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  1. I'm certainly missing my Friday night trip to the pub to meet up with a couple of friends for a few beers, and watch Sky football. My Missus says it's probably a good thing that the Pubs are closed to spare me the ribbing I'd suffer over Vales predicament. Luckily my mate Hugh supports Sheffield Wednesday, and Dave follows Northampton Town, so I reckon I should be on safe ground. Anyway, to get back on thread, for my Friday night out to the bar, I head, courtesy of BBC Scotland at 10 pm, to The Clansman in Craiglang for a night out with Jack, Victor and the gang. It's great fun. Still Game. Perhaps you'll join us for a drink. Whirrabootit?
  2. Oh jonti. I was very sorry to read about the heartbreakingly sad news about your wife. My sincere condolences to your family and you, my fellow Valiant.
  3. Ay up Phil. Good idea, I'll go and get meself a beer. Enjoy your evening and don't worry about who thinks what on this subject. The thread ends at 11pm tonight. Surely
  4. Results are certainly a bit depressing at the moment. Things must be bad, there are three Vale fans in the house, and tonight my daughter put some c.d's on by Radiohead and Morrissey and it actually lifted our moods.
  5. Absolutely with you here Mr Curtain, or Iron if I may, both sides will be claiming victory tonight and over the coming days. Pity we can't come to a similar arrangement with Barrow on Saturday and both go home with 3 points.
  6. Where are all the promised toilets? See that row of bushes top right
  7. Thanks for the advice Jacko51. The lady at Boots was very helpful. She said " Now you've got your B12 and B6, have you taken suppliments previously? I said "Do you mean B4?"
  8. Yes, but imagine how disappointed the Coronavirus was, when having made it all the way to Antarctica it found a tiny flag flying, planted a month earlier by the Norwegian 'flu bug.
  9. That's right FUA. The Germans knew that a Lockdown was imminent, so people began to stock up on sausages and cheese. It was the Wurst Kase scenario
  10. I hope that we can travel more normally next year. In 2019 I was lucky enough to visit Jerusalem and had a day that I'll never forget at the Wailing Wall. Although I did feel a bit of a Burk standing there with my harpoon.
  11. Special anniversary for me today. I used to be addicted to swimming, but now I've been dry for six years.
  12. It's been a tough year for most, especially my Uncle Jack and Auntie Marge. About a month before Uncle Jack died we covered his back with lard. After that he went downhill very quickly. Now Auntie Marge has been ill for so long that we've started to call her " I can't believe she's not better"
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