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  1. In Denmark, football clubs will be compensated by the state. To have their costs covered, but not to make a profit. So any lost income, is tough luck.
  2. I've said it before: I'm so sick and tired, of watching these managers, talk absolute nonsense. Focus and talk on what you have influence on changing: your own team! Some teams time waste, others fall down when touched by a feather. It's frustrating, 100% agree. But you can't change it! Saying "we lost because the other team did this or that", is not a serious argument. It's simply deflecting responsibility. If they say "we didn't succeed in this and this" and then goes on to say "because the other team did this or this", is taking everything away from the first sentence, and simply saying it's because the other team, did something wrong in their eyes. It's just talking s... and sometimes, you really wonder if they spend the match in the lounge, watching another game on television. Then coming out, commenting on that.
  3. They've lost 4 of the last 5 and drawing 1, of those loses 3 being at home.
  4. Supporters club committee Arh okay. How can they be against it?
  5. What’s ‘the commitee’ everyone keeps talking about?
  6. Put me down for 20 quid! More than happy to do that twice, if it helps us get it over the line!
  7. I’ve asked him, simply because some of the dm’s, where in such language it actually made me cry. I can’t belive, people think they can talk to others fans, in such a way. Even though you disagree, there’s still a human being in the other end.
  8. I didn’t put my point across very well. My point is actuallt totally harmless and in no way shape or form, want to take money away, from these much needing charities. But having dm’s being called everthing from garbage to Hitler, is way over the top! It had me in tears, as I feel misunderstood and I get all this foul abuse thrown at me. Based on a poorly worded post.
  9. As it's a charity gig, the common norm is "all profits go to said charity". So that, in my view, is all money that comes in. From tickets, to concessions and merchandise sales (Robbies, not ours). And if, as I've just read, the concert organizers pays to get the seats put in, then fantastic! My initial "shhh" comment, was simply meant for the fact, that we'll have hundreds of new seats put in, that can only be used for concerts. Not that it's a problem in itself that the seats will, finally, be put in. But it's not like we'll have concerts every weekend we don't play away. It will be 1 maybe 2 in the summer period. But say we get Man City at home next season, we will 100% sell out. Just not in half the Lorne Street, as they can't be used. Get my point? Let's just agree to disagree on this seat situation
  10. Wow, get of your high horse there Corbyn. And maybe try and understand what I've written? Where have I said, that I don't want us to help? And what does calling me 'an utter heartless weirdo' help anything? Especially since it's absolute complete and utter nonsense and couldn't be further from the truth! Actually: how f...... dare you!!! I actually wrote, that I think it's a very good cause and they need it more than us! And I absolutely applaud the club, for putting on the show to help! More power to them! But my one and only point is this: when the concert was announced, SOME people (as in NOT ME) saw this, as our summer cash cow. All I'm saying is: it's not. And I've been trying to make that point, since I saw the first mention of a profit on here.
  11. Bennett frustrates me SOOOO much!!! He scores good goals sometimes, then goes absolutely awol for months on end, before turning up with 2 goals out of the blue Tuesday. I was at Scunthorpe where he also started. To say he was 2 levels beneath poor in that game, is understatement of the Century!
  12. Agree. Either one of them or the hinted Mitch Clark return
  13. Sorry, I got the wages TOTALLY wrong! I just remembered the figure, and Morecambe. But they are at each end of the spectrum. Sorry! The figures are by Kieran Maguire, an economics professor who specialices in football economics, who does the exellent ‘the price of football’ podcast. Well worth a listen! I’ve attached his graph of wages, based on those disgustingly few clubs, that actually made those numbers public.
  14. Weren't they all I see he's gone Tranmere on loan for a fee...
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