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  1. Once again, I bring you these. Of course there are still queues, but the scanners doesn't care if it's a QR code on a ST, a phone or a ticket. It just scans it. And you get 8 turnstiles, where there once was 4. With less stewards needed, because they pretty much run themselves. In the 10+ years I've attended, I haven't seen or heard of entry problems even once. And there are always 15.000+ inside. One reason may be, that the scanners are not wireless, but all cabled to a main server. Which makes it WAY more stable! Wireless is smart, when it's working. But when you are totally dependent on it, and it goes <ovf censored> up (as I've experienced myself at Vale), it really goes <ovf censored> up!
  2. I would start with demolishing and refurbishing the entries. I really, truly don't get the fascination with those 1.6 feet turnstiles, any normal size adult have to squeeze through and almost pop out on the other side. It's old, it's outdated and in speeds down the entry process needlessly. I've said it before elsewhere, but something like these:
  3. To be fair, I think the number of people watching on fb, in pubs etc, are limited. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but it's Vale not the WC finale... And the fact we sold over a thousand ifollow passes the other night, goes to show that this issue is very limited!
  4. You forgot to mention: total debt in loans, up to 15 million total 🤯
  5. I know there's a difference in fanbase etc., but what differs from what Salford are doing, to what Wrexham or Stockport are doing? Spending, spending and even more spending...
  6. No, just standing. And ditto 🙂
  7. Actually just underlining my point even more 🙂 I'm not having a dig at Karl or anyone else, I just think it's a very very sad way of looking at the situation. That the tickets were on sale from an official source, and the first thing that went through peoples mind was "HAHAHA, I know something other people don't". People literally put the info on SoMe for all to see, I saw it on all outlets; Facebook, Twitter and on here, so it's not like people tried to keep it a secret, and keep it only to themselves and their mates.
  8. When saying people are "deluded" to not think the tickets would get refunded, that is saying, that people should know it's an error, and are therefor deliberately trying to cheat "the system", to get tickets.
  9. I absolutely HATE this underlying accusation, that people acted in bad faith, and deliberately cheated "the system". I bought one, because I saw they were on sale from an OFFICIAL outlet. So of course I'm trying to get one. Oh, and by the way, I'm a ST holder, since that seem to be the magic trigger word to some...
  10. Ah, I'm in standing. I think someone said seating isn't open yet...
  11. Just try again, I had to try 4 or 5 times, but suddenly it went through
  12. Now onto the next question; does anyone have just a vague idea, when the bus will be leaving Vale? Exeter isn't the easiest place to get to by train 😅
  13. Sorry, meant to say "now I've got one". Damn these Saturday night fingers 😅 I had to try 4 times, but finally it loaded and I could purchase my ticket.
  14. Strange, just had to try 4 times and not I have one. Thank you for the heads up 🙂
  15. The site says the away stand is unavailable. Do I need to register? I registered and it still says "this area is unavailable", maybe they've closed it now
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