light restitution work with the fitness coach, and a few light ball drills. So if anyone could make anything useful out of that, I applaud you 😅
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