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  1. You can't have a team, at any senior level, with only U21 players. You need experience, for the young guns to lean on and learn from, to get their development going. We won't have a U21 team, made up of foreigners like at Man City, United or Liverpool. We will have to find the gems, in a now increased competitive environment because of the new rules. Just see what happened at the Prem clubs, when the home grown rule was introduced. Suddenly the poachers where out and about, with a blank cheque book to get the best youths. We, or any other L1 or L2 club for that matter, won't be able to co
  2. But in this instance, it's true. He wouldn't be doing his job, if he didn't have an idea about what he wants to do. As would you or I if we had his job.
  3. Mills. And thank f... for that!!! As well as Fitz I think
  4. Listening to the interview, how can we have a squad of over 30? Are there 5-6 other youth players training with the squad as well? And why oh why, do we always end up with these NFL size squads…
  5. Although they've both stated, that we won't do it by spending lots of money on players 😉
  6. To be fair, if you record a press conference and put it online, it's because you want people to hear what is being said. Especially if you have in interest, in promoting or selling a product. Which one could make the argument, that Vale do. So I don't see this as moaning, but stating a thing that is very very easy to do right (if you have ie. a media person or a communication person employed), done wrong.
  7. It is statistically proven, that the hardest set pieces to defend, is not the first ball but if the ball comes back across, like in your example. Among other reasons, is the one you state. When I worked at academy level here in Denmark, I was responsible for set pieces, so I actually studied this quite intensely. I could bore you to death with stats etc 😅 But we seem to be as lethal on set pieces, as a pair of dull rusty Childs safety scissors...
  8. When will they release any info? Will get one for the first time next season (born and live overseas). So waiting impatiently
  9. During a tour at Old Trafford, we were told that the hybrid pitch they had installed, cost £1 million. And they payed over 10 years.
  10. I totally agree that we need better players. But we never in a million years, will be bringing in ie. a Vaughan type striker. Because we simply won’t pay what that level of player cost. if everyone could just copy Accrington or Wycombe, and get the same level of succes with very limited budgets, everyone would be doing it! But lets be honest; what they’ve done is 50 pct skill and 50 pct luck.
  11. If this isn't Fitz' first words to Mills, something is very very wrong!
  12. Only problem is, we never ever ever in a million years, get or have a Vaughan type striker at Vale. We always get the Aldi version...
  13. Don't know why people keep posting lineups, as every week there seem to be players missing out of nowhere.
  14. All contracts has a level of commitments, the club has to fulfill. Including adequate training, access to the health department etc. Some clubs put players they want out in the U21 or U19 team, as that qualifies as 'adequate training'. But clubs can't just tell a player to 'don't show your face around here', just because they want him gone. Unless he has somehow breached his obligations. Not because it's McKirdy, but I actually think that's a good thing! Both parties should have rights and obligations, in a mutually agreed contract. Common decency in a modern society to be fair.
  15. Which is why, I wrote "if points are the problem". All the things you list, and probably more, can be more than valid reasons to sack a manager 😊
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