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  1. Only Liverpool for the wins at present. And clubs spending money they don’t have, best odds of finding one is in the Championship.
  2. It has, it really has. But I also think, the club is somewhat responsible of that themselves. No signings, weak excuses from Askey on that "we have sufficient cover in all positions", when everyone but him (apparently) can see we haven't. If he's trying to spin it to a positive, he tried and it failed miserable! I do accept that the good players are expensive, but that once again, bring us back to the wage structure. Good players cost money. Even better players, cost even more money. And despite all the Man City and leasing.com trophy money, it seems we're still trying to find players in 'OneBelow', while other clubs our size or below (forget Salford), are signing top players at this level. And when all of the above are paired with an absolutely insulting performance yesterday, where the team looked more than apathetic, people tend to reach their boiling point. I've only put a question mark by the lack of signings my self, but I feel their pain, I really do! And once again I'll say, that I really question how much money we'll actually make from the CHARITY Robbie gig. We'll get some publicity, sure. But money wise? We have to spend A LOT of dosh, finishing the Lorne Street. Maybe even just temporary, which would be absolutely mad in my view, spending hundreds of thousands, to make no money and just take it down again afterwards. Because the thing with charity gigs are, that all proceeds, goes to those charities. So that would put our net-income from the event, at 0.00 punds. I'm absolutely not trying to be negative, although I accept it may look that way. I'm only trying to look at things a bit rational and realistic.
  3. Lots of clubs splashing the dosh, strengtening the team. Well, except us...
  4. All this 'boo boys' stuff, is really down to a few things (in my view). The players getting stick, are in 2 categories: a) those that have shown what they can do, and we therefor expect more from (ie. Amoo or Gibbons), or b) those that are simply not good enough (ie. Bennett or Lloyd). Is it constructive? Not at all in either case. But that's how football works! The players doesn't sign or pick themselves to play. But all fans can judge them on, is how they perform in the games. Having said that, they have a very very privileged job, now even with a workspace that caters for their every need. I wish I would get paid to look after myself, having good healthy food served up for free, or even paid to relax/take a nap. The players fans love regardless, and can look past when having a bad game, are those who grind out solid performances game after game. Those that may not have a good game on the ball, but at least gives us 110% effort every single time. Like Gibbo, Joyce (this season), Worrall to name a few.
  5. My only worry is; how much money, will we make from the Robbie show? With all the things that needs to be done at VP, especially the Lorne Street, how much money will be left? And with it being a charity gig, I doubt there will be much profit left... So how much will the budget for next season improve, if at all?
  6. I’m not saying Salford per se. I know how they’re funded, and so be it. But for absolute ages, we’ve been crying out for a proven striker. But especially in that area, we always seem to sign chancers, while other clubs we can compare ourselves to, more than Salford, sign proven strikers who bags a bunch for them. People say we have a wage structure, but a Danish PM once said: “you have a standpoint, until you take a new one”. And if we really want a striker, not guaranteed but with better odds of hitting 15-20+ than what we have signed for many many years, we have to change our standpoint a bit.
  7. Salford just signed Bruno Andrade... So I came to thinking; when is the last time, we signed a player like that? Not a chancer, but a proven good player?
  8. If he’s playing. He wasn’t in their squad on Thursday...
  9. Agreed, it’s a fascinating and very educational listen! As you say, the holes in FFP are staggering, and almost make the point of FFP obsulete. But as long as the finacial rules has to be voted through by the club owner, they will never change! The way some owners are accusing other owners of cheating financially, when they just use the loopholes they themselves have put in place, are a bit farcial. But absolutely gobsmacking figures being lost, every single week in the Championship!
  10. That will be an issue for about 4 matches. Then he’ll be injured again...
  11. No matter what, we all know we are going to get a crap draw, right?
  12. This just takes me back, to when I was watching the FA Cup on BT Sport midweek. Every single time, a fan shouted a swear word, the commentator would, without a shadow of a doubt instantly say "I'm sorry if our microphones has picked up any profanities. We do apologize!". First time I though it was a joke, but as he continued every single time, I couldn't believe it! I was watching bloody FOOTBALL, not a church service!!! If someone watching football, goes into cardiac arrest because they hear the word s... or c... on tv, well maybe you should go watch Strictly Come Dancing instead and leave football all together!
  13. Well, to quote Ricky Gervais: "You have every right to be offended! But just because you're offended, doesn't mean you're right!". And I guess the law is different in the UK, than here in Denmark then.
  14. His tweets where absolutely nothing of the sort! I think his and my views, are much aligned actually. Gay and lesbian, absolutely 100% natural and nothing wrong with that, AT ALL! Transgender... Meh, it's becoming sort of out of hand isn't it? If you really truly ARE transgender, then by all means get the change! But all these people, identifying as aliens etc. (yes, that truly is an actual acknowledged thing!), THAT was what his tweet was about! And I 100% back him up on that fact! The world is going PC mad, in trying to include everything and everyone into absolutely everything! And if you don't accept that, you are called the incarnation of Satan or worse! Things are not black and white (except the mighty Vale ). There are nuances to every major issue roaming the world like wildfire at the moment: the climate debate, this inclusion debate and the list goes on and on and on. So just because his opinion was not PC enough for the EFL, his freedom of speech gets fined? Well, welcome to 2019, lets hope for a better 2020!
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