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  1. Fantastic kit. Already ordered. Happy days.
  2. Still quality and will take the piss in this league like Wes Hoolahan did at Cambridge. Charlton fans have given him great reviews and told Orient fans to avoid looking at his age as he's still got a great engine, great footballing brain and will dictate games with ease at this level.
  3. They've signed Darren Pratley. Can't really ask for a better start to replacing them.
  4. It wasn't even Garcia who played against Vale...
  5. Nice bit of trivia. Rossiter scored Bury's last ever EFL goal. Against? Vale.
  6. Started the first episode on my break at work on Friday morning. Only managed 15 minutes or so. Audio was a bit off initially thanks to Bez sounding like he was talking through a Pringles tube from the opposite side of the room. Will definitely resume listening when I get the chance to do so. Like what I've heard so far and I'm sure things will improve as the episodes go on and there is more scope for topics to discuss. Keep up the good work lads. People don't realise how difficult it is to do something such as a podcast or radio summarising. Difficult task not to sound incredibly monotone, not to be iff'ing and arr'ing constantly, adding appropriate humour and keeping a flow to the discussions.
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