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  1. Loved it! Ohh ahh Van der laan when the players were coming off at the end of the game was superb.
  2. For a give away price. It’s odd, but he isn’t good enough for league 1 anyway.
  3. Super Vale Away video now up https://www.port-vale.co.uk/news/2020/january/watch-supervaleaway--manchester-city-vs-port-vale-fa-cup/?platform=hootsuite Wish they had just a view of the Vale fans when Pope scored, would love to see the mental of Vale fans as the goal went in.
  4. I have my sudocrem ready, but it will be a great day out.
  5. It said on my notifications on my phone it was for dissent..I have no idea as it seemed a great 50-50 win tackle and it was just the ref booking Legg because the Swindon player smudged his lipstick
  6. I'll never get why Aspin never played Worrell? Aspin was dealt a poor hand with the old chairman, although saying that Askey is head and shoulders above him. (excuse the pun) I did love Aspin and hes still a legend.
  7. What like? Gibbo was poor today. I'm a big fan of him usually Smith and Legg were stand out performers for me, and not just for the goals. Smith is superbbbb
  8. Montano was below average. Joyce was average, but at least he showed he gave a <ovf censored>
  9. Thought he played well first half, but I can't remember him having any impact second half at all.The second half completely passed him by. Amoo was non existent and didn't look bothered, besides his cameo for the goal. Brown getting man of the match was a dig of how bad we were. Askey came out and said that Stevenage were a different team and the <ovf censored> cheating had stopped. Naive, they haven't changed one bit.Where did he get that from? Only Brown,Smith,Legg,Joyce and top man Worrall showed up today. and Atkinson until he tried that back heel that nearly <ovf censored> us
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