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  1. In response to " JEFFERS", comment that Bolton fans should be accountable for the shocking singing aimed at referee Ross Joyce. " You know your a RACIST, that's what you are". It is an extremely strong and totally untrue comment. YES Ross Joyce did incorrectly send off Ricardo Santos at Morecambe last season, which was overturned on appeal. As a grassroots referee myself I always go out to referee with unbiased view. I don't hold grudge against any player. As Ross Joyce was until recently the youngest ever referee to officiate in "The EFL". I am sure he is very proud of that achievement. He is Eston a suburb of Middlesbrough in Cleveland. Fans do get carried away and either sing daft songs or shout out ridiculous abuse. I was taken to court three years ago in relation to a song I sang in a football ground. Fortunately I had never been in trouble in my life and with being a grassroots football referee, I thought that the situation was crazy. As most weeks I am verbally abused by players who don't get decisions which they want. Long and short of it I sang a song along with another 150 fans at a game. Unfortunately I was the loudest and was singled out. I finished up in court. Fortunately I had a first class solicitor and I was correctly found NOT GUILTY. It cost me £1,350 in solicitors fees and when I won my day in court I received £520 in compensation. But for me I should have had every penny back in compensation. Fans need to remember there is always someone out to get you. When as in the case of the Bolton fans on Saturdayand the vast majority sang the disgusting slur. Picking out individuals is extremely difficult.
  2. That is the reason for my quote that Pompey could bring possibly 3,000. Yes it is at least a four journey, but they have some of the most passionate fans in the lower league's. I have always been fascinated by how many of their fans will for an example go to Lincoln on a Tuesday night and take possibly 1,500 fans. Which with the transport links seems incredible. Pompey also have to date got two draws and one victory. Whatever happens with Pompey's following it is another good day attendance and revenue wise for Vale. UTV
  3. Another "BIG CLUB", here next home game and like Bolton former Premier League club. For me some of the best supporters that you will meet with " MR PORTSMOUTH FOOTBALL CLUB", himself and his Portsmouth FC wig and the incessant Bell ringing. For me whatever anyone else thinks he is a great character.I went to watch a Portsmouth midweek game at Shrewsbury last season and Pompey were midtable but still brought over 800 fans. As Portsmouth have not played Vale for many years in a league encounter like Bolton they will bring a large following. Give them 3,250 tickets I reckon they will bring a minimum 2,000 but could be closer to 3,000. Managed currently by the Cowley brothers who brought incredible success to Lincoln City. Days like these need to be relished by Port Vale and the fans. Look at the rising attendances at Vale Park, with many more home fans coming along and teams with great tradition and large followings. Vale can compete with these teams and hold their own. UTV
  4. Not going to disagree Ian Evatt's behaviour was poor from a manager of a football league club, embarrassing. As I know as the referee don't change your mind to keep someone happy. The Bolton fans anger directed at Ross Joyce was appalling. But nothing shocks me any more in football. I have stated on this forum that I support both clubs, which I do. But when some fans again an opinion in which you are entitled to claiming that Bolton fans are the worst they have experienced. Some of them can't have seen many matches over fifty years have watched professional football and YES due to refereeing commitments in the past ten years, I don't anywhere near the amount of I used to. But although Bolton's fans weren't the best yesterday relating to the Ross Joyce refereeing. You will find often so called "BIG CLUBS", who don't get decisions which they believed they are entitled to will throw their teddies. Still got Derby County, Ipswich Town, Portsmouth and Sheffield Wednesday to name only four who certainly believe their team should be playing in a higher division. No team has a divine right to be in any division. As an example look at ex Premier Leagueclub Oldham Athletic now in The National League as a result of poor owners.
  5. Grassroots Referee first point GOAL or NO goal. OK loads of evidence on line after the event. At this level if either the assistant referee or the referee does not believe it is a goal. There will be NO GOAL GIVEN, matter closed. Ricardo Santos Centre half no.5, no where near in the same class as previous Bolton Centre half's ie Gundi Berggsson, Ivan Campo, Bruno N'Gotty, Hierro just to name a few. Sending off totally justified didn't get a clear view of incident involving Nathan Smith and Ellis Harrison foul was a minimum yellow all day long. Also Bolton no. 4 MJ Williams massively lucky not to be sent off as well. At half time whistle he confronted referee Ross Joyce to express his thrustration with Santos's RED CARD. Early second half he raise two hands to Tom Conlon, incredibly lucky not to be sent off. As for Bolton fans taunting referee Ross Joyce with " YOU RACIST BASTARD YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE". Totally out of order Ross Joyce sent off Santos at Morecambe last season for a deliberate handball. But it was overturned on appeal. My point Ross Joyce might well not have had his best game yesterday. But his cards were correct and although I only referee amateur football. I know what it is like to have the heat turned on you. In my case more by players, as matches I referee rarely get attendances of over 100 spectators.
  6. Perfect result from my perspective. Although with a numerical advantage from the 38th minute onwards should Valehave gone onto win the game. Possibly they should have. But it is often harder to beat ten men as the remaining players raise their game and the conditions were extremely hot. 30c plus which creates problems for players from both teams and with Vale have two new signings and Tom Conlon the captain returning from a long term injury. Players jelling in extreme heat is not easy. The Bolton fans were livid with referee Ross Joyce as was Bolton managerial Evatt who was also RED CARDED. Football creates extreme passion. But as a grassroots referee myself. Ricardo Santos was correctly RED CARDED. But I understand fans passion. The referee was correct. Most fans don't understand the Laws of The Game. Say NO MORE. Vale got a valuable point. When this team jells I believe Vale will progress and finish about 15th, time will tell. Decent crowd just over 3,000 Bolton fans and just over 7,000 Vale fans.
  7. Fantastic day weather wise but for England it's too hot. Clubs throughout English league's will this weekend take waterbreaks at roughly twenty minute mark. For up to three minutes as temperatures over 30c stipulate that. The health and safety of all players is paramount. I have also seen on this forum are Bolton Wanderers a BIG CLUB answer is NO. I have followed both Bolton where my family originates since I was a kid and now I am 59. I have followed Vale's fortune's since I moved to the Stafford area in mid 70's and adopted Vale as my second club. I am a member at both clubs. In the late 70's and early 80's Bolton's home gates averaged about 4,500. When the glory years came along the attendances rocketed to average over 20,000. As a grassroots football referee I know only about six to twelve professional matches throughout the season. Last week I watch Shrewsbury 0 Accrington Stanley 1. Admission £22 decent game. Accrington played well first class keeper. Referee Andrew Haines made horrendous mistake sent off Shrewsbury centre half Sam Flanagan quickest two yellows ever witnessed two yellows in literally ten seconds. For throwing Accy player to the deck. Shrewsbury elbowed Tommy Leigh from Accy and got NO CARD. Monday review Shrewsbury keeper now banned. Port Vale 1 Bolton Wanderers 1. Right result for my two favourite teams. Everyone stay safe and enjoy the game.
  8. Unusual situation for me when Bolton Wanderers play Port Vale. As my family originate from Bolton and YES I have followed Bolton since I was a kid. When living in the Stafford area mid 70's, I adopted Vale as my second team. I normally attend at least six matches a season at Vale, now adays I watch Bolton a couple of times a season. I did have a season ticket for fifteen seasons til I became an amateur football referee. So Saturday's match is unusual in my world. As for the last ten years I have been refereeing amateur football on Saturday afternoon's. It will be my first visit to Vale since the play off victory over Swindon. I also am a member of 1876 Vale and I have a membership at Bolton. Perfect result for me is a point a piece. But one sensible issue which has been addressed throughout English football this weekend is there will be watercress as the safety of the players is paramount. Bolton have sold in excess of 3,000 which should with Vale's 7,500-8,000 create a good atmosphere.
  9. Firstly as a grassroots football referee I wasn't at Vale today. I would have loved to have been there but I also love refereeing. Normally I get to about half dozen matches a season. Over the moon that Vale secured a fantastic win especially going a goal down but turning the game round awesome achievement. YES Fleetwood have been shocking since January and YES you can only beat what is front of you. But how many times in the past twenty plus years have Vale thrustrated their fans by losing to a team. Who in reality they should be beating. It's a bit like the play offs last season after the poor results towards the conclusion of the season losing to Bristol Rovers, Walsall and Newport. Most Vale fans would never have believed that Vale would win the play offs amazing. Fantastic group of players and Daryl Clarke inspiration in itself. Can't ask for more than three points, next two home league matches Bolton and Portsmouth who will both bring large followings. Bolton took 1,600 to Ipswich and Portsmouth 2,135 fans to Sheffield Wednesday. Also 8,109 today at VP attendances like that last seen at VP old second division days. Final point referee Peter Wright according to some Vale fans was shocking. I can't comment as I wasn't there. But very few players and certainly fans don't know the laws of the game. I am 59 I have refereed for sixteen seasons and I love it. When players and fans criticise me I say you can have an opinion. But I always stick to my decisions as us referee's are NOT robots. UTV
  10. ROB PAGE learns his coaching skills over three years at Vale also managing the team. Now he becomes " A WELSH FOOTBALLING LEGEND". What a week for PORT VALE. May 28th win play off's. June 4th Vale Celebrity Rock Icon Barnstorms Vale Park with fantastic homecoming concert. Sunday June 5th ex Vale coach and manager takes Wales to their first World Cup since 1958 on Queen's Platinium Jubilee Weekend.
  11. PORT VALE have the right ingredients to sustain for next season and build gradually. Let's look at when Darrell Clarke first arrived at the club. Vale held their own, then with David Flitcroft's expertise and knowledge and also Darrell Clarke slowly but surely the duo placed the right bricks in the right places. What has to date has been achieved to date has been incredible. Players who the vast majority of fans had never heard of have joined and have made an incredible impact. The players have gelled really well and have shown comradeship, passion and desire. Something often lacking. Even the loan players have loved playing for Vale. For me YES a few quality editions are vital to stamping your authority on the upgrade the team has made and too keep The Vale clear of relegation. There are players still available even though Vale have been involved in the play offs. Aziz Newport County loan player from Aston Villa looked a good fit for me. Dom Telford at the right price. Ebanks-Landell from Shrewsbury possibly. But like stated earlier David Flitcroft is very switched on and will pick up some gems. Some older players will unfortunately have to be moved on. But as a footballer it comes with the terroritory. "In FLITCROFT we trust".
  12. Can't believe that it is 19 years since Mansfield Town last played in the 3rd tier of English football. In recent years Mansfield have always been one of the favourites for promotion, but failed to achieve their ultimate goal. At the start of this season I don't believe "The Stags", were expected to be in the top 3 places. So like Vale just sneaking into The Play Off's and very few people expecting a great deal I feared Vale playing them. Especially after achieving to great results v Northampton who were possibly slightly deflated after being pipped on the final day of the regular season by Bristol Rovers incredible result already relegated Scunthorpe. To be fair the vast majority of PVFC fans are even now still pinching themselves at how incredibly well PVFC played at Wembley. So many times over the years PVFC have flattered to deceive. So to all Mansfield Town fans believe possibly next season you will reach League One and the vast majority of PVFC fans wish you well. Thank goodness Mansfield Town and their excellent supporters are gracious in defeat. Not like the sad "ROBINS SUPPORTERS OF BITTER SWINDON TOWN".
  13. As a referee myself and the reason I only normally watch Vale on occasions when I have not been allocated a fixture, my fixture postponed, it's a Bank Holiday or a midweek fixture. So having only seen Vale three matches this season. Watching a first class referee in action was so refreshing. Yes I only referee at County level but laws of the game are the same and as you climb the leagues you should see better standard referee's. The referee for the play off Final is an Aussie. Who wanted to ply his trade in England. He doesn't referee many games at Port Vale's level. He has refereed several Premier League matches and the way he let the game flow demonstrated that perfectly.
  14. Watched the highlights of Division Two Play Off Final and for me it has to be one PORT VALE'S greatest ever days. To go to Wembley and play to a man fantastically well was so overwhelming. For the fantastic supporters of PORT VALE FC, as well as what is indescribable what Daryl Clarke and his family have gone through. I can't put it into words how much RESPECT I have for DARYL CLARKE. Never mind Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp being top managers. MANAGER OF THE SEASON FOR ME IS DARYL CLARKE. You will always be held in the highest esteem by all football fans and foremost PVFC. Can't thank you enough and Carol and Kevin Shannahan you are simply "WONDERFUL" and have brought self belief back to are "FAMILY CLUB". UTV
  15. MANSFIELD TOWN fans deserve full credit for showing huge respect to Daryl Clarke yesterday at Wembley. When they started the round of applause relating to Daryl Clarke. Football fans from whatever club regularly receive bad publicity. But a fantastic gesture such as what Mansfield Town fans started was first class. Good luck to Mansfield Town and their supporters for a successful promotion campaign next season. edit: robf - tweak to post headline
  16. Great admiration from Bristol Rovers and their fantastic fans in having the sheer decency to congratulate Daryl Clarke on his fantastic achievements at PVFC. Daryl will always be held in the highest esteem by "THE GAS", as his achievements at Bristol Rovers were first class. Yesterday's result brings back fond memories for me when VALE trimuphed over a two legged Play Off Final v "THE GAS". When Robbie Earle's goal took VALE up to what now is classed as "THE CHAMPIONSHIP". Looking forward to renewing rivalry with "THE GAS", again next season.
  17. Went to Swindon game, not a regular due to being a grassroots football referee. Followed Vale's fortunes since early 80's but normally only get to six games per season. Not bought a ticket for Wembley as don't fancy a solo trip to Wembley as don't know any other Vale fans in my area Newport, Shropshire. If anyone would be interested in helping me out. Happy to share costs.
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