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  1. ROB PAGE learns his coaching skills over three years at Vale also managing the team. Now he becomes " A WELSH FOOTBALLING LEGEND". What a week for PORT VALE. May 28th win play off's. June 4th Vale Celebrity Rock Icon Barnstorms Vale Park with fantastic homecoming concert. Sunday June 5th ex Vale coach and manager takes Wales to their first World Cup since 1958 on Queen's Platinium Jubilee Weekend.
  2. PORT VALE have the right ingredients to sustain for next season and build gradually. Let's look at when Darrell Clarke first arrived at the club. Vale held their own, then with David Flitcroft's expertise and knowledge and also Darrell Clarke slowly but surely the duo placed the right bricks in the right places. What has to date has been achieved to date has been incredible. Players who the vast majority of fans had never heard of have joined and have made an incredible impact. The players have gelled really well and have shown comradeship, passion and desire. Something often lacking. Even the loan players have loved playing for Vale. For me YES a few quality editions are vital to stamping your authority on the upgrade the team has made and too keep The Vale clear of relegation. There are players still available even though Vale have been involved in the play offs. Aziz Newport County loan player from Aston Villa looked a good fit for me. Dom Telford at the right price. Ebanks-Landell from Shrewsbury possibly. But like stated earlier David Flitcroft is very switched on and will pick up some gems. Some older players will unfortunately have to be moved on. But as a footballer it comes with the terroritory. "In FLITCROFT we trust".
  3. Can't believe that it is 19 years since Mansfield Town last played in the 3rd tier of English football. In recent years Mansfield have always been one of the favourites for promotion, but failed to achieve their ultimate goal. At the start of this season I don't believe "The Stags", were expected to be in the top 3 places. So like Vale just sneaking into The Play Off's and very few people expecting a great deal I feared Vale playing them. Especially after achieving to great results v Northampton who were possibly slightly deflated after being pipped on the final day of the regular season by Bristol Rovers incredible result already relegated Scunthorpe. To be fair the vast majority of PVFC fans are even now still pinching themselves at how incredibly well PVFC played at Wembley. So many times over the years PVFC have flattered to deceive. So to all Mansfield Town fans believe possibly next season you will reach League One and the vast majority of PVFC fans wish you well. Thank goodness Mansfield Town and their excellent supporters are gracious in defeat. Not like the sad "ROBINS SUPPORTERS OF BITTER SWINDON TOWN".
  4. As a referee myself and the reason I only normally watch Vale on occasions when I have not been allocated a fixture, my fixture postponed, it's a Bank Holiday or a midweek fixture. So having only seen Vale three matches this season. Watching a first class referee in action was so refreshing. Yes I only referee at County level but laws of the game are the same and as you climb the leagues you should see better standard referee's. The referee for the play off Final is an Aussie. Who wanted to ply his trade in England. He doesn't referee many games at Port Vale's level. He has refereed several Premier League matches and the way he let the game flow demonstrated that perfectly.
  5. Watched the highlights of Division Two Play Off Final and for me it has to be one PORT VALE'S greatest ever days. To go to Wembley and play to a man fantastically well was so overwhelming. For the fantastic supporters of PORT VALE FC, as well as what is indescribable what Daryl Clarke and his family have gone through. I can't put it into words how much RESPECT I have for DARYL CLARKE. Never mind Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp being top managers. MANAGER OF THE SEASON FOR ME IS DARYL CLARKE. You will always be held in the highest esteem by all football fans and foremost PVFC. Can't thank you enough and Carol and Kevin Shannahan you are simply "WONDERFUL" and have brought self belief back to are "FAMILY CLUB". UTV
  6. MANSFIELD TOWN fans deserve full credit for showing huge respect to Daryl Clarke yesterday at Wembley. When they started the round of applause relating to Daryl Clarke. Football fans from whatever club regularly receive bad publicity. But a fantastic gesture such as what Mansfield Town fans started was first class. Good luck to Mansfield Town and their supporters for a successful promotion campaign next season. edit: robf - tweak to post headline
  7. Great admiration from Bristol Rovers and their fantastic fans in having the sheer decency to congratulate Daryl Clarke on his fantastic achievements at PVFC. Daryl will always be held in the highest esteem by "THE GAS", as his achievements at Bristol Rovers were first class. Yesterday's result brings back fond memories for me when VALE trimuphed over a two legged Play Off Final v "THE GAS". When Robbie Earle's goal took VALE up to what now is classed as "THE CHAMPIONSHIP". Looking forward to renewing rivalry with "THE GAS", again next season.
  8. Went to Swindon game, not a regular due to being a grassroots football referee. Followed Vale's fortunes since early 80's but normally only get to six games per season. Not bought a ticket for Wembley as don't fancy a solo trip to Wembley as don't know any other Vale fans in my area Newport, Shropshire. If anyone would be interested in helping me out. Happy to share costs.
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