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  1. One factor which should be in our favour is Aspo's in-depth knowledge of the nonleague scene, with years of experience there. And of course Rudgey was no stranger to those circles when he was on the lookout for his unpolished gems. This time of year it's always interesting to speculate on why some nonleague players who have shone in the FA Cup aren't snapped up by league clubs. One example was the Brackley midfielder James Armson, who scored a hat trick when they beat Gillingham a couple of years ago and looked the best player on the pitch, but as far as I know is still there and perhaps too old now to make the switch. For some outside the league, they are probably better off staying in a well paid day job and earning a few hundred more a month playing part time, than giving that up and gambling on breaking through at league level.
  2. Just realised that the Leeds player, Saiz, sent off today for spitting at a Newport player, is the same one Michael Brown accused of spitting in Joe Davis' face in the League Cup match last August. No action was taken because there was supposedly no evidence, unlike today, when the Newport player showed the spit to the ref. Disgusting, Saiz should be sanctioned and given a longer ban.
  3. Pity he and his assistant missed the Chesterfield striker being a couple of yards offside for their first goal
  4. Great work, Smithie, on getting to the bottom of this. The ticket office's approach is hard to understand. Re the queues on match days, I also find it hard to understand why more people don't order their tickets in advance, saving money and the time they have to wait before being served. I have vouchers for the ten game season ticket which I exchange in the club shop and at the two windows there are never more than two or three people either exchanging vouchers or collecting their pre-booked tickets, which of course can also be printed at home.
  5. Yes, he does mention the academy
  6. Outstanding article on the Guardian website about Chris Kirkland coming to terms with the depression which blighted the later years of his career. Good to see he has spoken out on the subject, and very brave of him to talk about it so honestly. Following on from the Guardian's excellent feature on youngsters discarded by football clubs, it's heartening to see such issues discussed so thoroughly. Chris joined Vale as a goalkeeping coach in January but doesn't mention that. Don't recall reading that he had left us but presumably he isn't around any more? Apologies for not providing the link to the article but it should be easy enough to find them.
  7. Great timing! Just bought a new flat cap for a vintage cycle ride I did last Saturday. It'll be accompanying me to Vale Park this Saturday. Might take a woolly hat too and swap them at halftime.
  8. When we moved to Sussex in 1996 we were still nicely placed in the second tier, while Brighton were languishing down where we are now. How times change. Quite a few of us here on OVF started watching Vale in the 1969/70 promotion season and we have never known such lean times as this. When people started saying a couple of weeks ago we were in danger of relegation, I dismissed it, but I now genuinely fear that could happen. The whole club, not just the team, seems rudderless. We desperately need leadership, and quickly, or we might not even get a derby with my home town team, currently riding high in the Vanarama National and potential replacements for the Vale.
  9. Interesting to see what Adams wrote about Keown. Could be that Keown has read Micky's comments and last night was his way of getting back. Jonathan Pierce was sucking up to Keown, suggesting more top flight players like him should be going into lower level clubs and helping with coaching, which led to Keown describing his time at Leicester.
  10. Given the possibility that Micky Adams could have a supervisory role at Vale in future, the former Arsenal defender Martin Keown gave an interesting insight into our potential director of football on 5 Live tonight before the Gunners game with West Brom. The presenter asked Keown why more people like him, with lots of experience, weren't going into lower level clubs to help with coaching, and were instead lost to the game, becoming pundits, etc. Keown said his own time at Leicester, when Adams was manager there, had put him off. He claimed Adams had been 'paranoid' and was worried that he would get the sack and Keown would replace him as manager. Keown had gone out of his way, when Adams was in time sacked, to make it clear that was not the case. Keown also said that he had offered to help coaching the youngsters but was told by the youth coach that he couldn't. When he asked why, he was told it was because Adams didn't want him to. If Micky does come back, it will be interesting to see what sort of relationship he has with the eventual manager. And I wonder if he has anything to say about Keown in his autobiography?!
  11. Macc are hardly a perennial football league club, just one spell from 1997 until three or four years ago. For me, Askey lacks the league experience we need
  12. Chesterfield have already had inquiries about their vacancy after sacking Gary Caldwell tonight
  13. Er, didn't Smurf think he was taking reliable advice once before, from Mourinho, and look where that got us
  14. Bearing in mind the tweet by Smurf before his 'Sorry Michael' one, I wonder if he handed Brown Scrabble tiles spelling out Y-O-U A-R-E F-I-R-E-D ? I would have taken a photo of tiles in this formation but our Scrabble set is still packed up after our move, so over to the rest of you. . .
  15. There was no alternative. The second half today was as bad as any I have seen, utter tripe, no system, no passion, no hope. Sorry for Brown the man, it's an awful thing to lose your job and fail so spectacularly, but Brown the manager clearly wasn't up to it
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