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  1. Rodney and Taylor are his only 2 signings that are quality. Clarke was Aspins.
  2. Yes because if we can't afford the going rate for a league two manager then we don't deserve to be in league two But money is not the issue Carol knows what she will need to pay for the kind of manager we want and rightly so she is doing her due diligence. There is no need to rush she can take a couple more weeks and get it right. The new guy needs time to plan for next season and see what he needs to do In the summer otherwise it will be to much of a rushed job going into next season and that's the only reason he's got to be in place sooner than later.
  3. If we lose on Saturday we could potentially drop to 20th with most teams below us having games in hand. We are still in a relegation battle so for me there should be a manager appointment sooner rather than later
  4. What needs to change is his lack of effort I don't think he's even going through the motions he looks like he doesn't care. Guthrie hasn't scored but I've been really impressed with him and sometimes that's all it takes to win the fans over
  5. Askey did confirm that in an interview just after Carol took over. He said when he came to the club he found himself in a bizarre situation where people weren't being played because they were reaching the limit of their contract extension. Either way we know it goes on in football and to me it's the only logical reason not to have him in the 18 on match day. Legge has been a great servant and leader of port vale but we definitely don't want him here next year talking up a big chunk of budget.
  6. He's back at the club as they are no longer playing.
  7. They can only sign them if they were free agents before the window closed. I'm afraid we're stuck with them now
  8. Was he or was he just on one of the short lists. And if they've interviewed everyone on the short lists and offered it him within a day then that seems a very hasty decision which is the very thing that we know won't happen. I think whats more likely happened is they spoke he realised the job wasn't for him or vice versa and they moved on. Then someone has heard about it or just guessed he's been interviewed and then put it out on Facebook as gossip sorry I mean gospel
  9. I agree with everything you're saying but when has she said there will be a manager in place before Saturday. I heard her say before the end of the season or have I missed something
  10. He is employed by and paid by synectics like the rest of the people who sit on the board Vale don't pay them anything.
  11. For me if they aren't playing Legge because of his contract and visser is out long term with his knee injury I'd knock them off the list and reinstall theo and Kirdy to the 22
  12. They won't have a number one choice they will have a list of say five people they think will fit what they're looking for and then they will speak to them to gauge where both parties are on salary expectations, playing budget, staffing requirements and so on. Then they will offer a second interview to who is still interested or they are interested in where they will go into more detail. What I do know is this doesn't happen between Thursday nights radio interview and Friday night when we had supposedly given Flitcroft the job. Speed not haste doesn't mean got to be done by Monday.
  13. Everyone was at training today so nobody has left yet which to me would indicate they are staying put unless someone drops to the national league
  14. I've been saying the same thing. It's gone from Thursday she tells us we're starting the interview process as soon as possible to Friday Facebook sorry I mean Carol has employed Flitcroft and he's watching the game Saturday. I have at least 3 interviews when I go for a job so I can't imagine flitz has had a quick call with Carol and then been told bring ya boots on Monday the teams yours.
  15. I wonder if we've had any women managers apply like Wimbledon have
  16. The 22 players list goes in today and if your name isn't on it you're out for the season. But while the window's open you can re select a de selected player if needed. The only other way is a career ending injury to a player then you can add another one to replace him.
  17. I think I've missed something joe has it been said he's getting the job because if so I completely agree with you
  18. Last Thursday she said they hadn't started the interview process and it would be done with speed not haste. Yet by Friday people were saying it's Flitcroft. What's more likely to of happend is they interviewed him on Friday and people have found out and assumed it's done.
  19. It would appear that we don't have much of a scouting network in place or even have one at all. This window seems to have been another one where we rang around a couple of mates to see what they've got.
  20. I would imagine it's going to be about 6k a week without Pope.
  21. I don't think you can call Mc greal successful. But as you say Colchester were a good side and always played good football.
  22. I would of thought the pay is discussed before you even bother getting to the interview stage otherwise it's just wasting everyones time.
  23. Cowley was on 140 at Lincoln but I suppose you'd have to almost double it with his brother. I think I read that the lowest paid manager was on 49k in league 2 last year it was in the report about staff cost within football
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