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  1. George Pilkington. Should have played at a higher level.
  2. Keeper Aynsley Pears is available for a loan deal.
  3. I am glad Sutton went up. Although I know I won't be going when we play them away.
  4. Think my family members watched it. I have lost interest tbh.
  5. Legend. My all time. Northampton are now my 2nd team !.
  6. Absolute Legend for us. I was even at a game when he scored a really important goal for Oldham. At Bolton in the cup.
  7. My most watched highlights clip. My all time fave scored in it. Beating the team I absolutely hate. Enough said.
  8. Tbh I have never joined in with the dislike of Crewe. When we have played each other, I dislike them purely because they are the opposition. Away from that there is no problem. My football hate is well and truly with Stoke City. As for the abuse at the club, There is 1 person who is guilty of something. The whole club have been ripped into because of him/it.
  9. Zouma has been released by Barrow. He would be a good signing.
  10. Forgot to mention Wellens back at Doncaster. Think they are a good bet, To be promoted next season. Was up there in the new year. Then dropped big time.
  11. No news about anything re, the club. Can tell it is the end of the season.
  12. The Cricket on YouTube is brilliant. Actually getting Sport free.
  13. The release list of every club is in to double figures. So that means we are no different.
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