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  1. That's where decent negotiation skills come into play. Sell on percentages play a huge role now.
  2. He couldn't even get back in the team because of how well Burgess was playing so respectfully, I disagree. Very good player and goalscoring midfielders are hard to find at this level. I would have snapped hands off to get him back but I couldn't justify dropping Joyce, Manny or Conlon on their present form so he wouldn't start for me. Unless he could suddenly morph into a makeshift false 9 a la Firmino and we don't play an out and out striker which would be a dangerous gamble I wouldn't necessarily wish to take. Wish him well at Scunthorpe and we'll be back to pick him up ready for his first t
  3. Started the first episode on my break at work on Friday morning. Only managed 15 minutes or so. Audio was a bit off initially thanks to Bez sounding like he was talking through a Pringles tube from the opposite side of the room. Will definitely resume listening when I get the chance to do so. Like what I've heard so far and I'm sure things will improve as the episodes go on and there is more scope for topics to discuss. Keep up the good work lads. People don't realise how difficult it is to do something such as a podcast or radio summarising. Difficult task not to sound incredibly mo
  4. Then you should be aware of the running joke that goes all the way back to last seasons kit launch.
  5. Just make it up as they go along. Haven't got a clue.
  6. I'm sure Manny, Usain, Smithy, Conlon and Leggey will relish that then.
  7. Purchased it via Vale's website. Downloaded the EFL iFollow app. Much better and worked straight away as opposed to the website that just kept buffering for the first 5 minutes.
  8. Match pass purchased. Worked straight away. Changed internet provider yesterday morning and conveniently, I've had no issue as opposed to the problems of the past 5 days. Can relax and look forward to 3pm now. UTV.
  9. I love that. I tend to like brighter kits anyway. Excellent video. Fantastic vibe around PVFC. Purple goalkeeper piece is decent too.
  10. This is ridiculous now!!! Trying to purchase a match pass again for Saturday's game (well in advance). Same rubbish as Tuesday. Logged into both of my accounts. Tried to subscribe, and won't do anything but divert me to my profile information page. I've got my card, email address and address on both accounts. I've even added my PayPal account to both. Still no luck whatsoever. Had no problems at all for the Scunthorpe and Tranmere games following the exact same method. Tried on two different phones, an iPad and through the standard internet mobile browser, Google Chrome, Safari
  11. Why can't people just accept that some of us are capable of criticising a player's performance as opposed to criticising the individual? It's a bit strange how defensive some get over it. Nobody is making anybody a scapegoat. They're simply observing what a lot of us saw tonight - a poor Theo Robinson performance. Doesn't mean we're saying he's a poor footballer and should be hung out to dry, does it?
  12. I won't hold any negative thoughts on that showing. 10 changes against the first team of one of the best sides in the league above, and we've lost by one goal. Couple of promising performances from Hurst and Whitehead. Manny was fantastic and if his fitness keeps up, he's going to be instrumental this season. Just hope Gibbo is back as soon as possible otherwise Zak Mills is going to be burnt out. Roll on Saturday. Tough game, but the sort of game we need to see where we're at. Fancy us on current form though and their defensive frailties. Got some good young talent though so won't be an
  13. I've been impressed with Hurst. Sure some people watch the game with their backs turned to the screen. He's caused their right back all sorts of trouble. He's a young lad developing. Of course he'll have things he can improve on. I'm sure he and the management team know that. I don't think they need FM experts belittling them on a forum.
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